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Hi! My name is Mason! My favorite character of all time is Roxas from KH, or Emil from NieR Replicant and my #1 waifu is Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2!

Nice to meet you! I'm really into writing articles, so I have a lot of them XD Thanks for stopping by my page! Don't feel shy to send me a friend request either! Anyways, this is my small collection! I hope to get more figures, but it's kinda hard being a 14 year old without a job XD

I've been watching anime for about 3 years now and watch over 250! My favorite anime is Horimiya. I also really liked Bunny Girl Senpai Wonder Egg Priority, Death Note, Higurashi, etc. I don't really have a specific taste as you can see XD

My favorite video game right now is NieR Replicant ver 1.22! I love this one more than Automata, but I can't tell you why XD Just like the characters more I guess XD I do like Automata a ton still, Replicant is just better imo. Emil is my favorite character, and he's tied for my favorite character of all time! I have the Nendos of Nier and Emil ordered, just waiting for Kaine!


Thanks for stopping by and remember: You rock!



OMG thank you so much!! I love your Evangelion UCC coffee figures they're so cute!!
17 hours ago
You know FF15 kind of has an infamous standing within the community right? For all of it's good traits it's also seen as a colossal failure and an example of horrible execution and mismanagement right? Boy did that game have quite the messed up development cycle, I mean what was it 10 years straight from the day it was announced in the late 2000's to it finally coming out in what 2015? That whole mess with development is what kind of axed their plans with the rest of the dlc's. See there was supposed to be a season 2 dlc set bundling Ardyn, Luna, Aranea, and Noctis, but with how messed up their development got as well as the mixed reception on the game, it made them give up on the game's life cycle, but not before they'd already had the majority of episode Ardyn finished so they just released that as a standalone dlc.

FF16 hasn't come out yet dude. It only just got announced like a year ago and as of yet has like no release date or anything close to it. You haven't seen anything of it yet? Here ya go.

Also, you ever play any of the Yakuza games? I feel like you'd like em. Yakuza 0 was waaaay too good.
1 day ago
You don’t even know dude, you don’t even know. Ending D is especially gonna kill you especially when you realize that was the “True” ending for the game for all these years until this remake came out and added the new ending E.

Btw, did you realize that Poppola and Devola failing to stop you is the event everyone referenced in Automata where they say Poppola and Devola failed humanity and must now carry that eternal guilt? I thought it was cool how that ties into Automata.

Dude I’m still lowkey salty that we never got the episode Luna, Aranea, and Noctis we were promised to come along with episode Ardyn.

Btw what do you think of FF16? The gameplay at least has me interested as I enjoyed FF15’s combat and 16 looks like that mixed with Dark Souls.
1 day ago
Oh boy, the Nier: R endings get waaaaaay sadder, trust me bro. You have NO idea what’s gonna hit you with these next couple play throughs. You can still get the weapons for grown up Nier, but not the ones for young Nier that are subquest or overworld specific which is why I said to make sure you have all the young Nier weapons before the time skip or else you’d have to do a whole brand new game (not +) in order to get them. I bet the weapons you’re missing are the “Phoenix” type weapons which are hidden behind some long subquest chains. I’d look up a guide if I were you.

Prompto’s your fav huh? I figured with you asking about him specifically that that’d be the case. He still can’t touch Ignis’ sheer “I’ve come up with a new recipe” blind bro chad shades energy though. Idk man, the set up for the fight against Ardyn was epically set up and the stakes were there, but the actual gameplay itself is where it lost me. Ardyn felt a bit too fragile, he needed a bigger health bar and some better transitions between phases.

Freya and noctis? You mean Luna and Noctis right? Luna’s alright, but Aranea and Cidney are where it’s really at. I remember doing the glitch in one of my play throughs where I glitched it so I had Aranea as a permanent party member for like the whole play through. Did the same for Iris, but that one was more temporary.

