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I'm not as into figures as I once was and have other hobbies that hoard my time. I love Anime, BJDs, Lolita, Kimono, Reading, Cosplay, and other fun things connected to Japan.

I've been into and watching anime since I was very young (around 10 or 11 years old maybe)and since then it has taken over my life. I think the first anime I ever actually watched was Inuyasha. At this moment in time my most favorite anime is still Inuyasha and that probably wont ever change.

I have to say, I love figmas and Nendoroids the most, but figmas are what I like to get most of the time because of how much more you can move and change them around.

If anyone would like to give me pointers on figures and some of the things I should watch out for with them, then just give me a PM and we can talk. I offhandedly knew someone who was into figures for a little while and she was able to tell my friend and I a few odds and ends (especially on bootlegging).
The first figure I ever purchased was at an Anime con (Ramencon) -Don't cringe, my friend and I looked it over to make sure it was legit before purchasing it lol-. She's actually a figma, Asuna from Sword Art Online. I have now also have the figma Armin from SNK and bought Mikasa (Also SNK) from another lovely user).

I've heard that quite a few people in the figure collecting world don't like boy figures/figmas just for the reason that they are male characters, that's just sad. It should make it a bit easier to get my favorite male characters though I guess. If you didn't notice, I don't care if a figure/figma is a boy or a girl, if they are my favorite and I can get them, I will.
Armin for the win! ^-^


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Happy Birthday !
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Too bad the manga comes out monthly but I think on April the 9th another OVA will be coming out which features the 104th trainees squad. Can't wait! The first OVA was good and that Titan was really creepy.
I heard the movie will be filmed on a deserted island nicknamed 'Battleship Island.'Kazuki9337 years ago#2076938I will be waiting till May as well for my Eren and then July for my Armin (I have Mikasa already).
The manga needs to finish up quick so we can get more anime of AOT ;_;.
And yah, I did see the commercial and I thought it was pretty good. Hopefully the live action movie wont disappoint...we'll see.
7 years ago
I ordered the second release so I have to wait till the end of May till I get the Eren Figma. Hope time will just fly by because we all have been waiting for ages. Haha, I want figures of all AOT characters. Can't decide whether to get Koto Levi or GSC Mikasa.
Season 2 please come back next year T_T
I wonder if the Live action film will turn out good because most live action film adaptations of anime tend to be bad. Did you see the Subaru Forester commercial of Attack on Titan?Kazuki9337 years ago#2075974Your welcome!
YES! I love SNK so very much (anything I find of Armin is usually mine if I like it too lol). Congrats on ordering the Eren figma! My sister and I ordered one each too and now I'll have all the SNK figmas except Levi. Now...onto the nendoroids haha.
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Thanks for the advice you left on my blog. It's kinda annoying getting paint stains on your figures, but now I know what to do.

Great to see your a SNK fan ^ ^
I hope to have more male figures in my collection and the Eren Figma that I preordered will be my first.
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Kazuki9337 years ago#2027384Awww, sad. I wish more people that shared this and my other hobbies with me lived closer! Nice to meet you though ^-^

I second that! Nobody around me shares my hobby of collecting anything from Japan.
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Welcome to MFC!

I'm from Ohio too! Except I live in a small town in North EAST Ohio. haha
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Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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