Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Nothing to say- i live in Sweden, very limited availability on everything i like; Anime, Manga and Pretty figures O^o...

If i had a job, i would totally have an army of them =w='

By the way, if i have more than 1 of anything, i'm willing to sell/trade .w.
(Except for my Unit05 Mass production)

And since i like bragging about collections;


Heh, you are right.
But here exist one good thing which I love in Japan - anniversaries.
Many forgotten anime-series rise with new stuff after such celebrates, like it happened with Brigadoon BD.
This is the way how many old anime shows still live and even get new fans.
4 years ago
OFC, revoltechs are poor in compare. Tbh their best part is to make robots.
Figma is great in quality but they run after most popular characters now and nearly don't make somebody interesting, not just "kawaii".
On other hand Bandai's action human figures became pretty good in quality, pretty close to figma.
If to talk about PVC figures, again same situation, they produce lack of good chars, continue to make another Miku or Saber. All hope on other figure makers.
4 years ago
No offensiion, but looks like you forget names pretty fast even if you like the show. Hm, you never guessed why it's going on? Maybe in the end you don't like it that much? Or in the end you don't want to make one show your mostmostmost favorite and you don't allow it to get in your heart completely?

Kuston is the last one. He had lack of screen time but his role is pretty simple - main boss, like in games.
Sad but true.

All ZOE main robots are pretty recognisable if you will watch their figures, MFC has plenty of them.
Btw one of my fav desings is this - ITEM #124723
I want others from this toyline, Revoltech is good way to collect action figures without big hole in wallet x)
4 years ago
Many people start and end on Evangelion, it breaks minds once and forever.
X) I know nothing about ZOE but it's artist and designer is my favorite. He is pretty original and interesting, his robots are beautiful.
4 years ago
Hah. I can understand this greatly.
To me figure collecting started much more from mecha. Even first PVC figure I bought - was Kamina (damn, it was so tough month for me...). TTGL (and TF Armada, hah) just started my long way into mecha world which I still continue. And I am glad that I mostly buy figures from my fav shows and nearly don't make great mistake of many collectors - spend money on figure just because it's beautiful. Of course, I bought and gonna buy in future several figures which I "want because they are beautiful". But I try to avoid most of such suggestions, heh.
You are freelancer?
4 years ago
Oh wow, so great Rozen Maiden Madoka Evangelion collection, I feel kind of envy...
4 years ago
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You're welcome ! ^^
Konani6 years ago#2121209thank you ^_^!
though i got nothing but cake for my birthday ^^'''
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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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takenyaka7 years ago#1591878which Mari? from which set of Portraits, I mean
mhhh- well i got several of her, but i noticed your post on the Portrait 8th figure, i'm selling/trading the original version (not the special) though, just one,
i also got one portraits 6 and two portraits 7 of her

i also got several Rei and Asuka from those series, and another few from other series, if you'd be interested in those, except for my mass production units NGE, i'm willing to trade/sell all doubles i have .w.
-you can check what i got in my collections though, see if there's anything you're interested in .3. ?

-all figures are still in their unopened plastics, but i've opened the cartons (obviously)
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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