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I am a music business student and formerly a toy collector. I say "formerly" because I don't have the same mindset of collecting as I used to when I first started buying figures. I either buy if the series is my favorite or if I can use them for my comic. Either way, nothing gets wasted.

I created the Toy Webcomic, "Toyroom SOS", a Toy Story-esque comic about 1/12 scale figures getting into all kinds of mishaps while their master (me) is away. As of this entry, Toyroom SOS has two full seasons and 50 comics, as well as a 10-comic half season and a third season in the works. My other comic is called "MANZAI with Matoku and Yomita", a set of comical...comics featuring the Manzai duo, figmas "Matoku" Kuroi Mato and "Yomita" Takanashi Yomi, who act out themed jokes.

I now write fanfiction, mostly for the series Pretty Cure.

You can view my comics in my DeviantArt and my fanfiction works on Fanfiction.net.



I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
7 years ago
Happy birthday!
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#1106089Happy Birthday!

Thank you! :D
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#1009405Welcome to MFC!...Though, I have to wonder, if this the same 0PT1C5 I suggested earlier today?

Yup, thats me. I've been to this site before, just never signed up. I tried responding to your message about those 6 inch fires and that Transformer, but the site started to mess up as I was responding and now the site is under read only for maintenance. Anyways, only 3.75" figures go with that toy.
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#1001039The wings are connected by pegs, similar to White Rock Shooter's (when you put the right hood on). But they're a pain in the ass to put back on...

Ahahh, thought it was something like that. XD I'll give it a go later. Thanks!
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#1000949Yeah, no, it's on Hiatus. Actually, it's on an extended Hiatus because I have to get a new Tripod. My dog chewed up my mini tripod, so I have to get a new one.

I think I've said somewhere that Season 3 will begin in 2013 (and it'll be the biggest season so far, ranging over 30 comics), but I've already prepared a 10-comic half-season between 2 and 3 featuring BRS2035 and BRSBeast. The reason why Season 3 is delayed for two years after Season 2's end is because I needed to prepare the cast, and with money in short supply, it's hard. And at this rate, I might even have to delay it further.

Damn, I love my dog and everything but I'd be piiiiiiiissed if she chewed up anything of mine XD Thankfully, all my figmas are currently sealed away in my bedroom where she can't get at them.

I wish I could have gotten hold of BRSBeast x___x She's got such a cool design, but I can't afford her. Same goes for Insane BRS and the TV version. I managed to grab WRS cheap though and I'm really looking forward to her arriving. For such a devious character, she really is a cute figma XD

BTW, I've been meaning to ask but how did you remove BRS2035's wings? I thought you could do it but I'm a bit too scared to mess with them until I know what I'm doing.
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#1000061Wow, that P4RP...it's been a while. I'm sure they've forgotten me by now. I don't think we ever got along. But lol you saw my comic? Did you read it from DA?

I read it via your sig on Gaia ages ago, and I remembered it last week and I just wondered if it was still going, so I googled it. :3
8 years ago
KajiMotomiya8 years ago#999388Ayo...Ayo...I know you? Man I don't think I can remember...

LOL I don't think we spoke much but we were in the same Persona 4 RP. I actually read your Toyroom SOS comic a week ago and I was like "I wonder what happened to Kaji?". Psychic, I am it.
8 years ago
MonocleClaire8 years ago#999354Heyyy, didn't expect to see you here! XD

It's Ayo, from Gaia. :3 It's been a while!

Ayo...Ayo...I know you? Man I don't think I can remember...
8 years ago
Heyyy, didn't expect to see you here! XD

It's Ayo, from Gaia. :3 It's been a while!
8 years ago
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