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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 years ago
LightningCharm6 years ago#2213579Heyhey Happy Birthday~ :D
Thanks a lot!
6 years ago
LightningCharm6 years ago#2028120Heyhey~ Many thanks for the FR!
Yeah and like that ur into Pokemon haven't played for a while cause of school awww my pokemon are going hate me and eat me alive lol
6 years ago
✧。・゜゜・✧。・゜­­­゜・✲Happy Birthday!✲・゜゜・。✧。・゜゜・。✧

6 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1426575Oh geez, I'm sorry! I thought you had a PS3. Gonna be saving up for one anytime soon? Or are you just gonna ditch it and go straight for the PS4? Haha. :D Seriously, I hope you get the funds to get a PS3 for yourself. There's so many great games for it. And yeah, it's a shame about the 358/2 Days cutscenes. I guess it's better than nothing, though.

HECK YEAH! Im gettin me a P4! ill probably have funds for it if i quit buying anime figs. I dont think i Can though.... Lol
7 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1426435Agree with ya on that 100%, my friend. And oh man, what gashapon did I own? All those figures are long gone now but I think I had some Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon sets. Do you still have that petit Light Yagami? Oh, and I meant to ask you this before but forgot - are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix? :D

Yeah i still have the little fella. :-)

OMG!!!!! i want to play it sooo badly! MUST get me a ps3!! I just wish that 358/2 days was playable and not just cutscenes....
7 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1425972Bootleg figures are the worst. I remember when I first started collecting gashapon figures years ago I was buying from really unreliable sources. I'm pretty sure half of the capsule figures I had at the time were counterfeits. I was so angry all my hard-earned money went to cheap knock-offs.

That sucks! Man, i wish bootleg figures never existed! What are those gashapon figure bootlegs you owned? I own a light yagami petit figure....which was my first bootleg... :(
7 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1424865Heh, no problem! Looking forward to seeing some of your collection pics.

Yep soon! My rooms Bit disorganized right now but ill try to Put something up. All my figures are LEGIT and i know how to tell if a figures bootleg or not. Lol
7 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1419984Hey Hikaru, thanks for the FR. Pleasure to meet you. ;) You've got some really awesome figures in your collection. I especially like those KH Formation Arts you have! How's the quality on them? oh hai! Thanks for accepting My fr!yeah the quality of the formation figures are really good! Not great but its soo cool when you have alot of them. I will be putting some pictures of my figures when i get more time. :)
7 years ago
LightningCharm7 years ago#1324761Thank you! And yes, I got my Milla. She's perfection! You'll really like her figure, I think. :) And now Jude comes next! <3Yes, she is truly a great figure. :)
Hope we don't have to wait too much for Jude, though. Alter/Altair released only 2 figures in the last 2 months, I think. And now on their site there are 16 figures scheduled for March or "after march". :/
7 years ago
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