KewlmycKewlmyc Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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01 month agoA1yxxxanderA1yxxxander
Went you get the chance, i pm you about p4 protag.
01 month agoAlisaAmuAlisaAmu
Sent you a pm about Raven ; ^;
51 month ago (1 month ago)KewlmycKewlmyc
Note: I'm not ignoring anyone. Between finding shipping boxes, packing up the figures, going through 200+ messages now, spending time with family, working, looking for apartments, and watching EVO, I'm kinda spent right now. I will respond to everyone as soon as I can, either with offers to sell, letting you know that the figures are either being held for someone who is getting ready to pay, or informing you the figure has been sold.

Sorry for not responding as quick as I can. I knew I'd get a lot of messages, but this blew up way more than expected. :P
01 month agoHentai_SonHentai_Son
Pm'd you-! I have a few figures I'd really like to snag from you ;v;
01 month agoddnyzddnyz
Interested in buying your yoko figurine, pm'ed

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