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Just a jobseeking otaku nerd. I love sailor moon and card captor sakura. Cute things get my attention.

FYI I'd love a job just no one loves me enough to give me one. :( I keep trying though. So figures and nerding out help cheer me up.
Sailor moon, attack on titan, kiznaiver, gundam 00, card captor sakura...
harry potter, discworld
Panasonic lumix ft10
Jarvis. Custom built desktop.


Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Lady_River (2 years ago) #10155707Me too! The figures are so cute.
Ooh fun! I haven't been to Tasmania :( one day I will. Eh Qld gets hot.. and unbearably humid in summer. It's only cooling down now..
NSW is nice :) I've traveled in it before. As for conventions I've only been to supanova a few times. It gets expensive. Thankfully I don't go out often so that like makes up for the money I spend at supanova.

I usually only collect male figures but lately I've bought my first two lady scales...It's a dark spiral xD
It's pretty down here but not much city life, we have one major convention and it's really tiny but it's a fun time to cosplay and buy some merch. It's freezing down here! It's been cold for a couple of months now, I have to wear a couple of jumpers and have a blanket around me xD Warm weather sounds amazing!
NSW is great, but I've only been there twice. Once for a concert and once before a cruise, but it seems so nice and lively there. I'd love to move to a different state one day!
2 years ago
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Lady_River (2 years ago) #10155696Thank you :) I only got into collecting madly in the last year or so. Some of my collection I got many years ago, like the SM irwin toys.
Yay! I saw that you were from here too :3 I'm in QLD but hope to move to NSW soon.

I only got into collecting in the last few years (At least, to this scale...) but I'm really enjoying it!
I'm from Tasmania so not anywhere particularly interesting. Queensland or NSW would be amazing places to live! So much closer to conventions and stuff too ^_^
2 years ago
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
You have a beautiful collection ^_^ I'm from Australia too :D
2 years ago
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