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If Ben Platt voices a Vocaloid.
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Dear LittlePisces,

Today is going to be a good day and here's why. Because today, at least you're you, and that's enough.

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If you aren't going to sell the figure NIB and are going to keep it, I totally think it's OK to open it up and examine it. Personally I don't think it hurts to do that just to see what the figure is like anyhow. If you're worried about the heat, maybe store it somewhere where it is a little cooler and darker, like a closet, if possible.

And yes! My best friend and I want to plan a trip together. She went with her boyfriend last year and said she loved it even though she is definitely not into anime or anything. They want to go with me and one of his friends ... maybe they'll set me up with him and I'll have a whirlwind romance of my dreams XD
1 day ago
Thank you for requesting!! <3
2 days ago
!! What a joy to see a comment from you. I hope all is well, have you been able to display your figures? Hopefully I'll be good enough to translate songs x) I have been able to recognize some phrases in the Baby Metal I listen to. But right now, just learning adjectives and their conjugations ... わたしはミクハツネがだいすきです〜! (I love Miku Hatsune, lol!)
3 days ago
Hello! No worries and I'm happy to hear that! I finally had a bit more free time so I could work on some blogs again. :) Still got some more stuff to work on, depending on how busy work will be will influence if I get more blogs out soon. :)

Oh wow! Reading that I feel old, haha. I was already a bit 'old' for when Hamtaro showed on TV, still got obsessed with it, it was so cute and wholesome. :) I would be buying Hamtaro figures from the money of my sidejob. :P

Oh! I know Mosogourmet, good stuff! And I love Gordon Ramsay, both as chef and TV personality haha. Did you ever see this one?

Prepare to be confused. xD

I don't know the specific channel(s) for it, but I also like the ones where people do video's of making Japanese DIY kits, and it's mostly silent or with calming music behind it. :)

Just 2 days ago I finished High Score Girl by coincidence! And well, my opinion...mixed. I love all the video game references and that was the reason I continued watching it. The MC however, was really annoying. I ended up watching the second half of the show while folding laundry LOL. I wouldn't really recommend the series to be honest.

For the next anime I will watch I was thinking of starting Mahou Tsukai no Yome or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, did you watch either of them?

Jup jup jup, the Moomins are a Finnish-Japanese co-production! So it was something I bonded over with the Finnish people right away when I came here. When I did my first visit to Finland I bought a Moomin t-shirt, as is tradition LOL.

Oh wow, I really feel like an instigator now seeing your GK loots, haha! You should make a loot blog about them! :D

I like how unique some of the boxes are and it's cool to see you got one of the cheap/forgotten To Heart girls! My favorite of your buys is the cute Konata, is that also the one you plan on doing first considering the deadline? Do you already have all your painting tools ready?

And no problem! It seems like my birthday notification does not always work, as I've heard others say before about not getting it even though they're in my friend list. And yay! Thank you! Tanya is such a cutie! <3 Have planned to do a review of ITEM #604888 in a while! 
15 days ago
Thank you!
25 days ago
Hey! Sorry I have been so busy and all over the place. I'm about to start a 5:30AM summer class every day ... but for Japanese, so I couldn't be happier :D Hope you are doing well stuck inside!
1 month ago
Nawww, don't say that about yourself; I'm sure that every vocaloid fan has done the same thing and introduce their friends to classic vocaloid songs. I've done the same too ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ and it was only just recently that I realized that it's tough for a new person to enjoy Miku's high pitch voice/tone....

I think what inspired me to make that article is to revive the Miku fan fourm and just in case if anyone wants to get into vocaloid song, those are the ones I recommend... though the article needs more work (*≧▽≦)

I like Michie M! That's a good choice imo ^^

And what's your favorite vocaloid songs?

I like Vulpix; that 1/1 scale would be a dream to own but a 1/1 scale Lapras would be a dream (≧∇≦) lol

Wow, ITEM #851311 is very cute! And yup, I'm totally excited for Water Prism! This also caught my attention too, ITEM #668952 from Fuzichoco but not water themed...

And speaking of water themed, you should add ITEM #143923 to your water themed collection~
1 month ago
AHH (^∇^) thanks for the cute gif!!!


And thanks for the FR!!!!
1 month ago
Hi! And yes, ugh. I can't get used to this huge font as well. :/ But I guess we'll just have to live with it.

People have been talking more to me about Zoboomafoo, but it was never aired where I grew up. xD So I've watched some parts, but am not really nostalgic to it.

Oh wow, that is cheap! You should definitely use that discount to make apple pie, apple sauce, apple jam...hrrmm. :) I actually don't follow any YouTube cooking channels. I always prefer to follow written or picture instructions. But uh...I do follow this guy www.youtube.com... . xD It's very cute and relaxing!

Oil is expensive? Huhh things like sunflower oil has always been pretty cheap where I lived. I had no idea it was expensive in other countries!

I recently started watching High Score Girl, but I'm not really convinced yet. Did you watch it?

From your list I have watched Teen Titans (anime style), Samurai Jack (influenced by Japanese culture) and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (Japanese-American co-produced). Although I have to admit the only one I properly remember is Samurai Jack, because I really liked it! I still haven't watched it's newer series though. Where I grew up (the Netherlands) we also had this Japan-coproduced anime series that featured a lot of Dutch culture, it was called Alfred J. Kwak. I think it was only aired in European countries though, but I always was kind of proud the tiny country I'm from had it's own anime-co-production series. xD

You can watch Castlevania even if you have 0 knowledge about the games. :) I still haven't watched season 2 myself, though!
1 month ago
I oddly don't have too strong of an opinion about the site refresh. I feel bad that so many folks appear to hate it but nightmode is a godsend for me and I ultimately prefer the more minimalist approach. My biggest reservation is the demise of comment upvoting and though I hope it'll eventually be restored I'm not holding my breath. The profile page layout will take some getting used to but uh, there's not much going on mine currently so I can't complain! What do you think?

I've been fairing pretty well during the lockdown all things considered. I have a big family at home so the biggest challenge is managing the second hand stress from the rest of the household. I've been keeping to my room most of the time just to have some peace and quiet.

I wouldn't call them "exciting" but I posted a couple of new pics recently. It's hard to get a hold of miniatures and other supplies for dioramas right now, so I'm going to try more outdoor shots. ...If the weather decides to be more cooperative, that is. My thermometer is currently reading 32° F, I'm really getting tired of this cold. -_-
1 month ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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