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In slow motion.
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MFC redesign looks hideous. Done with this place. :|



Nope, you can take your chicken planks and quietly exit stage left. That's some cursed language that I just will not allow.

Edit to add the note that nuggies are the superior form of processed chicken anyway.
5 months ago
Love how spooky season for you = Castlevania soundtrack. AND it has to be one of the janky looking 3D Castlevania games. Never change friendo!

Side note: I have been tempted to play one of the games at some point, and maybe watch the anime. Are you secretly a Castlevania master and can aid me in my quest to find a good game? Or did you maybe just play Curse of Darkness and like it but never touch any of the others?
9 months ago
Mal responded before I did @-@

I pointed it out to her though, and we're right according to various sources, Marisa is a magician and not a witch. Perhaps she is the best magician? But she has not dethroned Bayonetta for best witch >:) Nice try~

Not that I regularly drink soft drinks, but I agree with you... except, Vanilla Coca Cola reigns supreme I tell ya.

Now to the ice cream... I think we need to expand on this one. Both chocolate and vanilla ice creams can be good, but there is a lot of variation in how good they are from brand to brand. I think in general a cheap chocolate will beat a cheap vanilla and possibly even some more average vanillas, buuuuut I love a really nice vanilla ice cream.

Rean is a good boy, but Elliot is the goodest boi.

And gosh let's not get started on Rocket and Arugula again. Both names are unappetising but Arugula just sounds outright gross ;-;

Edit: All your music is gone :o Hope we got some spooktunes coming in for October!
9 months ago
Friend friend friend!
Gonna have to change who that corrective medicine is going to, because:

- Bayonetta is best witch, becuase Marisa is labelled as a "human magician", therefore is not a witch, even if she rides a broom. Magicians do not = witches.

- Pepsi will never suffice, it is a terrible tasting beverage and I'd rather drink tar.

- Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla, but to say either will suffice? No thanks, vanilla only becomes good once something is added to it, whereas chocolate is always good.

- Lastly, it's rocket. It sounds perfect for a slightly peppery leaf.
9 months ago
Oh gosh, now the Miku emote has spread to MFC too.

Day 15 of invasion: Miku never stops. Miku never sleeps. Miku just keeps coming.
10 months ago
Well in that case I might just have to do an update after I finish my work today. ;)
10 months ago
I do love how I only just noticed you changed your music section, and it's all from the same game!
10 months ago
@ Killer B, my weakness is the little bit near the middle with the steps.
11 months ago
>every time inescapable new GFL figures appear


(tears of equal joy and financial terror)
11 months ago
I'm horrified.
1 year ago
Your one stop shop for figures, Japanese snacks, Japanese Language Books and Learning Materials and other Japanese collectibles.


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