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Ive always collected stuff since a kid. But i dont have a mess or lots of stuff on display. Im organized and like to keep things looking simple, elegant and cool.
I collect things that i like, not just for the sake of collecting.

I got into figures after seeing one (apple magician girl) featured on a Youtube channel about Yugioh cards, on September, 2016. (I have long time collecting yugioh cards. Officially Since 2008, Tho most of the recent stuff sucks)
And seeing that figure, and being such a "perv", i thought... what if there were nude/cast-off figures? Well..to my surprise they were. And i thought paying for such a figure seemed more worth it.
And its like an exotic thing to collect.

I do NOT like figures with maiden or bunny-girl outfits. (with some few exceptions on bunny-girls)

Looking for sexy figures with themes like:
Hentai, school uniform, cat girls, elegant nudes, devil girls, bondage, ecchi, cute/sexy, etc.

Need to sell "Saionji Nadeshiko" (Like New) and "Lala Minazuki" (has some minor damage on knee and back hair)
Yugioh (Duel Monsters, GX), Dragon Ball (Original, Z, GT), Pokemon (Kanto, Jhoto), Neon Genesis Evangelion (currently Watching).
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I prefer Nintendo Handhelds. Favorite Games: Zelda- Ocarina of Time, Zelda- Majora's Mask, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Gold.
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What is this exactly? can someone explain?
Music is my deepest love. My soul. My Hope. What makes this life have meaning. The link with my true self. A memory from another dimension. Makes me cry of happiness and of sadness.


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Import from Japan

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