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Jakebart (2 years ago) #7273749Me being me I am super late with this but Happy Birthday :D
I hope you had a great day :D

I did, thanks. ♡

How's life right now?

View spoilerHide spoilerJakebart (3 years ago) #5751826Bastion is super good but it does take a little getting used to, I haven't had the time to play Lisa yet as all my mates have come back from university for a while so I have been getting rather drunk in my time off :o
I didn't really get much for christmas, I got some socks and just vouchers for amazon so I can get what I want basically :P What about you?
Also hope you had a great christmas and good luck in the new year :D x
Edit: You profile picture is super cute.

Sorry, late again. I got $, clothes & makeup for christmas. And ITEM #234651 (these games are amazing ♡).

Which profile picture did I have when you wrote this? Was it one of these? View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/o4SXA0o.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/PRS6h9M.png
2 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #5586631Aww man you really didn't have to, now I will definitely have have to get you something. I will make sure I check it out soon, I'm off for 4 days over Christmas (not long I know) so will have some spare time to check it out.
I shall browse through the sale and get you something back :) I really can't say thank you enough, but still, thanks ^^
P.S Take your time messaging me if you need to it's cool :)

Yay, thanks!

I played the game you bought me for 30 minutes, I like it so far. ♡ Though I'm not sure if I like the controls..? I fell off the platform a few times. Will def play more, let me know what you think of Lisa.~

Btw, happy late x-mas/early new year. Get any nice presents?
3 years ago
Since it's on sale, I bought Lisa for you.~ Did you get it?

Will reply to your last comment later..maybe. ´~`
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #5116446No need to feel lame, if anything I'm lame because I spend too much time playing on my computer haha.
Good indie games... Well it really depends on what you like to be honest but some I can recommend are Rogue Legacy, it is so fun, one of my favourites, but only if you like rogue-likes i guess. The Banner Saga if fantastic if you like tactical RPG's. Bastion is another good game, not sure what genre I would call it maybe just action but its one of the best indie games and I definitely think you should play it. It has such a beautiful soundtrack as well. Faster Than Light is also a great game, it's a strategy rogue-like game and has a lot of challenge but still remains super fun. Trying to think of some more, maybe Mercenary Kings, it's like a 2D monster hunter mixed with metal slug. There are way too many I think I shall stop now before I end up listing too much.
Did you see the anime they announced for Danganronpa today. If not I will leave a link here www.ricedigital... It's gonna be finishing up the story of Hope's Peak Academy, so I believe the game next year is gonna be with completely new characters and setting. Either the anime looks like its gonna be so good :D

Thanks for the recommendations, some of those look really nice.~ Next time Rogue Legacy & Bastion are on sale I'll try to buy them. PS, I'm fine w/ any type of game as long as it's not sports, space or mecha.

Did you watch the adaptation for the first game? It was pretty bad..so not sure how I feel about the new one. But I guess since there's no superior/game version, it'll be alright. I just hope (certain characters) from Another Episode show up there or in the new game. Please play it soon.
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #5021856Ive added somebody on steam, pretty sure it is you by the games played. Also, there are way too many games to recommend, I've got a bit too many :p
The hug at the end of Undertale literally tore my heart in two. Was so sad :(
I just got Psychonauts considering it was like 70p. I shall play it eventually, have meant to for ages.

Level 18, 276 games, 1,238 achievements..I feel lame now. .x.

How about some good indie games? That's what I'm mainly using it for. I already have Don't Starve and Binding of Isaac on Vita & watched someone play through Life is Strange, so don't mention those.~
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #4967077I'm super sorry about not replying for a while, was super busy with stuff for a while, but I'm all done now.
What the hell, that kid went through your stuff? I think I would have gone crazy if someone did that too me. Also I definitely would have if they deleted everything on my phone. I would probably have shouted at them so bad haha
Yeah, I've seen the end of the neutral playthrough and will watch the endings for the true pacifist and genocide playthroughs eventually.
I shall check that game out soon, looks interesting and is super cheap :D will buy it when I get paid. Also, what is your steam name I shall add you :3

Yay, it's fine.~

My friend yelled at him for me (and made him cry, lol). I was too upset..thieves are disgusting.

I finished the game a few days ago, was definitely worth the $10 (the ending, man ;;). Have you ever played Psychonauts? If you haven't, you need to. It's 90% off on steam right now.~ store.steampowe...

My steam ID is yurigasaki. I've had the account for almost a year but didn't start using it until this month, so I don't have many games. Maybe you could recommend some.
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #4509626It is such a cute game, did you see about the woman who was worried that their child was getting into weird stuff when they had pictures of sans on their phone, so she asked a pastor what to do and they told the mother to not let the child play evil and violent games. I just find it so funny because the whole point of undertale is to not hurt anyone.
The guys I am watching play it is Two best friends play :D I love those guys

Yeah, I heard about that. :x I feel bad for kids with parents like that..made me remember something shitty that happened last year. View spoilerHide spoilerI moved recently, and the people that bought our old house were really strict with their kids, they wouldn't let them have any kind of technology. So when they were looking at the house, the realtor lets the kid (16) wander off alone, he goes to my room, starts looking through my stuff (ew??), steals my phone and deletes fucking everything (cause he was jealous and wanted a phone of his own). Like, he thought I wouldn't notice it was gone?? Gross. Of course it happened the one time I didn't bring it with me.

Have you played/seen this game? store.steampowe...
I bought it a few days ago, almost finished it. Some of the choices are pretty difficult..

Oh, and I've finished Undertale. :> You?
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #4504613I haven't played it, but I have been watching a playthrough on youtube by some guys I watch and omg it's such an amazing game. It is so heart warming and just generally sweet. Sans is such an awesome character when you meet him.
Well, I just did the date with Papyrus. That was one of the cutest things I've ever seen..omg. He's my fave so far. ♡ But Sans is cute too..and the ghost. Actually, everyone in this game is cute??

Which youtuber? I probably don't know them, just curious tho.
3 years ago
Have you played Undertale? I just bought it, it's super cute (so far).
3 years ago
Jakebart (3 years ago) #4267308Guess who has finally stopped being a lazy asshole and finished Danganronpa 2 :D :D :D
View spoilerHide spoilerI can't deal with losing Chiaki ;_; She was my favourite character over the 2 games and I really wish she didn't die. I may have got very teary eyed towards the end of chapter 5 and as soon as I saw the notebook I knew she was the traitor and I genuinely did not want to believe it. ;_;
Now I just need to play Ultra Despair Girls and wait for number 3, which is gonna be on ps4 as well as vita so hopefully they will release a collection of them all :D

Chiaki's my #1 too, she's precious. So is Monomi. ♡

So you still dislike Komaeda right? I didn't know it was possible, but I hate him even more after completing another episode.Seriously..he's so gross.
3 years ago
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