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Want too many figures... not enough cash or space.
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I'm hopelessly addicted to collecting figures and will be until the day I die. I have a YouTube channel which I have named Eye Candy because I think all my figures are a sweet treat for the eye. I changed the name from Lolipop Gallery to Eye Candy however as far as I can tell I am unable to change my user name on MFC.


Name: Win-chan
Series: OS-tan
Maker: Kaiyodo
MFC Item Page: ITEM #387
2 days ago
Name: Menace
Series: Queen's Blade
Maker: Banpresto
MFC Item Page: ITEM #28896
6 days ago
Name: Sasamori Karin
Series: To Heart 2
Maker: Kotobukiya
MFC Item Page: ITEM #77437
7 days ago
Names: Sumi & Sawai Natsuha
Series: Monobeno
Maker: Queen Ted
MFC Item Page: ITEM #331496
& ITEM #397073
12 days ago
Name: Akiyama Yukari
Series: Girls und Panzer
Maker: Flare
MFC Item Page: ITEM #287976
15 days ago
Name: Kousaka Tamaki
Series: To Heart 2
Maker: Griffon Enterprises
MFC Item Page: ITEM #5460
18 days ago
Name: Asuna
Series: Sword Art Online
Maker: Aniplex
MFC Item Page: ITEM #206805
20 days ago
Name: Asuna
Series: Sword Art Online
Maker: Toy's Works
MFC Item Page: ITEM #236146
20 days ago
Names: Sanya & Eila
Series: The Strike Witches 2
Maker: Alter
MFC Item Page: ITEM #315078
22 days ago
Name: Epicurious Alice
Series: Original Character
Maker: Native
MFC Item Page: ITEM #236217
23 days ago
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