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Hey there! My name is Slinky! <3
Been collecting as a hobby for a few years now!
Currently focusing on my DRAMAtical Murder collection, since it is my obsession at the moment. I love every character!
I collect anything Noiz related! He's my husbando 5ever <3

I also run the Noiz Fanclub, welcome to all! CLUB #1316

Don't be afraid to send a PM or FR me!

DRAMAtical Murder, Onepunch-Man, SNK, NGE, Zoids, Gangsta!, Haikyuu
DRAMAtical Murder, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Ai Chuu, Danganronpa, Touken Ranbu, KanColle, Lamento, No, Thank You!!! Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Togainu no Chi, Animal Crossing, Resident Evil, Gears of War, Final Fantasy
MOE Point(s)
Noiz (DMMd), Genos (OPM)
Nine Inch Nails, Dethklok, Testament, Rammstien, RATM, RHCP
Self-built! i7 6700k, Geforce GTX FTW 1070, 16gb DDR4


happy birthday lovely!!
6 months ago
Thank you <3 Oh, and thanks for the FR! ^-^
I'm also checking out Nitro+Chiral's other work and it's all so exciting atm xD
The joy of getting into a new fandom yay .゚☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚.
1 year ago
Hey :D I hope you don't mind the random comment ^^; Just wanted to say, that you have an utterly beautiful profile and your DMMd collection is freakin stunning! <3 I just recently got into DMMd (insanely late to the party lol X'D) and I'm already lusting after all the beautiful figs and merchandise X.X So yeah, just wanted to say hi ^_^
1 year ago
Happy birthday!! :)
1 year ago
Happy birthday!
1 year ago
Kinkslinks (2 years ago) #18589785I'm still crying over the announcement....it's going to be such a beautiful figure, I still pinch myself to make sure it's realI was stunned when I first saw the announcement and it still feels so surreal right now. I think I’ll faint when the prototype is out...he’s so precious :')
2 years ago
Slinky, dreams do come true! We have a third Aoba scale~~ ITEM #549359
2 years ago
Kinkslinks (2 years ago) #17660737I'm not going to reply to your comment about aoba on the page because I dont feel its related to it enough- my comment was replying to people being negative about the figure/character who hadn't ordered him in the first place. I understand your argument and I am a too a little dissapointed in the figure as well, but holding off on saying anything bad until I see him for myself- there is alot of good constructive criticism on there, I was refering to the non-helpful, and petty unnecessary comments in the thread. I dont mean to start off long rants and arguments in the thread again, hope you understand where I'm coming from a little better.

Yeah I understand. I'm not thrilled with the weird amount of negativity and defensiveness in the comment section to begin with, and the kind of comments that kept getting the page shut down. I think people should be more than allowed to talk about negative opinions regarding the figure, especially since it's a bunch of people like me who bought the figure and are irritated that we dropped $200+ on a figure that isn't living up to it's hype at all (I will bemoan the badly sculpted cock until the cows come home, I have a garage kit that has a dick but it's from a well-known shota artist, so it's...err, shota sized). But all of the personal attacks and stuff are really ridiculous, and it bugs me that people are invested enough in a fictional character and/or a piece of plastic to insult other people over this. :/

(Also, have to say I love your icon. Nitro Chiral makes great character designs (usually). I think I'd be more into DMMd as a franchise if it weren't the typical "main character is a total uke" thing. Noiz is the kind of character I like to see getting topped once in awhile. :P)
2 years ago
Thank you so much for accepting!! Your Dmmd & Noiz collecting are amazing :)!Kinkslinks (2 years ago) #17614453Thanks for the FR!! You got a wonderful collection going!
2 years ago
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
Kinkslinks (2 years ago) #17403775Thanks for the friend request! You got a lovely collection going!
Thank you so much! <3 you have the best and most dedicated DMMD / Noiz collection that I have ever seen OvO ~ <3
2 years ago
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