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Looking for them holy grails


Figure was well packed and came in rather quickly. Reasonable price and quality was just as described~! Will buy from again whenever the chance arrives.
22 days ago
Bought Rem and Marika Tachibana and both just arrived. Both are like new as stated and I'm extremely happy to have them in my collection. Seller went above and beyond with the packing and protection of the figures prior to shipping. Communication and shipping speed is also top notch. I highly recommend!
3 months ago
Figure showed up quickly and everything looks great. A pleasure do business with you!
4 months ago
The Iowa figure was amazing. I texted you some pics! I'll start posting my colleciton to this site soon in summer hopefully.
1 year ago
1 year ago
I received Mordred today. She's beautiful, and I can tell you did a wonderful job keeping her that way. Thank you for selling her to me!
1 year ago
Kokohoe3 years ago#21530904No problem! I would feel the same way she's such a nice character from a great series! Thanks again and if you're at AN for the weekend enjoy!
Same to you! :)
3 years ago
Kokohoe3 years ago#21515426I think I was the one who bought that Ohana figure! Thanks again she looks great!
Aaa thanks for dropping a message! It was painful to part with her, but I'm very glad to hear you like her! :D
3 years ago
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PVC anime figure store.