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Hi! I saw you were selling your rah Levi figure; is he still available :)?
4 days ago
Great seller, communication was fast and easy. Even if it was box-less I would totally recommend as they the packaging was superb as well as the figure had no damages to it. 10/10.
1 month ago
Lovely seller! Very accommodating, my item was box-less and the seller packaged her beautifully and delicately. Easy process and helpful, I'm very happy with my Miku and would definitely buy again! c:
5 months ago
Want to send a message back, but your inbox is full.
1 year ago
Hey! Your inbox is full so I can't message you back :(
2 years ago
Hey hätte Interesse an Haru :)
5 years ago
hi kann dir nicht schreiben deine inbox ist voll
6 years ago
Hallöchen! :) Ich wäre an deiner Aomine Figur interessiert.Wieso willst du den eig loswerden? :o Sieht der in echt net so gut aus?
6 years ago
whos the one in ur avatar I don't recall seeing him in any animes I have seen
7 years ago
Welcome at Tsukiboard ^^. Enjoy your stay.
7 years ago


Haikyuu, AoT, Banana Fish, BnHa, Grand Blue, Mushishi, JJK etc.
Examples: Xenoverse, FF, FE Series, Ace Attorney <3, Otome, Yaoi Novels, Visual Novels, Metal Gear, Nioh, Code Vein, Yakuza Series, Judgment, Nier Automata, Star Dew Valley, Witcher and so on..
MOE Point(s)
Males (does this count? lol)
Mostly Soundtracks from Animes and Movies.. and some Vocaloid Music since i also create Cover myself.