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I recently sent you a pm about your Gift Yoko. If you still have her to sell, i would love to purchase her.

2 years ago
JambleHaha, at lest THIS time I was on time! At lest you were distrected by a good things I hope! I'm ok! And I picked a new hobby, which is drawing :D I give it every free momment I have... Still shelfless...

You did? Oh wow, I just checked your DA (instant follow), you're really really good if it's just a "new hobby"! :D
Have you got any drawing lessons or attended school, or did you develop this style by yourself? I really loved it.
Even though I'm out of graphic arts, I'm so used to charcoal pencil and drawing, I absolutely suck at digital painting! :D (we were mostly educated on advertisement). You should give me a few tips! ;*

My distractions were... weird :) I'll tell you on PM later on, I can't decide if they were good or bad but I feel a bit more confident about some things now.

I also picked up a new obsession :p Hitman Reborn~ ;w; You know how I loved One Piece along with TTGL, now add Reborn to that list haha :D

Anyway, I hope you're doing fine and happy ^-^

I'll absolutely write to you more later, take care!! <3
6 years ago
Jamble~Happy birthday!! It's been so long!

OMG Jamble! :D

Thank you so very much~!! (>ω<)

How are you, what have you been up to lately?? Oh dear, i really let time go didn't I!?
6 years ago
Hope you're having a great time! (and getting new figures, lol^^)

:D Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! And especially for the awesomely sexy Kamina picture! O_O
7 years ago
JambleSure, go ahead! I don't claim any rights to this picture. That was the only resolution of it I could find. And I found it because it illustrated an auction.
Okay, great! Thanks!
7 years ago
Hi there!

I was wondering if I could use your picture for something? Not to sell, I just wanted to experiment with Photoshop and if it's any good I'd put it up here and give you credit for the photo. If you have a higher-resolution picture that'd be great, too.

Thanks! ^_^
7 years ago
JambleAt first I didn't know who was who cause both the bidders were outside of Japan, haha. I'm glad it goes into your hands, I really am. So now you are sending her off to the Yeti Arts? I didn't know they were working on delivered kits. Kamina is still listed at their e-bay store so I still may have a chance there. Maybe.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to see her finished. She's going to be a real beauty once she leaves their workshop!

Lol, I had a feeling that might've confused you. I was going to tell you which bidder I was so you'd know who to root for, but I was afraid that other person might be a member here and see our conversation :P Thanks though, it's good to have your support :)

I'm actually not going to be sending Nia to yetiart because even though they do excellent paint jobs, there is a girl I know from e2046 who does them just as well for more reasonable prices, so Nia will be sent to her instead. But yeah, yetiart is willing to work on kits that you ship to them yourself ^^. I so hope you'll be able to get Kamina from them! Before I got him from that seller on figure.fm, I'd asked yetiart if they had him and they said that didn't have any in stock, but they would pre-order him from e2046 and let me know when he arrived.. so I'd gone ahead and told them not to bother since he's hadn't been in stock there for a while. I hope that they actually have him now and aren't just leading people to believe that they do, especially with how much they're charging. But maybe if someone pre-orders him from yetiart and they order large quantities of him from e2046, the status will finally change from "first come first served" and he'll be in stock there again. Anyways, good luck getting your hands on him, I know that if anyone can get him it will definitely be you! :D
7 years ago
JambleHaha, that flatters me a little.. Of course I would like him! That's probably the best finish of the sculpt I've been dreaming about for forever (that daring stance<3). To think that I was this close to ordering him, just about then he went out on my very eyes...

Good thing I kept my mouth shut about it. I'll be checking how it goes. Good luck!
She's really lovely, she could go PVC and make profit. I guess that Gainax managers prefer Eva money to Gurren money...

I'm sorry to hear that D:, you of all people definitely deserve to have him. I waited too long to get him too, I wish I'd bought him sooner. Thanks for the good luck wishes! After a really vicious bidding war, I was able to win her! :D Much more than I was expecting to pay, but still sooo worth it ^^
7 years ago
JambleOK and now I'm in love with him too.. Cngrats on him! He's perfect, realy gorgeous. The job they did on him is as flawless as the prototype, rich colors sharp lines, spot on detail. Mmmmmm, the eyes are beau<3. I whish he wasn't so damn sold out at E2046... gah.
As for the Nia though, imma gonna need some more detail on her, heh. I was only able to add her to the data base when she popped up on an auction. And she's currently on another one, is that's the one?

Thanks :D I'm really glad you like him because you seem to be the biggest Kamina fan I know ^^. I hate that he's sold out there too, I had to end up buying him from a seller on figure.fm for a lot more than the e2046 price. And yep, you totally nailed it, that's the Nia I'm going for.. hopefully my bid will be high enough >< I'll be sure to let you know all the details about her when she arrives :), hopefully the painter I send her to will ship the box along with her.
7 years ago
The people that I was getting to paint that Kamina kit finally finished him :DDD here are some of the pictures they sent me:
PICTURE #128752
PICTURE #128751

I'm in love with those eyes *_*
7 years ago
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