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Hey guys, I've been collecting figures for a few years now, and I love anime, figures, garage kits, and plushies.

I have a major weakness for anything Gurren Lagann, Danganronpa, or Final Fantasy X related, and my wallet is currently being drained by merchandise from each. Someday, I hope to have all of the figures from each series.

I tend to be very choosy which shows I collect from because if I collected from every show I liked, I'd have to live in a box ;_;

If you share any of my interests and want to be friends, please feel free to send me a request! Thanks for checking out my profile!

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01 month agohugtowerhugtower
KittanZero (4 months ago) #21447651Thanks for accepting! I love your PMMM collection and how dedicated you are to the series! I don't collect from it myself, but I love the show and always like seeing big collections for it.
I also noticed that you collect from Danganronpa as well! We have that in common, its currently the series I'm most actively collecting from along with Gurren Lagann.

S-sorry for being like 2 months late! I was going through a depressive spell and couldn't feel like I could adequately respond but I digress.
Thank you so much for your compliments! It makes me so happy! ^w^ I'm really proud of my collection ehe... Your Danganronpa collection is equally, if not more so, admirable! Some of that stuff gets soooo pricey it's ridiculous! As luck would have it (no pun intended), my favorite is Komaeda, the most expensive of them all T_T so I'm trying to be selective wrt DR vs my Madoka girls, who have relatively few rarities that I didn't catch when they were first released (thank goodness...)
13 months agoOse_93Ose_93
KittanZero (3 months ago) #22453453I completely agree, he goes through such a natural, heartwarming character change where Ahiru is concerned. Their dance in episode 25 made my heart burst. When there were hints at the beginning that the two of them could grow to like one another, I thought it was too good to be true, that she would definitely end up with Mytho or a tragic ending when all was said and done. But the latter half of anime delivered so much more than I expected ;_;
I wish he had some figures too, he deserves at least a prize figure or something. I was considering modifying this Makishima kit into Fakir to go with my Princess Tutu kit: [ext link ]
I never would've thought that those two characters would look similar :p but I think with some alterations to his pants, shirt, and hair that I can turn him into Fakir in the all white outfit he wears in the final episodes. I might also sculpt the duck version of Ahiru to go on his shoulder.
Hopefully it works out, but it's going to take a lot of patience ^^;

Definitely! I wasn't really a fan of Ahiru and Mytho together, so I was happy to see her relationship begin to grow with Fakir. I do wish we could have had a bit of a different ending sometimes, but the final scene is still truly heartwarming. I'm happy they stayed together, no matter the form.

I wish we had at least gotten one of those bust figures for him item #7813

I think that may work out! I feel like it would be difficult to find someone with a hair style similar to Fakir, but that character's hair is a pretty good match and would just require a few modifications. I have little faith in my sculpting abilities, so I've never tried making a custom nendoroid or something for him.

And a little duck to go along with him would be lovely!Those things do take a lot of patience and time. If you go for it, I wish you the best of luck!
03 months agoOse_93Ose_93
KittanZero (3 months ago) #22406811Thanks for accepting, I love your youtube videos! :) And so nice to see you're a fan of Ahiru and Fakir, I love them so much ;_;Aw, thank you so much. ♥

Yes, they are just the cutest thing! My favorite character in Princess Tutu was Fakir, he's just too darn adorable when it comes to Ahiru. I really wish he had some figures. D:
13 months agoOse_93Ose_93
Thanks for the friends request! I love your user pic, it's so pretty~
04 months agohugtowerhugtower
Thanks for the FR ;w;

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