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Kotobukiya was first opened by Jusaburo Shimizu in Japan in 1947 and began as a single toy store for dolls. In 1953, together with his two brothers, Mr. Shimizu re-created his sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

While continuing to focus on retail sales, Kotobukiya's first venture into original products as a model kit manufacturer began in 1983 with Armament. This was then followed up by its very first licensed kit, King Godzilla, in 1985.

Kotobukiya's first foray into the non-kit business was in May of 1989 with the release of soft vinyl statues and active styling figures (now known as ARTFX statues). Since then, the company has increased its lineup to include fully assembled and painted resin statues (Fine Art statues), Bishoujo (pretty girl) statues and 1:10 scale ARTFX+ statues, to name a few.



Hello Kotobukiya,

Thank you so much for your reply, I truly appreciate it so much.
I understand that my communication needs to go through Kotous.com. Sadly,
I've been trying to get a reply from KotoUS for months now and it is very frustrating.
You are my only hope at this point since they don't reply anywhere doesn't matter how many comments or e-mails or messages through their website I send, they just ignore me.
Again thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me.
28 days ago
Thank you for these comments. We'd like to clarify the following:

• Kotous.com & Koto Inc. are not owned, operated or affiliated with Kotobukiya Co. Ltd
• Kotous.com is an official distributor of Kotobukiya products. The same holds true for our other retail partners like Sideshow, BAIT, Crunchyroll, Funimation & Diamond Distributors, to name a few.

We have shared your comments with management and someone from our marketing team will reach out to Koto Inc. to see what is actually happening with your order. All communication on your end will still need to go through kotous.com but hopefully we can help get you a resolution in this matter.
29 days ago
www.kotous.com uses your name right? Koto US stands for Kotobukiya US?
There is a mark on their website with Official Distributor of Kotobukiya.
I'm sure most people assume you both are the same, I personally did.
If this isn't the case I would like to let you know I'm not the only one with this problem.
And KotoUS is giving your company a bad reputation.
29 days ago
Hello Kotobukiya,

Thank you for your message! I appreciate it so much.
I have purchased from: www.kotous.com
Aren't you both the same company?
I pre-ordered and paid for the Kakegurui2 Mary Saotome ARTFX J with the bonus head included.
Order #200041725
I don't get a response, I've been e-mailing for months every week! No reply on e-mails, No comments back on Twitter or instagram.

On the website it is saying.
Official Distributor Of Kotobukiya.

Thank you!
29 days ago
Could you tell us where this item was purchased from? For the record Kotobukiya does not own or operate a retail website within the United States.
29 days ago
I pre-ordered a figure and paid for it! I wasn't able to pick up my package in time so it was send straight back to them. I contacted them straight away, and they said they would re-send it if I paid the shipping costs again to which I agreed. I've been e-mailing them every week for 9 months and haven't received an e-mail back for 6 months now! They also don't respond on Twitter or Instagram. They absolutely scammed me. I have no figure and my money is gone. I'm so pissed about this situation for so many months now. Worst company I've ever bought from. Be careful with buying from them! A lot of promising but no action if you even be able to get in touch with them at all. They gladly take your money but when something has gone wrong they won't help and they will just ignore you. They treat customers like absolute garbage.
29 days ago
Hey, do you guys think you could toss up some official shots of the Harley Quinn ArtFX figure on your twitter or something? The only pics I've seen are screen-grabs of the pics from the stream, which aren't great quality.
2 months ago
Reissues of the Yu Yu Hakusho figures would be nice. Hunter x Hunter and Inu Yasha figures should join the ARTFX J line. I would celebrate that.
4 months ago
More Street Fighter Bishoujo! Especially of Elena and Makoto.
4 months ago
can you make a bishoujo of Ahsoka Tano, from Star Wars: Clone Wars?
5 months ago
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