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I'm LolitaGhoul, a teenage anime fan from the UK! Here is a random awkward 'fact-file' about me:

🍁 I love anime and manga!

I don't have any favourites at the moment, but I do love Attack on Titan, Owari no Seraph, Dance with Devils and Haikyuu!

🍁 I love Otome Games and Drama CDs!

My favourite company is Rejet, and my favourite Otome Game is Diabolik Lovers. Consequently, my favourite voice actors are Kaji Yuuki and Hirakawa Daisuke.

🍁 I also love all things horror!

My favourite horror games are Five Nights at Freddy's, Amnesia Dark Descent (not the Otome Game XD) and all horror RPG maker games (Like Mad Father, Misao and Ib)!

🍁 I write fanfiction, and also draw a bit of fanart!

I'm also on Tumblr (the same name as here)!

🍁 YouTube is taking over my life (along with anime)!

Some of my favourite YouTubers are sortedfood, lukeisnotsexy, emmablackery, therealalexbertie and jacksepticeye!

🍁 I am an anime musician!

I love playing pieces from anime on the piano (and clarinet, saxophone and guitar). I also want to play the Cello, French Horn and a double reed instrument (particularly the Cor Anglais).


Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Haha XD
Ahh I'm so glad that you like them! Heartache is really good, and so is Good Goodbye. I love the ending of Good Goodbye where its just him singing notes instead of words.
That's ok I don't mind!! I hope you get better soon! ^.^
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#7039749Ah okay! My Mum usually tells me she's going to help me build
the furniture the next day, but I'm too impatient so I make it myself when we get back from buying it XD
That's awesome! I'm listening to the two songs now and they're really good! As soon as I started listening to Heartache it immediately struck me that it'd be an amazing song to sing, and with Good Goodbye the string (cello?) solo near the middle and then the guitar solo at the end were brilliant - they really fit the song well!
And I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk to you very much as well! I ended up being busy this lunch which was really annoying.... I'm kind of feeling better now, but judging by the fact that I got home and immediately slept for an hour I don't think I'm completely well yet XD
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Yeah, but it's probably due to how many years she has been doing it I think.
Whenever I get Detolfs or other Ikea shelves for my figures my mum always is the one that puts them together or carries them to my room for me XD
She bought me my favourite ONE OK ROCK album yesterday, it's also the same album that stopped my depression. I think you might like these two songs from it so check them out if you have the time:
View spoilerHide spoilerwww.youtube.com...


