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Madoka Magica, Kill La Kill, Sailor Moon
Harry Potter, Catcher in The Rye
Vocaloid, MCR


KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3290250Tru...^^"... lol.
Yassss MCR!!!! I love that song too, my favourite of theirs is probably Teenagers.
Thats alright, sorry, i replied late too, my family and i went on vacation for a few days. :3
I have a few favourites, they are all Hetalia xD, do you want me to link them?
Yeah... i got into k-pop just recently, so im catching up on all the music i missed and stuff xD Also, if you just type in EXO news (or whichever band) there are websites with news and info about them. Hope that helps!

Lucky! I can't wait to go on vacation, Ill probably be going down to the shore or something~ Sure why not, I love any fanfic as long as its written okay ^_^ Yes that does help, thank you (✿◠‿◠)/ So what animes are looking forward to being released? I really can't wait for the second season of Noragami! I just got into it a few days ago (meaning I finished the whole series in one day) snd its soooooo great. Have you ever seen it? Also on a lesser scale, Im looking forward to Owari no Seraph's second season. I don't really like the story, but the characters are so adorable.. More recently I've gone on this korean diet where you try to incorporate more sweet potatoes into your diet, and after two days I've lost a pount lol. I really like how in shape all the kpop singers are, so Im trying to follow some of their workout routines! I do feel a little bad for them though because of all the pressure they are under.. I want to get into more Kpop girl bands, could you show me some?(▰˘◡˘▰)
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3238621Nia is adorable!, i also love Yoko, shes so cool!
I really need to watch it, and Accelerator looks SO awesome ☆‿☆
I somehow ship Kirito with Asuna, yet at the same time i like him. lol Same with the fanfic thing, whenever i know the character is taken im like: ( ̄Д ̄; im sorry...
I love kira Kira Killer: www.youtube.com... and my fave EXO member is probably Kris >w< A Japanese girl band i would recommend is Scandal! I love this song: www.youtube.com...
My fave band of all time is Pierce The Veil, also Sleeping With Sirens, blessthefall, My Chemical Romance, and Three Days Grace. Do you like any rock bands? :3

Yeah Yoko is amazing, but in my opinion too much fan service.. Accelerator is MINE, lol. He has to be the most amazing character in To aru, his power is just so cool~ I really love Blink 182, but my most favorite american band has to be MCR! I just love the song I don't love you, it just blows my mind because of how good it is. Sorry for the late reply, I've been engulfed in fanfics, I read such a good Shizuo x Izaya one yesterday. It was freaking 57 chapters long! But it was totally worth it~ Do you have any good fanfic recommendations? I don't really like Shizaya, because I ship Izaya with me ≧◡≦, but the authors writing is impeccable! I definitely need to get into Kpop more, all of my friends LOVE it, and I just can't seem to find out where to get updates and stuff on the bands? Like are you supposed to find out stuff on tumblr or twitter. HELP (⊙﹏⊙)
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3208636Yes, I'm watching some on going series like Charlotte and Actually I Am, as well as Gurren Lagann and Plastic Memories. I havent seen To Aru but ive heard about it and it seems cool, i think i will watch it ^^
I do have husbandos and waifus, my husbando is England from Hetalia, and my waifu...so hard to choose since there are so many cute anime girls i love, but probably Sinon from SAO2 :3
Wow, thats a great price! Hopefully it gets back in stock lol
Yes, I LOVE Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Utada Hikaru!!! They are some of my favourite J-pop artists. I also love anime soundtracks, Vocaloid, a bit of k-pop (EXO is my favourite!!!), and as for English music, mostly punk rock bands XD

