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Lovely seller! Very accommodating, my item was box-less and the seller packaged her beautifully and delicately. Easy process and helpful, I'm very happy with my Miku and would definitely buy again! c:
8 days ago
Want to send a message back, but your inbox is full.
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Hey! Your inbox is full so I can't message you back :(
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Hey hätte Interesse an Haru :)
4 years ago
hi kann dir nicht schreiben deine inbox ist voll
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Hallöchen! :) Ich wäre an deiner Aomine Figur interessiert.Wieso willst du den eig loswerden? :o Sieht der in echt net so gut aus?
6 years ago
whos the one in ur avatar I don't recall seeing him in any animes I have seen
6 years ago
Welcome at Tsukiboard ^^. Enjoy your stay.
7 years ago
Lamunan7 years ago#1573570Hi :) i'm interested in your Akira Military Figure and wanted to ask for how much are you thinking to give it away?
<3 Greetings

Hey, I still have him for sale. Another person had messaged me about 8 hours ago but I just replied. He's up on ebay (bidding) for 160USD without shipping. His total price stands on 210 without shipping but I am willing to sell him for the 160usd. Or make a great deal out of it as well.
7 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
7 years ago
Import from Japan