Sorry I haven't been able to talk to you very much at school, has your illness completely cleared up now? :3
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#7014092Oh right XD
Ah that's so cool! Too bad I only started going to Hyper Japan last year.
Oooh that's awesome!! She must be really skilled. I certainly couldn't make a chair right now (I can barely make IKEA furniture XD) let alone modify / make good quality clothing!
Yeah, I'm sure that'll be fun!
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Oh right, my mum buys me my cosplay and stuff since she knows about clothes sizes and I don't because I never buy clothes for myself.
Thanks! I really miss the old venue, it was such an awesome place with the karaoke and stuff. Hopefully it will be better this year. Seeing Aoi Eir was still a nice surprise though.
Yep! She is very good at all of that, she even made things like a chair when she was about my age and we still use it in the house. She learnt of all of this stuff at boarding school, so she is really good at making things, especially clothes. She always fixes clothes or changes the size or just creates clothes. In Year 7 she made me an amazing Kuroneko cosplay that I ended up not using...
She makes things whenever there is something that needs making. I'm looking forward to learning how to make DD clothes with her when I buy a dollfie dream.
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#6962337Omg yeah XD
Thankyou! When I get enough money I'll probably go looking for them again, although probably not at the moment when I'm spending it all on cosplay XD I really want them to make Mukami plushes as well because I'D KILL FOR AN AZUSA PLUSH AS WELL
Oh right, that's very reassuring! I don't have any figures that I hate atm (except the extra one of ITEM #287920 that I have. Just why would I want to have two of him!?) but if I ever go off one of them, it's good to know I can sell them!
Yayyy and wow, not missing one for 4 years is real dedication :3 I agree that they really need to sort out their venue, because both the summer and winter Hyper Japans were weirdly set out! I can't believe they thought having an outdoor venue for the winter one was a good idea, it was really cold!
Ahhh thankyou my cosplays really are just like that as well, but I just think about who I want to cosplay for a lot of the time and not actually do anything XD The last MCM London's cosplay was ordered basically a week before the con because I was so indecisive on who to go as. I'm glad it all worked out okay and my cosplay arrived in time, though.
That's really awesome! Does your mum like clothesmaking and stuff, then? Does she make things often?
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Yeah the plush toys of characters are so cute! I really love the giant Little Busters ones and the really old Key ones from 2000.
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#6961112Gahhh awesome! He's so cute - I basically love any character if they're in a plush form XD
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Oh ok! I love his glasses, he reminds me of hipster Sonic XD
If you need any help with them then I'm happy to give information about them. I'll check on Surugaya for them too. They had the Laito plush on Amazon.co.jp, I'll check it again and send a link if you would like.
I used to collect many Nendoroids in Year 7 but then I came to terms with being a Key fan and then started to focus my collection on things a bit better. It's fine since it can take a while sometimes ^^ plus if you regret any you can sell them like I did. I had loads of Attack on Titan and Vocaloid Nendos in the past, but now my collection is looking more like my tastes. Although I need to focus on my Key and Sonic stuff more, I'm still really bad at doing that ^^;
Thank you!! Yes I'll be attending hyper Japan, I haven't missed one for four years :D
Hopefully this year they organise it better, since they had a new venue they didn't set it up very well. I'm really into the designs by Kanae and Toranosuke so they make really cool cosplays.
Your cosplay is always so good! I always just buy one and then wear it at the convention, it's not really a proper hobby for me. My mum also makes me cosplay too :D once I get my first Dollfie Dream she is going to help me with all of the custom doll clothes when I start doing face ups and custom dolls of characters that I really like.
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#6961107Thankyou! I've only been taking normal medicine like Paracetamol since the doctor said it'd probably take care of itself!
Ikrrrr! The Kanato plush is so adorable I can't help but hug it all the time XD Cool, I never really thought about those sites and I might look for them on there!
Ahhhh hellpppp I feel myself being dragged into this Touken Ranbu hell even though I've never played ittttt
I am soo tempted to buy the nendoroids but I'm holding myself back (besides, do I REALLY need them? Actually, I probably shouldn't think about that question because I'll convince myself I actually do need them XD
The problem is I don't really have any specific series or category I'm collecting for, and all I know is that Nendoroids are freaking cute so I have no goal and will probably ending up buying loads of stuff I will totally regret!
