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Hi there!
I've only started collecting figures since March 2014 and already have become addicted to it! I enjoy a wide variety of animes of all genres including Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Angel Beats, Full Metal Alchemist, K-ON, SAO, Your lie in April and many many more. I hope that I can meet other collectors in the Perth area of Western Australia as it seems there are few of them here.
Fullmetal Alchemist,, Angel Beats!, Girls Und Panzer, Steins Gate, Evangelion, Haruhi, Aldnoah Zero, Ghost in the Shell, To Love-Ru, Game of thrones and Heaps more
Matthew Reilly Books
Oldschool Strategy Games like Stronghold, Age of Empires 2, Command & Conquer, Counterstrike
MOE Point(s)
Purple Hair, Tsundere, Angel Wings
Classic rock songs, Epic soundtracks, Anime soundtracks, Electro, you name it!
LG G3 Phone
Intel i5 2400, Radeon 6950 HD



Hi man, how are doing? Happy Birthday!! Hope you're doing great.

I finally managed to get these two ITEM #167194 ITEM #94454 for my Strike Witches collection. They are on their way here in a few days by the mail.

Also, I'm finally taking some time again to go to Japan this summer, of course I won't miss Wonder Fest on July. ;)
1 year ago
Likemike55 (2 years ago) #19246635View spoilerHide spoilerOpps, was meant to reply to you earlier!
Yep, I would love to own that Cecilia too, she is quite the centerpiece. But only if her price does drop a bit, the shipping costs alone would be quite high already. Yes have to own two in case a meteor hits your display :D
Ahh that's a shame, I also am cutting down on spending on this Hobby. I'm on contract work now so need to keep more money in the bank just in case xD The Hibiki protoype looks really good! I hope the final product lives up to it, I'll let you know if she is worth the rather high price.
I'm curious so see how your sculpturing looks, you did mention you've done it before. You'll have to send me some photos some time :)
I actually ordered a F.A.G too item/542708> ! I really liked the design and thought it would be a good start getting into building kits. Yep it seems some of the older ones have gone up in price.
I really enjoyed the strike withces series and the movie, very good action and shots, especially the air combat scenes. I hope Alter will release a Shizuka figure ENCYCLOPEDIA #35242 one day.
Have you seen the new Brave witches series with the 502nd witches? It's a different studio and the animation seems not quite as good, but its good to see the series is still alive.
Ahhh I pre-ordered ITEM #167194 when she came out and have been surprised her price has gone up so much! Pretty much all the other witches dropped dramatically in price. I hope you can find her one day at a reasonable price, she is one of my favorites!
The only problem with collecting the witches is how much room each one takes, but I love the dynamic poses Alter chooses. I Think I have 8 of the main cast so far but half of them are still boxed up till I get more display room. My favourite would be Erica ITEM #78647, I love her smile, wink and salute pose.
All the best with the house project! I'm sure you have an awesome figure display planned as part of the house :P
I'm going a little bit slow on my sculpting; got the materials and the base bodies are done, going into breaking the different parts and setting out to make details... when I get some time to do it, as of lately. >.<

Wah!! I ordered that F.A.G. too. Yeah, the design looks interesting; got to have her sister too ITEM #362258, just paid for her, and a huge haul at amiami the other day.

I'm all for more strike witches figures. When the time allows, I'm kind of interested in some of the prize figures I have seen.

I "don't mind" paying 20,000yen+shipping for that Heidemarie figure all that much; it's the fact though that I don't have a spare 20,000yen+shipping for the moment to consider; from time to time she popups at amiami pre-owned at a slightly lower price (17,000-18,000-ish); just waiting for the right time. :P

My favorite figure so far, not including the Heidemarie I'm craving for, is Mio ITEM #54772. She popups so cheap, that would also want the right timing to buy a second one just to have the two display options at the same time (and, the meteors, those dem meteors). XD

Yeah, I prepare an epic display to present when my house project is done; I myself can't wait to see it too.

Nice to hear about you. If you want to talk about anything, here I am, let me know. :)
2 years ago
Likemike55 (2 years ago) #19094095View spoilerHide spoilerHey Thanks Man! another year already haha.
Oh yes prices seem quite insane these days, I did pre-order items.php?iid=3... in the end but 20k+ is really a trend I hope doesn't become the norm. I guess at least she is quite a sizable figure.
I remember you ordered ITEM #166888 (or two) back when we met up, I'm surprised she hasn't been released yet, Hopefully this will be the last delay for her! Ahh I have started watching some Highschool DxD and would like to purchase a nice Koneko figure at some point :)
Really looking forward to ITEM #487046 coming out this month (if no delays) Her price was also a bit sore for me, but still better compared to Bellfine's quality and pricing for Tsubasa and Chris. I was hoping for more Symphogear figures in the wonfes just now, but I think I only saw some photos of GKs.
It's been going good here! It's been busy at work this year so plenty of overtime which helps fund this increasing expensive hobby xD. I managed to pickup a few Alter Strike witches figures from a
local seller for a good price the other week (sealed condition). Was so happy to find another collector here in Perth! xD

