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Your inbox is full, but I am very interested in CLASSIFIED #256692 please! If you have any pictures of it that would be great.
7 days ago
First time buying on MFC as well. Kyle was amazing seller who was very responsive and provided as much information as possible. Very satisfied with being able to get my favorite nendoroid (lord grim) from him!
14 days ago
First time buying from an MFC user 10/10. The bokuto nendo is pristine. I love it and Kyle has been all helpful. Thank you and I will defo order gems from you again!
22 days ago
Hi, can you please pm me, I am new to this site and I can’t seem to figure out how to pm you, I’m interested in the ten count figures you mentioned your selling as a set if you still have them. Thanks so much.
1 month ago
First time buying from an MFC user and Kyle was great. Guided me through the process smoothly and both Nendoroids I bought from him came in great condition!
1 month ago
Amazing seller! I finally got my dream nendo (dmmd clear) :D
1 month ago
Kyle is a great seller and I had a great experience buying from them!
1 month ago
Definitely an absolutely incredible seller! Bought two nendoroids from the seller and the communications were quick and friendly, the seller wrapped up the nendoroids perfectly and they both arrived safe at my home! Definitely buying from this seller again (when i have the money haha) and i for sure recommend this seller to anyone who comes across!
1 month ago
Probably one of the nicest sellers I've ever talked to when ordering. Extremely friendly and answered every question I had. I bought the Oikawa Toru and Kuroo Tetsuro Nendos and got them today in the mail. Very well packaged and actually got to me VERY quickly, it was a little surprising. The condition is great and I don't have a single negative thing to say about this seller. I will most likely buy from again without a doubt!

Thank you so much for making this experience easy and nice!

1 month ago
I ordered the naruto china exhibition Nendoriod. Perfect communication and packaging.
1 month ago


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