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The location of the olfactory epithelium is in the superior portion of the nasal cavity in an area covering the inferior portion of the cribriform plate and it contains 3 types of cells – olfactory receptors, supporting cells, and basal cells. The olfactory receptors are the 1st order neurons of the olfactory pathway and are one of the few neurons that are regularly replaced as they wear out (by the basal stem cells). These synapse with 2nd order neurons in the olfactory bulb whose axons form the olfactory tract which goes to the olfactory area on the inferior/medical surface of the temporal lobe. We seem capable of recognizing about 10,000 different scents. Plus odor thresholds are low, in that only a small amount of a substance is needed to elicit recognition of an odor, however adaptation is rapid (decreasing sensitivity) olfactory receptors adapt 50% within the 1st second. So if something stinks you’ll know it right away but then you’ll also get used to it quickly.
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