«Trying to survive college and figure collecting. Wish me luck.»
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Hello, I'm Jukkara! A young malaysian collector, almost done with collecting all the nendoroids I want and moving on to figmas and scales!
I started collecting in the beginning April 2017, after being finished with getting all the Gunpla I was interested in. I don't think any other hobby has brought me this much joy before, or has such a great community to be around with! Thanks everyone! Feel free to talk to me any time, to discuss figures or even everyday things :)

My favourite characters are:
- Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (Touken Ranbu)
- Yukikaze (KanColle)
- Jeanne D'arc - ALL OF THEM (Fate)
A song of ice and fire
Touken Ranbu, Skyrim, Assasins Creed, and Horizon Zero Dawn
MOE Point(s)
Sexy demon chicks, long black hair, beautiful eyes! Figurewise as well.
Coheed and Cambria, Owl City



I hope you have a great day! Please feel free to talk to me about how your day has been :)


Thanks~! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪
1 day ago
Hey ^^ Sorry, I'm a bit late but thank you for your FR <3
I really hope we get some news on the Yamanbagiri scales soon >.> There are still so many of my favourite Tourabu boys that are in need of scales T__T
2 months ago
otaku-kabob (8 months ago) #27845841Happy Birthday! ;)
Woah I didn't know you knew
8 months ago
Happy Birthday! ;)
8 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27246711Is your name really lexiechanwell lexies just a nickname:) nice to meet ya x
9 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27246570XD you must've been a helluva mature kidnah after reading the other comments i sound really boring now !!!
9 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27242698Man, that's pretty harsh. Don't worry, I shouldn't be diving into personal issues,haha. In my opinion, if it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone, you should spend money on it. Thanks for talking with me :)

I won't lie, I'd go a bit crazy if I had absolutely nothing to do, so I'm glad I have this hobby.

Thanks for talking to me, too! I really enjoy talking with people!! I wish you luck with your collection, I hope it'll grow to be one you're 100% satisfied with
9 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27242009Lol, I'm gonna ask you a question I've made a blog post of before: Where do you get the money for all of this?
I mean, obviously to own 200 figures, one will naturally have to be a working adult, but does nobody judge you or think of your hobby as a waste of money? What do your parents think?

As for people judging my hobby, I don't think anyone I know online really has. A few friends have joked about it a bit but I know it's all light-hearted banter. My mother flip-flops on the issue, she liked to see what I got in the mail and called them all my "girlfriends" (regardless of character or even species. She's called Gundams girlfriends as well), but she does have times where she's disapproving, but she orders tonnes of makeup and things like that online so I just dismiss it as her own hobby. Everyone else expresses some interest but not all that much, mostly just wanting to see and ask about the character and that's it.
9 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27241195How long have you been collecting? 200+ is absolutely insane! Do you actually own that many? It's so shocking

I first started "really" collecting in Summer 2012 and it just grew over time, I definitely get a bit shocked when I think about all I have too, especially when I consider how small I started and stayed for 2012-2013 (like 15 or so). 2015 was when it really started to get larger. Problem's always been never having much room for everything, especially now that I just moved and my new room isn't too large. Storage for everything is gonna be an issue since I have to keep all the boxes somewhere...

Really it's just a time thing (and really awful spending habits on my end) and if you just keep getting things you like every now and then you'll eventually notice "Wow, I have a lot of these things!"

Donating legos would be a cool thing to do also, they have universal appeal and kids love to play with them! I was still playing with them through my entire school years lol.
9 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (9 months ago) #27240358Do you ever get worried that you'd collect so many figures you'd stop caring about them? It's something I'm really scared of, and it's one of the reasons why I don't buy so many figures. I tend to appreciate them a lot more when I only have a few. Now it seems like I've just got a lot of lego I'm trying to sell off, lol. I'm hoping I won't 'grow out' of figures.

I won't lie, there are a few I haven't opened just because I have so many to get around to and limited space, but I do genuinely care about all of my figures - to the point where when it was suggested that I sell some off, I got really worried and couldn't choose a single one because I feel like I'd miss it after it's gone - which has happened after selling a few in the past.

There have also been times I just haven't been into collecting as much, but those are just lulls in activity rather than growing out and I usually get back into it once something sets the spark off, usually seeing something new I'm into or something really cool!

It's definitely easier to appreciate a smaller collection, when I was in a small place last year with only a few figures from some orders, they grew on me a lot. I think it's possible with a large collection too, and I can't see myself ever stopping, but if I were to reach the 2000 mark I'd say it'd definitely be a lot harder, but I'd still try. Not that I'm likely to ever get to that point lol.

I only have a few lego sets now because I tend to only buy during promotions (2016's Darth Revan minifigure bundle was my last purchase) but I used to collect lots of Star Wars and Harry Potter sets. I know how big of a hassle it is to sell them from what my friend's told me, he's tried to sell parts of his (absolutely massive) collection and hasn't had any luck. Not sure if it's no demand or if I just don't know the market all that well.
9 months ago
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