You like Sakura from Naruto? I mean damn, Hinata is usually the norm and for good reason, but while I dig Hinata, Tsunade’s something else. A moment of silence for my boy Jiraiya who never got with that. :’(

Yeah Boruto ain’t it, but I love the memes. Especially the ones regarding his dad like “Damn, boruto’s dad is actually pretty cool. Should make an anime about him.” Or when they refer to Boruto as “Boruto’s Dad’s son.” That ones a killer. Real quick though I’m a lowkey Sasuke fanboy. He’s techniques are just TOO raw! Kirin? THE sauciest move in all of Naruto, don’t even man.
1 day ago
Dude I may have spoke too soon, she's like insufferable, but she also gets pretty toned down AT THE LITERAL END of the game. Idk, my opinion of her is now just mixed where I hate her, but I also like her at the same time. Why they gotta make her so basic tier? Kisara is just blowing her outta the water like that. Ah, Ray Chase (voice of Noctis and Nier) actually voices the MC of Arise so if you dig his "heavenly" voice then you'll be hearing plenty of it if you buy this game. I'm about to be 70 hours in and I'm just about knocking on the final boss door, but I keep getting distracted.

Speaking of Noctis and FF15, Prompto huh? That's a pretty specific question about a pretty specific character. I like him, but he's definitely the weakest of the 4 bros though in my eyes. Gladio is just barely ahead of him and Ignis just blows EVERYONE out of the water if you've played the dlc. Like straight up, the dlc and even the base game made me cry and the biggest offender was that goddamn campfire scene at the end. Other than that though, brooo!!! I loved the final boss fight against Ardyn at the end of the base game, the music was epic, teleporting was epic. I just wish the fight was actual hard and actually felt special and was a whole spectacle like the Sephiroth fight in 7 remake. I have VERY fond memories of FF15 (despite the hate) and is one of my most proudest platinum trophies.
2 days ago
Bruh I knew Shionne was gonna be a tsundere from the get go and I was fine with it cause she wasn't the violent type of tsundere that hits the protagonist over misunderstandings (which is the type I REALLY hate), but she may even be worse. Idk, at the point of the story that I'm at (which is near the final area/map) she's toned down the overall standoffish bitchiness, but she keeps finding ways of taking like 5 steps back for every step forward she takes. It sucks cause I really dig her design and fighting style, but it's hard to actually like her. Kisara on the other hand is best girl hands down by personality alone. Idk if you plan on getting this game, but there ya go.

Btw the voice for the main character of Arise is the same dude that's voicing grown up Nier from the game your playing right now who is also the voice of Noctis from Final Fantasy 15. Literally every time he talks I just hear Noctis coming out of his mouth... wait did you ever play FF15?
3 days ago
I see you are a love is war fan and Chiaki simp…so allow me to make your day:
4 days ago
Dude I’m telling you, Nier x Emil is lowkey sus with the different age vibes they give off.

You’re gonna get a Kaine nen? I thought you didn’t vibe with her. Then again a nendoroid can’t open its mouth so you can just admire the appearance without her talking to ruin it... wait was that lowkey sexist sounding? O_o

You know Tales of Arise has a whole different combat system right? It’s like action RPG in real time so you gotta be on point with those perfect dishes. Yeah Shionne’s design is nice to look at, but she suffers from the same thing as Kaine in that her personality ruins it. She’s Tsundere as hell, but even more so than like the average tsundere. She’s like 95% Tsun and only 5% dere in the beginning to where it’s actually grating. I’ve seen a good number of forums pop up talking about how unlikable she is and that her character arc better have one hell of a story to try and justify her acting so standoffish.
4 days ago
Ok yeah you got it for Emil. He’s gay and has a crush on Nier which I think is wholesome until I realize like... wasn’t he like stuck as a 14 year old or something? He definitely looked Yonahs age when you first met him and even after the time skip he looks shot AF while Nier went through that big growth spurt.

Idk man, looks kinda sus. Especially with emil’s voice being all kid like while Nier’s out here sounding a grown ass man. Kaine’s thing I’ll admit that I never found a concrete hint for, but it’s a widespread fact throughout the community so it’s gotta be true. Kinda ruins the image of her though... :(

My party set up is insane so I can dish out ridiculous damage, but my party gets one-shotted by like every hit so I gotta use up all my revival spells and revival potions just to keep the fight going, either that or let them die and play keep away from the enemies while taking potshots at them since I’m maining the girl with the sniper rifle, I really dig her design too.
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