Yes Gurren Lagann is a great series! Who is your favorite character? Mine is Nia, she's so cute~ Now for To aru, the series is kinda boring at first, but once you get to the accelerator and mikoto part.. the series turns really good! (but thats just my opinion) I don't really like Index (one of the characters) she seems too cliche. Sinon is adorable!! I really want to get into SAO but I just can't. Kirito is so cute also, but he's taken by Asuna o(╥﹏╥)o So I feel guilty reading fanfics with him x reader lol. What is your fav kyary song? Mine is www.youtube.com... , its such a nice melody~ SAME!! I love EXO! Who is your favorite member? Mine is Luhan. And what punk rock bands do you like?
3 years ago
Thanks for the FR /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3185385Yup, he truly is evil, but i agree he's so cute! I hate that because of his appearance i want to hug him, but because of what he did to the girls i want to punch him! >:D
Its always confusing to understand, because there are so many time loop things. The first time, I have no idea why he choose Madoka. But every time after that he choose her because her power was getting stronger since time kept repeating itself.
Thats a tough decision, both would look really nice!
YaY! I'll be sure to read it ^w^
Thank you /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

So are you watching any anime at the moment? I really like the To aru series. Especially Mikoto Misaka and Accelerator. Do you have any husbandos or waifus? I'd say my forever husbando would be Nagisa Kaworu and my waifu, Im still looking for (◕︵◕) Oh yeah, last time we talked I said that I was going to make an article.. Well I couldn't bc the shop ran out of the lighting that I used. It was these amazing lights for only a dollar each, isn't that ridiculous?? So cheap! So what music are you into? I really like Jpop, and anime soundtracks. Have you ever heard of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or Utada Hikaru? They are my FAVORITE!
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3199531That figure of her looks so pretty!
Thank you ^w^
Yes, she has a nice voice, my favourite song of hers is "Same Sea" :)

yeah, i think so too :)
no problem^^ you're welcome

i don't have a favorite song right now but ty that you showed me that artist :) i like the music
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3185409Yes, i really want to get the After Party version, i agree she looks super awesome! I also wish for ITEM #207098 and ITEM #145212 , I love her outfit here!
Yay, MCR! Another artist i like listening to is Lights, she has more pop-rock music and she is actually married to Beau from blessthefall!

yay! some prize figures of her are very nice. for example i like this super sonico version a lot:
#69114 she's beautiful :) nice figure taste you've got there! i like you're madoka figures :) beautiful! i didn't know her, but i like her singing (just listened to her song "running with the boys")
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3184332Yes i definetly would like to get a Sonico figure soon!
I love blessthefall too! As well as other bands like Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and My Chemical Romance. :)

:) i only recommend: some of her figures are just amazing! For example: just got the Super Sonico After Party version, she's so different (in my opinion) then the other sonico figures - and she looks so amazing and detailed! (sexy and grown up, not just cute) :P i like her more than the bondage versions. so what super sonico do you prefer? or which figure do you want to get? :)
i don't know pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens, but mcr of course! ^^ but right now i listen to everything, not just metal and scream :P
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3169693That would be cool!!! And very convenient! :3
Both her outfit and her hair are just so kawaii! I love her design. Well I love the one i have, ITEM #78404 , she comes with her bow too! and i would love to get ITEM #144316 . If you decide a figure you'd be interested in, please show it to me!
Thats a nicely set up display! ^w^
I would probably have galaxy print in the background, or something... magical. I found these really pretty little silver stars so I might scatter them around the display.
I was thinking about that too just recently. I think i will wait, but when I have a few more figures i definitely consider seriously getting a detolf. It's a good idea since it makes figures look really nice and creates more room to display them neatly.

Awe thank you! I worked really hard on it~ Yeah I agree with you, something galaxy or a city background would be nice for the magical girls. So what do you think of kyubey? I know he is evil and all, but isn't he so adorable?? I don't understand why he chose Madoka out of all the girls in the world. Do you know why? Im pretty sure that Im going to be getting a detolf soon, but I really want this.. www.ikea.com/us... Im going to be making an article soon, hopefully today, on easy cheap lighting. I can't wait~ Its such rush making an article! Heres a kyubey face /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
3 years ago
KumikoMocha13 (3 years ago) #3184094Hello! I see you like Sonico. I do too, she's so adorable! ^w^
I also see you like metal/screamo, what artists are your favourite?

hi! yes i like sonico very much :) there are so many beautiful figures of her, i must say. :) i agree with that ^.^ my favorite bands are slipknot, metallica, Korn, Rammstein, Avenged Sevenhold and system of a down. Currently i like as screamo bands blessthefall, new hope and eskimo callboy. and you?

3 years ago
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