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I'm a little addicted to the Persona series and the magical schoogirl genre if you couldn't tell by my owned/ordered list, Lol. I used to be the "one figure per character" kind of gal but that didn't last long.

I started collecting just last year after my boyfriend introduced me to the community. I've been having a great time since. :')

I especially love supporting male figures. I feel there's plenty characters/series for manufacturers/suppliers to safely explore in the industry and I aim to let them know it by putting my money where my mouth is! Support the market! Like with this Kurose from 10-Count! - ITEM #638637
Go! Order now! Be the hero we all need! LOL

Other than that my favorite series to collect include Tokyo Ghoul, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Persona 5, Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card and Mikus!

Thanks for reading! :')
Honestly, a lot of Mahou Shojo, horror, and fantasy.
Persona series, Final Fantasy series, & other rpgs


Yeah, I mean the $800 plus for Alucard is WAYYYY more than I'm used to. I mean with PVC's it's like <$150 99% of the time, so those are way over my comfort level. BUT...yeah they will for sure be showpieces to be proud of...so very excited!! I 'll be sure to snap some goodness too when I get them in, so I can share it with all you guys!!!
20 days ago
Hahaa...I know right?!! He almost wanted to take it back when I told him the figure didn't even come out until October (we bought at my Bday in April)...LOL, I was like NO!!! I'm PLENTY happy, I assure you!! LOL!!! I can't wait to get him though, and snap a billion photos like you say!!!

Yeah so on the Ryu figure, from my research, you have to pay your proxies custom fees. Most ALL the proxies (that I've found as well as from talking with other users that bought their Gaara figure) said that you end up having to pay for stuff like this: Local Shipping (or not exactly local...but shipping to proxy), customs fees for the proxy (as my understanding is this happens because of an issue with the location of their distro centers and their ridiculously limited licensing...it just has to bounce around to get to "other" locations and that just drives the cost up), normal proxy fees, and then the normal taxes and or costs of the figure itself. The two methods of shipping is unavoidable and is very costly on these as well (I mean the boxes are huge and just super expensive to ship already). I was 1000% wanting to save up to get the Ryu one, but the more I researched the more the price just kept going up and up. It's literally the same cost as just buying it second hand off someone in one of the two locations they can friggin sell to...so that's when you realize the proxy folks aren't even scamming you, it's just costly to get it out there. Its' crazy.

so just as I was being crushed from realizing I'd likely never own a nice bleach figure of Ichigo that I truly loved (as I do love the Ryu one) I saw this one pop up on a collector's site on FB and licensed or not, I could not help myself...I figured this could very well be my only chance at owning one I loved...and to get him in both his normal form and his uber-bad-ass form, OMG...sooo exciting!!! PLUS you get a swappable head with his hollow mask....I couldn't ask for more (unless they licensed it of course). :D
22 days ago
Haha...well those Figurama figures are DEFINITELY not the norm!!! LOL! I got really lucky I would say! The Alucard was a birthday gift and I just had the figure gods grant wishes on the Tokyo Ghoul one, I really didn't think I'd be able to PO him, but it worked out in the end and I am super happy about it.

And YES, the Ichigo looks amazing!! I can't wait to get him in! I am a huge fan...and there are very few nice figures of Ichigo, so I had to jump on this one when I saw it. I originally wanted the Ryu Studios figure, but they are WAY high after you have to pay customs and other fees to get them shipped to the US (they dont have licenses to sell these to many places so it's EXPENSIVE). Was going to cost almost $1300 for a $700 figure, so no. So...when I saw this one, I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunate thing is that it is not an "officially licensed" Bleach figure, so that's why it can't be in the database though. :(
22 days ago
(Bakugo,Tenya,Shoto,Eijiro,Denki,Fumikage,Koji & Hanta are also my boys but Izuku is top,I just..<3 him and yes he is! Precious boy)
Thanks and I sure will,the place where I usually get them is sometimes far with prices...$80 for that Makoto Figma? Really should have at least $50 to the smallest being $30 or $20

that list was just for the non released figures that I want XD come on Atlus,I got to save some money for Ulimate Smash bros too but those Dancing in the stars figures may take that money away,I want the Joker,Ann and Makoto in their dancing outfits figures so badly,watch them annouched a Futaba,Yousuke,Haru and Ryuji figure in there dancing outfits..*puts future money a side for the figueres*
Will I’m hoping to..

I know right! & and I didn’t know till I want to look for the Emilia figma.I want them so badly.The red queen Ram is super cute and so is the Alice Rem one.Im hoping for a Subaru and Reinhard figure soon.My son & <3 deserve a figure too
22 days ago
(I also like Vocaloid and My Hero Academia,Izuku is my son <3) I've been saving up for a con I'm going to next week and hopefully the figure stand will be there again cause he was selling some awesome ones like characters in different color schemes of their normal outfits and other special figures.I'm hoping he'll have some Persona ones this year.I like to buy figures after they been released so I can buy them in person or my grandma can order them off amazon(cause she's a amazon only person...) but I would eventually like to pre-order some(Stares at ITEM #740102,ITEM #740113,ITEM #729423,ITEM #729421,ITEM #729707,ITEM #740524,ITEM #675993,ITEM #675991,ITEM #548153,ITEM #548154,ITEM #536509,ITEM #729706,ITEM #740214,ITEM #676004,ITEM #742218,
picture/2026920...,ITEM #728447,ITEM #728446,ITEM #728444,ITEM #728445,ITEM #455091,ITEM #549138,ITEM #549132,ITEM #676190,ITEM #711987,
ITEM #711986,ITEM #675926,ITEM #729346)
23 days ago
NP :),the it's just so perfect XD(The better pizza and Papa Johns part caught me off guard,it putted the biggest smile on face,thank you for that XD)
Persona and Magical girls are some of my most favorite things
I love Madoka Magica and CardCaptor Sakura and I like all the Persona games
24 days ago
Hello,I like your profile,profile pic,banner,
background,collection and your status is amazing

24 days ago
I'm not accustomed to English. I speak in a translator..But thank you very much comment
25 days ago
LadyLavellan (1 month ago) #38918283You're welcome!!! I figured our communal hype over Kaneki was a sign LOL

Hahaa....for sure!!!! :D LOL....so much hype too!! LOL!
29 days ago
LadyLavellan TheFrostysquirrel
Stacycmc (1 month ago) #38908870:-D thanks for the FR!!!!

You're welcome!!! I figured our communal hype over Kaneki was a sign LOL
1 month ago
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