I don't know if there are any scale figures that I will be ordering anytime soon.... I feel like my Kuroneko scale needs a friend, but I'm not entirely sure WHO yet!
It's great that you're feeling better! :3
Also you definitely didn't write too much; you can write as much as you want, I don't mind! And it's interesting to hear about this stuff that I never would have dreamed of knowing about XD
Ah it's a shame you're not going to May Comic Con, but have fun in New York! Will you be going to Hyper Japan this year, though? As you can tell, I practically live for conventions!
It's awesome that you have all of these obscure characters you want to cosplay since all of the characters on my cosplay list are pretty well known and kinda boring in that way XD I'm probably going to cosplay someone from Haikyuu next even though I haven't been watching Season Two recently (and I feel really bad about that!)... I haven't been watching anime in general recently for some reason - I love it, but I just haven't found the right time when I feel like watching it...
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Also I forgot to say speaking of the Kanato plush I remember I got ITEM #267711 early last year, I don't know why I did... they tend to go up in price slightly afterwards so I'll probably sell him.
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
I hope you feel better soon!! Are you taking medicine for it?
That's awesome news to hear that they have finally arrived, and the Kanato plush is so cuteeeeeee!!!!! You can always pick up things that have already come out on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and Amazon.co.jp usually has most of the DiaLover plushes. They had them the last time that I was on there anyway ^^
Nooooo don't get sucked into Touken Ranbu Nendoroid hell you will never escape it's like Love Live, I barely escaped Love Live with my life last year. Luckily I figured that I'm a visual novel and Sonic fan and that's what I should focus on. Are there any scale figures that you will be ordering? WonFes had a great selection this year and of course there are plenty of cool figures from before that are coming out this year too.
I'm doing much better than last week, thanks for asking, I tend to dip in and out of my depression but I've gotten out of it now and I think I'll be just fine. As for figures there is nothing new for me other than the things I already had on order, and the stuff that I'm waiting for pre-orders of (which isn't very much because the stuff that I like doesn't ever get recognition ^^;)
My wishlist is 90% garage kits too which makes it hard because a lot of Key garage kits are no longer to be seen ever again. I also finally played the visual novels Narcissu and Narcissu Side 2nd, and I would love to have either of the Setsumi garage kits. They were sold many years ago now so I doubt that's possible. The WareMete garage kits haven't been on auction ever since their first time being sold, I actually bid on Airi but lost to a guy using the trick where he automatically bids without being there. I hate it so much. The amount of times I have lost a really rare garage kit due to that dirty trick is ridiculous. The Mashiro Iro Symphony GKs are very easy to find, and only cost about 30,000 yen each or so which is nice. I would love to do Ange when I finally get my first air brush which should be this year if I remember to look into it. Maybe one day I will get my hands on a Sisio Craft GK, that would be a miracle. Any of the SagaPla girls would be wonderful, but my favourite are definitely ITEM #332431 because she is my favourite girl from Hanasaki Work Spring and ITEM #332433 who is my second favourite from Karumaruka Circle. Karumaruka is also my most favourite Saga Planets VN and one of my all time favourite things to exist. It's just a shame that I'm the only person that seems to like these, even the Japanese fans are hard for me to find and I'm the only foreigner it seems that is really into Saga Planets as well as Key. Hontani Kanae and Toranosuke are my favourite visual novels artists outside of Key. There is also Dekinai Watashi ga Kurikaesu too which has even less information since I think Akabei Soft 3's site is just down forever like Trumple.
I'm also very very annoyed at myself for not getting all of the Hanasaki Work Spring and the still available Karumaruka Circle items last year, once the pre-order period for any SagaPla stuff is over then you will never see 99% of them again on the after market.
Most of my goods wishlist if just made up of the SagaPla stuff that I would do almost anything to get my hands on.
Sorry I typed so much about nonsense ^^; I get carried away with all of the VN info that I keep to myself all of the time.
As for cosplay, I always seem to cosplay characters that nobody else seems to, I think in Japan only a couple of the Karumaruka and Hanasaki Work Spring girls were ever cosplayed, so I would like to do almost all of them. I won't be at the May comic con this year due to New York, but I would choose New York over it any day so it's fine. I've been to about 7 comic cons now anyway so I'll just attend the October one. I would love to cosplay Inori ENCYCLOPEDIA #82140 since I think I would look best as her rather than the others. There are a couple of them that I just wouldn't look very good doing at all. Natsuki ENCYCLOPEDIA #53022 is my first choice from Karumaruka too. It would be cool to then do the Kisaragi Gold Star and Hatsuyuki Sakura characters too since those are even older and I don't think anybody at all cosplayed them.
