Currently collecting everything Eren!
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I would definitely like to see your journal article if you ever make one! : ) Good luck with buying your furniture too, if you can remember what you bought each year for your collection you could take individual photos of what you bought from each year so you could see the progression of your shrine.
22 days ago
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you love it and I'm excited too! I love your Eren collection too, so many amazing items and I can tell so much dedication went into it! :)
22 days ago
thank u for accepting my fr two months ago!! :D
1 month ago
LiLMoon7 months ago#76061422Just found your page. Really love your collection and the time you take to write your articles. I'll keep checking them out. I'm really curious how you display your collection though? Maybe take some room collection photos sometime if you are able to. :)
Hey! Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your supportive words and I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my articles. It's always sweet to hear that from people, especially when you just stumbled across my profile! Your profile is super cute by the way.

I will eventually have to get around to taking photos of my collection in all it's glory. I've been asked that by a few people now, and I'd really love to but if I'm being honest, currently it's a lot of clutter and a large majority of it isn't even displayed. I do have a few sections that look nice, but it's been a New Years resolution to get everything in order and proudly display it all nicely! I have such a small room, which doesn't help.. but that's no excuse!

Anyhow, thank you again! You're too sweet.
Have an absolutely splendid day!
7 months ago
BeatlesPkmnFan1 year ago#69329158Oh wow that's awesome! I'm jealous. :O

Thanks! She came to this newer/smaller con years ago that I happened to be attending. I got her to sign an art book, a sign board, and a postcard that I won at a raffle at the panel she was hosting. I'm so happy I got to meet one of my idols.
1 year ago
Oh wow that's awesome! I'm jealous. :O
1 year ago
Thank you so much! That made me smile. Your collection seems really impressive too and I love your profile decoration!
1 year ago
Aww thank you! I see you have quite a collection there as well! :)
1 year ago
Thank you :) I love your Eren collection too its really impressive, also thank you for the friend request :D.
1 year ago
sarious Chino is My Life
Thank you!
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