Likes to custom paint Nendos and Amiibos
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Likes: old-school 'Tezuka' animations- I love oldie 90s anime like 'Black Jack'/ Astro Boy/Ribbon Knight or Shotaru's Cyborg 009 as well as grew up in Rumiko series: Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and her latest 'Kyokai no Rinne'

Interesting Fact: Big 'Detective' (Tantei)/mystery stories geek and is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and fave mystery anime: Gosick/Dantalian no Shoko/Psychic Yakumo / Un-Go!

Bonus Love: JRPG fantasy games/manga of course!!

My doll collection:
Pullip: Hannah (Ddalgi)
Dal: Pinoko (Melize)
Isul: Henry (Kazuya Kujo), Loki (Motonari)
Taeyang: Wizard Audric (Kaito)

Tezuka shrine dolls: Pullip Sapphire, Taeyang Black Jack + Pinoko

My Nendo Splits (Closed) list: Madoka Kaname Haruhi (uniform)


My Sales BST List : LIST #5047

This is for buyers (local/overseas) who purchase items from me - please check this list whenever I will update frequently! You can also check my feedback page.




Hi! I can't send a PM because it says your inbox is full.
4 months ago
Ahah it's okay! Nice to meet you!
1 year ago
Happy Birthday :D
3 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Happy birthday
3 years ago
Joichi4 years ago#9424136Haha! I FOUND YOU on MFC :D Such a small world
LOL how awesome is that! Never thought the internet could be such a small place xD
4 years ago
Joichi4 years ago#5453150Hey thanks for letting me know. I discovered figures a little earlier but we are all collectors. The better feedback is only in my shop, but I'll have to link you once I get Killua's sale posted.
Well we still have about two weeks until Jan, so there's no rush :3
4 years ago
Hello! I'm the person who was on FB! Same name here.
So, where can I look at/leave you feedback that you have?

You have a wonderful collection btw, you're basically my Senpai since I only started collecting two years ago xD
4 years ago
Joichi4 years ago#4973533Welcome to MFC and thanks for the friend request :) What figures do you have in mind?

I'm so sorry I didn't know what that button ment and I what do you mean by what figures do I have in mine? But let's still be friends. (• ε •)
4 years ago
Joichi4 years ago#3442701Thank you for helping me all the same, let's be friends!
I dont feel helpful q.q I will NEVER forgive NipponYasan!!!
4 years ago
Thank you just got the emi straps =). i am not sure were to leave you feedback.
5 years ago
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