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Thanks so much for the nice comment! Your collection is amazing!! You have So many and really good taste on top of that.

Your name sounds familiar. I think you posted a few times on my Reddit posts . My user there is ProjectJinx.

Thanks for sticking up for NGNL btw <3. I get triggered when people complain when the figures are lewd. It's like they never have seen any official artwork..
23 days ago
I agree u have awesome collection of figures, and thank you for all your help and answer my question with Shiro...
26 days ago
I'll give it time - my backlog is impressively painful. Heck, my game backlog is 650+ unfinished games, a smidge over half my collection! lol

Yeah, the cultural differences can sometimes be a bit too stark. Still, I could never do without muh animu and mango - so many good stories and concepts, and so much more inventive and interesting than most Western stuff I come across. It's twined into my own writing at this point, which sometimes leaves people going ?? when I reference something like large scale humanoid mecha or similar stuff, because the literary world has almost no frame of reference for the fantastic, haha.

I actually thought about doing web novels, but they aren't really that popular on this side of the globe, and you definitely don't get an opportunity to jump into publication proper, which is what I'd like, honestly. One of these days I need to get an artist interested in drawing my stuff too. Do you do any creative stuff, btw? I know you're probably busy being all lawyerly and Ace Attorney-like, but it would be cool if you do!
1 month ago
That bad, huh? Worth a watch at all, or skipperoo? I've got quite the backlog of anime and games, so I don't necessarily need to jump on board if they're not that groot.

I can understand that perspective - the light novels might be better. That said, I probably sound a bit snooty when I say this, but I spent a good bit of time studying writing and... I don't know, it's just some of the tropes in Goblin Slayer seem offensive, and not in the sense of "oh noes rape" or anything, it just... feels like it doesn't make sense. By contrast, other stuff that is coming out based on light novels, like Shield Hero or Slime, feel a lot more consistent and well written. But again, not trying to disparage what you like, I just... aaaaaah, I can't handle it. lol

Well, even the stuff like Rui (you know, the one you thought was hilarious! *shakes fist*)? I don't find them to be sexual in nature, even if the actual subject matter depicted is pretty sexualized. Heck, I had a friend today asking me about a figure or two I'd recently bought - he's an anime fan too yet still had that same assumption about the sexual appeal of the figure being intrinsic to it. Just a little disappointing, I guess... Or I'm weird? Hard to say!
1 month ago
I'll admit, it's been a while since I saw Eureka, and I still haven't seen any of the sequels or followup stuff at all, but Anemone was by far my showstopper favorite in the original. Love my little aggressive gals~ I've already begun purging my lists, though. I get overly excited by all the stuff, add it all, and then slowly but surely prune. As it is, there's way more stuff coming out than I can reasonably buy, and it's pretty rough to try and keep up. As it is, I keep angling more toward selling stuff, but selling anime figures is harder than some of the other stuff I get rid of like Transformers.

As for Goblin Slayer: are the light novels better? Like... the premise kind of bothered me in its very concept. I'm a writer, so I often can't let stuff go when it's badly written (LOOKING AT YOU, TRASH ART ONLINE), and Goblin Slayer had a number of really notable weird bits, like the idea of anyone even suggesting that priestesses and the like would ever be let out adventuring when they can literally resurrect people from death by banging them. And certainly not to go fight goblins, whose sole purpose is to destroy and fuck, apparently. It falls into a lot of the standard isekai-style tropes too, such as the protagonist being the harem lead without ever having any true charisma or, at least as far as the anime is concerned, character or personality. They didn't even show his face at all, in classic "but the reader can identify more with him" fashion. I just don't get the appeal, to be honest. Buuuuut Anvil is really cute. ... why do they call her Anvil, again? Cause she's flat? lol

oof, teeny babs! I imagine for someone like me (with more of an emphasis on lewder figures these days) that might be a tougher one. Yours is a more varied and curated collection, to be sure. It is really cool that you found someone who isn't into it but is okay with it. I've admittedly had a lot of people who think my figures are cool (or sexy, which... kind of creeps me out? Like, as lewd as a lot of my owned/wished figures are, I see them as art, not fetish pieces), but I can't imagine anyone I know being cool with the amount I own. So you're definitely lucky in that regard!

I hear you on needing to own certain figures. Some you get super drawn to and there's nothing you can do about it, it's just so mesmerizingly pretty! I also hear you on blending. I have a significant amount of Transformers Masterpiece figures, and they are staggeringly awesome, well engineered, and beautiful... but on a shelf, they tend to clump up and people don't appreciate them as much, which is frustrating considering how cool they are. Anime figures are a little more spread out due to the nature of their fixed posings, but it's the same when you get enough of them on there.

I can understand that. I have no issue with figures that are "teenage" but going younger weirds me out a little, not because I care about perceptions or anything like that (frankly, I don't - I have a hermaphroditic figure on full display in the center of my living room, lol), but because something about it feels just off. I think it's more a matter of the idea of lewding the loli, if you will - Platelets from Hataraku Saibou? A-OK! They're cute! But Kokuten Tae (who has like 80 repaints?!) and this one? Ehhh. Which isn't to say I'm trying to begrudge you your decision or convince you otherwise, far from it! Just my 2c, which you're free to disregard, haha.
1 month ago
You don't use the Lists that they drop every WonFes? It takes a little for them to be fully updated, but some nice folks on MFC update every manufacturer who presents at WonFes with both a list of new announced products, as well as updated products on a separate list. I go through them multiple times, including after WonFes is over proper, just to finalize and fully make my list.

Also, looking over yours again, I had to add Anvil from Goblin Slayer (even though that anime is terribly written tripe), because she's so pretty, but if I remember, you said you had a ... spouse? How do they handle some of the more lewd ones in that list, namely the Q-Six ones that look on the young side?
1 month ago
My lists are less clearly delineated - I basically just have a big WonFes list with everything I'm potentially interested in, and then prune/purge it over time until I get to the stuff I really want. Out of everything unveiled, I've added a few things to wished (which has to at least have painted proto). My full list is here:


As for guaranteed buys, anything I add to wished is pretty much top wants, but I'm still waffling on a number of other figures. I'm struggling with pruning and purging stuff right now, and I'm rapidly running out of display space, which is super frustrating. As for ones I'm specifically super interested in:

AHHH TOO MANY! I'm in the process of purging the list itself right now, haha!
1 month ago

What are your picks for WonFes? Anything you're really looking forward to?
1 month ago
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kurumu (1 month ago) #50922351Really nice collection you got there :]
Left you a FR!

Thanks! You, too! I love Kurumu :D
1 month ago
Really nice collection you got there :]
Left you a FR!
1 month ago
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