I wrote way too much I'm really really sorry
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#6883748Hi! I'm okay thanks, although I'm still a bit ill! (>_<)
As for figure collecting, I think it's going quite well! I recently received ITEM #248117 and ITEM #248135, who are so adorable! But all this means is that I'm going to have to buy every other Haikyuu nendoroid that comes out XD I've already preordered the two that I can, and another one will probably go on preorder soon....
Aside from Haikyuu, I received ITEM #344921 and HE IS THE CUTEST THING AHHHHH I really want to get all of them now, but sadly I don't think I have the budget to get them ( ; ; )Plus, I probably can't order them anymore....
I'm also debating on whether to preorder ITEM #331760 or not (I have been for several months!). I don't know why I wouldn't want to get her (she is so cute!) but I don't know why I would!
And I don't play the game or anything, but for months I've been obsessing over ITEM #287710, ITEM #287702 and ITEM #287703. I want to get them so badly because I love their designs! I've been reading up on Touken Ranbu and I want to play the game JUST to justify me getting these XD
Unfortunately that's pretty much everything, figure-wise! How have you been doing, by the way?
I really wanted to focus more on cosplaying this year, but I've ended up not doing anything for the past few months... But it's never too late to start and I'm probably going to be ordering new cosplays soon (maybe making some, if I have time which I doubt;;).
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Hello! I should talk to you more on here but I always forget to send a message ^^; How are you? and how is your figure collecting going?
I want to order ITEM #249886 but I'm going to stop myself because I want to focus on Key and Sonic stuff. Broccoli are amazing for making characters from visual novels, in the style of the visual novel, if they are making Sanoba Witch figures then there might be a chance of the first ever SagaPla figure. I would kill for a figure of any character from a Saga Planets visual novel. I even backed their new project that is going to be revealed fully next month, I get a cup and saucer for doing it too. I think I'm the only foreigner who did it, since I figured out a way to use my forwarding service for something that I didn't "order" so that I can get my cup and saucer. They revealed the design the other day, and I'm drawing the character that they have revealed for now. It's nice to see Saga Planets, Key and Sonic are having a good year this year.
Also the payment for ITEM #281649 is next month and I am stoked to finally pay for him. The time between a F4F figure pre-order and the actual release is always quite a few months long and I can't wait to have my first F4F statue. Plus I bought the exclusive version and the chaos underneath him lights up! I'll be picking up the 25th Anniversary Sonic as well as the Silver once their prototypes have been shown and they are on pre-order. Silver comes out on pre-order around my birthday too :D
Sorry I wrote a lot and most of it doesn't make sense ^^;;;;
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
I thought the episode was quite interesting, I'm looking forward to the good parts of the novel to come into play.
I'm also enjoying the PSO2 animation too, it's turning out to be really good. I drew a PSO2 character the other day :D
View spoilerHide spoilerAlso I was planning to show you the songs later but these are my favourite One Ok Rock songs (I've been listening to them since year 7 but never really spoke about it ^^;;):



(I like all of their songs but C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h and Mighty Long Fall are my favourites, they really helped me recently ^^)

Also you might of played this on Osu? It has a good map

I'm not too sure if you like very much rock music but One ok rock also do some quieter songs :3
4 years ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
My bad feelings really kicked in for the past few weeks but I'm feeling a lot better thanks to One Ok Rock ^^
I'm just about to watch it, also last episode was actually very well made, I'm not sure if you knew but the original novel is not called HaruChika (I really don't understand why they changed the name instead of keeping the original) it's called Taishutsu Game, and episode 3's name was also Taishutsu game and they actually played the Taishutsu game that the novels are based on. The main plot of the series is all about Maren. I was surprised to see that nobody picked up on it, I was so shocked when I saw the episode title and immediately paused it to make sure I was looking at it correctly. Sorry for writing so much I don't know how this happened.
LolitaGhoul4 years ago#6231391Hey! How are you?
Oh also have you seen the new episode of HaruChika yet? It's kinda weird XD
4 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


Attack on Titan, Owari no Seraph, Dance with Devils, Haikyuu!
Any Horror/RPG Maker/Otome/Nintendo/Spyro,/Diabolik Lovers Game. And also games like Papers, Please or the Sims (2,3 and 4)! Also Life is Strange.

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