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Be proud of your inner child
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I’ve been collecting since I was a teenager and I found a figure I liked at a local con. Nowadays my collection has shifted to focus solely on Hatsune Miku, who I find aesthetically pleasing more than any character.

I write fiction in my free time and love cats. I’m pregnant and due early 2022 💕






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I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for how some people treated you so viciously about that vent. It wasn't called for or right or fair or whatever nonsense justification they rallied behind. I'm really sorry a figure that was supposed to be special to you has been caught up in such a stressful web. I hope you are able to recover and recuperate mentally and whatever comfort it may be there are also a lot of people that understand your frustrations and are on your side and just want you to feel better :(
21 days ago
Received my Akaashi nendoroid from them in the US! Great packaging, shipping wasn't very long and super well packaged! And such a sweet seller, thank you once again!! <333
25 days ago
Great seller with wonderful nendos!
Thank you so much for this nice and really fast transaction. :)
25 days ago
hi!! your collection is impressive, it's so beautiful!
I don't want to seem arrogant or persistent but I wanted to ask if you're selling or want to sell haikyuu omanjuus x) I'm sorry to trouble you but I really need them and if you were thinking of selling them then I'd like to contact you again x)
3 months ago
;w; Ahhh no!! That sucks a lot. I hope and wish you luck in finding someone selling for a decent price without the customs fee. D8!!
8 months ago
hewwo~ I saw your comment about seeking this Miku? ^^ www.amiami.com/...
8 months ago
Thanks for the Bokuto and Kenma! they came pretty quickly and very well packaged
8 months ago
Hi! I saw you reply to my LTB Oikawa Uniform nendo; I know you said it's sold, but any chance that falls through let me know as I'm interested!
8 months ago
Hi Kuromii! I can't send you a PM back because your inbox is full, but i'm located in Toronto, Canada! c:
8 months ago
Hi! I’m in the uk and interested in buying the bokuto and oikawa uniform nendoroids!
8 months ago
Be proud of your inner child


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