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Sweaty, musky smelly feet connoisseur~
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Feel free to add me to my Discord so we can talk about many lewd things together and share beautiful feet pictures: Lia#0948

My Visual Novel & Eroge collection:
My Visual Novel List

My collection is over the thousand and I've started this list yesterday to manage the status of my novels and eroge, and to sort by my favorite tags to find the ones I'm in the mood to play at certain times. I'm a nympho, so expect offensive and depraved words and tags inside~ I just started this for my own personal use so I didn't hold back anything, but since I put a lot of work on it I guess I can share just as a PSNProfiles, Anilist profiles, etc.

You might need to open with Google sheets to see the covers~

I added the Notes cell later on, to add there the reason that VN got my atention to remember when I decide to play it, and also to add tags/fetishes that don't have a column even if are some of my favorites, either because are too vague, like "Blowjob Duck Face/Hyottoko Fellatio", since the tag gathers from minal BJ Face, to extreme vaccum, BJ Face where the female face gets super distorted and her mouth turns into a highball glass, which is what I enjoy. Or others that I like but wouldn't be the sole reason I play the eroge, so it's nice as a reminder the title has them, but I wouldn't add them to their own column to sort by these, especially since it became too wide already.








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1 day ago
RubyOshi No Ruby No Life
Yeah a lot of guro doujin artists I like turn out to be female, surprisingly. I think it's easiest to tell when they have a cuter moe style and add a lot of yuri lol. One of my favorite artists I actually found out was a girl yesterday (aosora444) you've probably seen her yume nikki pieces. Shigeo looks super talented, she can do a lot of styles, usually you see artists sticking to one trademark for their art, my first guro was Euphoria aswell, I know there's an adaption which I've seen aswell but it was ages ago that I watched it so I don't remember if it was any good or not.
17 days ago
RubyOshi No Ruby No Life
I saw maggot baits on there, the character design for the girls is really cute. I'll look into it, have you finished it? I was going to play Fraternite because of the notes you wrote on it lol. Have you played Dustmania Grotesque? The protag isn't very cute to me but it has more unique guro compared to most, I find a lot of the times vns on the vndb guro aren't as extreme as I expect, maybe I'm just too desensitized though lol; It's pretty short aswell though. I was also looking into Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru, I've heard mixed reviews on it though so still not sure.
17 days ago
RubyOshi No Ruby No Life
Very good VN list! Picking up reading a few because of it
View spoilerHide spoilerNeeds moar guro tho
18 days ago
Syringepuppy ♡ sonico slut ♡
Thank you for compliment ♡ I work pretty hard to make sure everything stays pink ໒。•ꕀ•。ა
26 days ago
Thank you so much! Your collection looks so amazing.
1 month ago
ty! hope it gets bigger soon~
1 month ago
Thx!! Your profile’s hot too~
1 month ago
Thx!! Your profile’s hot too~
1 month ago
Ohhh yeah I forgot that mfc does that weird direct message cap thing srry lol!

I’ll see if I can add u on disc or steam but give me a bit lol.

(Also sorry for the confusion I meant fatal frame iv not final fantasy. Srry for the confusion I luv final fantasy as well but I haven’t actually played final fantasy 4 only 7,15, and a bit of 14 but not much and that was quite a while ago lol)
1 month ago
All Japanese Games, Anime Figures & Trading Cards! Reliable Worldwide Shipping, and World-Class Customer Service!

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