Oh, yeah, my body has been ready for Cecilia since last year. Hopefully this is it, and I'll have her by the beginning of May. Currently I only have one pre-ordered; but I own two Houki's (one I got at discount); if Cecilia happens to bin for whatever reason, maybe I'll buy a second one. XD

I had to give up with that Hibiki and that Purple Heart NEXT for the moment, I have to save some money to buy a new car at the end of this year (and my house project is still pending a little due to funds). :/

I like the pose of that Hibiki, I'll try to make a sculpt in a similar pose just for fun; I'm currently sculpting a Rias Gremory figure. I'm also sculpting a Black Heart NEXT form. I so, so want to order the Purple Heart Next with the AmiAmi exclusive tapestry; but, I also want to order more F.A.G. kits from Kotobukiya, and I kinda made the priority cause they are "cheaper" for the moment.

What a coincidence, I just finished watching Strike Witches season I and II a few months ago; I have been hunting Koto and Alter figures ever since. XD

Just this month I'm receiving my last three Alter figures to complete the main cast (11 figures). My SW grail for the moment is this one ITEM #167194; I so regret not pre-ordering her at the time; I saw her when I was at WF 2014 and, even though I wasn't a fan at the time, I really liked her. Now I have to pay like 20,000yen for her (one day). :/

Currently, I planning to collect more Strike Witches, but wanted to complete the goal of having the main cast (although mixed between two companies), but buying more figures is always an option for me. :P

Nice knowing about you lately. Cheers!
2 years ago
Hi man, happy birthday!! :D

Hope you're doing great. This year so far I'm collecting some bounty from Mandarake stores; finding some good stuff I missed out.

Also, some of the new figures had gone crazy with the prices. @___@

Gotta be a little more selective and get primarily from IS, Neptune and Highschool DxD series, which are my priority. I wish I could put some on those recently and nearly released Symphogear figures; maybe something to hunt for the future...

How are you doing lately?
2 years ago
Likemike55 (2 years ago) #18468261Hey Hey! didn't see your post till today xD Not too bad here, still have enough money for this hobby so can't complain haha.
Hmm not as many as I hoped but still quite satisifed. It was good to see Kancolle and Idolm@ster still getting a good amount of new figures. I'd say ITEM #549370 was my unexpected favorite, painted ITEM #464649 was also nice to see. Kimi No Na Wa scales and Nendoroids was a nice surprise from GSC too. And of course plenty of new Saber variants as expected which look quite stunning.
How about yourself? Anything in particular that sparked your interest at Wonfes?

Ah that's fine! Well that's the main thing, so good to hear, haha xD

My expectations for WonFes have dwindled over the years due to being let down multiple times, so while I was actually pretty happy with this one, it's probably due to having pretty low expectations to begin with haha.

I agree that that Shigure is a very nice looking figure, and for me as someone who is weak to megane, it'll be hard to resist. I'm also really happy to see some IM@S love and especially a fully revealed Haruka from Aquamarine ITEM #424628, and prototype for Phat's ITEM #216137, As Haruka is my favourite IM@S girl. Alter's Sachiko ITEM #464655 looks amazing coloured too. Oh yes! I'm so excited for the Mitsuha scale and nendo... Figures of her was the one thing I was really hoping for from this WonFes.

Saekano got a lot of love from GSC and Co. This year as well, and I'm really excited for ITEM #549392. Kokoa nendo ITEM #549357 is also well overdue.
2 years ago
Hey mate, it's been a while! xD How have you been?

Was there many new figures of interest to you at this WonFes?
2 years ago
Likemike55 (2 years ago) #16095996Hey There! Cheers, I love the character designs in SAO especially Sinon.
I see you have Max Factory's Rin and Len, I just ordered them from AmiAmi and am waiting patiently for them to arrive :)

Haha I see, I like Asuna :) and I like Len and Rin figure, they are beautiful but a pain to get out of them out of their box lol
2 years ago
hey :) I like your sword art online figure and sword art online Nendoroid but also your Miku Nendoroid too :)
2 years ago
Likemike55 (2 years ago) #12254731Happy Birthday Buddy, Hope you've been doing well these last few months! Hi, doing just fine, thanks! : D

It's a shame this year I won't be able to travel to Japan to see my friends, still pumping fun on my house project; while keeping up with some fewer pre-orders than usual. But, soon I'll have a pretty neat space for display and to hang out with friends and visitors. : )
2 years ago
Hi man. I hope you're doing just fine.

Happy Birthday and best wishes. : )
3 years ago
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