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Updated! Thank you ^^
2 months ago
hehe thanks for accepting! i knew once i clicked on your profile and seen the dedication towards eren/AOT i knew i had to add you! ^^
3 months ago
Hahah sorry, I didn't notice it got full! I have to organize my inbox for the last week or so...I let it go at some point ^^; Thank you for your very kind words and understanding, always! I also thank you for your works, too! Honestly, after experiencing negativeness lately; seeing some positive attitude and joy made me really happy. (✿╹◡╹)ノ☆ These are the things that keep communities together, I think. Have a great week~
3 months ago
Good idea I do that all the time
I saw them last time I added the tobu event stuff - Ill see if I can find more info.!
5 months ago
Yeah the wording is ambiguous and I went to check the event goods page (the postcard is there) but found no info. thats why I didnt add it when I saw the tweet. I dont think I saw ppl sell it on mercari for instance. And looking at the photos under the keywords (twitter.com/sea...) Im leaning towards its just for display.
5 months ago
For ITEM #1163472, I thought its only for display at the spa? ><
5 months ago
ahhahah Sorry!!! I will edit them now and thank you ^^
5 months ago
Yeah thats what I thought as well (though Ive never actually seen one ><) and thank you so much!!
6 months ago
Hello, sorry to bother you! I added this badge ITEM #1152952 recently but cant find a picture for it. I think this is an Eren badge (Maybe? I can be wrong..), so if you happen to have it would you mind taking a clear picture and update the entry whenever you have time? Thank you XD
6 months ago
Thank you! I love your Eren collection; he's one of my favorites too! It's wonderful to see someone also like Eren! :)
6 months ago
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inferiority complex, troubled past, expressive eyes, tries to act tough although weak
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