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Hey! I'm Leo(n). I'm a 27 year old effeminate transgender male. I use he/him pronouns only (*´・v・)

Ive been collecting figures and merch for about 10 years now? My first Figure i obtained was Akari Kamigishi by Kotobukiya in 2007 (ITEM #1286)

I'm a full time college student. I am working on getting my PhD in psychology and a minor in art. I'd like to become an art therapist.

Types of characters I tend to gravitate toward are male characters who dress feminine since it’s how I would describe myself in real life: a boy who dresses like a girl.

I also tend to like pretty boys in general. (Catch me falling for any male character that has long black hair in a ponytail as an example)

Some things I like:
• Love Live (Honoka, Nozomi + Yoshiko, Riko)
• Idolm@ster (Specifically, Cinderella Girls)
• FATE series (absolutely love Astolfo, Enkidu, Merlin)
• Tales of series
• Persona
• Fire Emblem
• Touhou
• Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku, Gumi, IA, VY2)
• Marvel Comics
• Kirby!

I'm mentally ill and avoidant a lot of the time so sometimes PMs make me anxious but I would love to talk and become friends with anyone. TwT Thank you for being patient with me.

Thanks for coming by!
Otome, Visual Novels, Rhythm Mobage, JRPG
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BLACK HAIR, Silver Hair, Pretty Boys, Androgynous, Twintails, Megane
Vocaloid, Idols, Touhou Covers/Arranges, Jpop, Video Game BGM
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Hey, thank you for the FR!
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A little late but Happy Brithday! :>
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AshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
Thank you for the FR ^^
I don't usually except random people but you seem nice and your collection is adorable XD
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tysm for the add! nice to meet ya x
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