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A dozy listless shoujo,trying to enjoy coolness everyday. Love loli. -.-
Man Shoujo of culture. I believe you understand what I mean. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ Feel free to share your favourite anime with me! Friendly chats are always welcomed!
I'm gonna stop this hobby for a while. Like many others have encountered, my working income has been hugely affected by COVID and so, I have decided not to use too much of my savings on figures and merches. Plus I'm lacking space to keep the boxes too.

What's more I'm kinda tired of looking at figures. Not sure why, but seems like my depression has worsened recently, which causes me losing interest in many things.
Of coz I will still update or add things in the database (as I really love to do this) and watch anime.

Anyway if you wanna chat with me feel free to do so! I'm almost online everyday so don't worry that I won't be answering you.
Super busy dealing with school assignments. Not able to be online everyday but if you wanna talk to me, I'm just a msg away! I'll answer you asap.






Probability - htaM

79% chance of getting them:
ITEM #1081509

48% chance of getting them:
ITEM #872797

42% of getting them:
ITEM #945892

10% of getting them:
ITEM #1036520

-Too lazy to create a list-


6 hours ago
I updated the items that GSC is gonna take over in the article. You can see them all here
BLOG #46854
20 hours ago
I regretted buying the fukubukuro (lucky bag)... T_T
12 days ago
Thanks for the birthday wishes (:
13 days ago
Many Kancolle GKs and goods aren't added into the database...
I guess maybe this is the reason why some think Kancolle is dead?
But undoubtedly Azur Lane is very popular, and many Kancolle players turn to play AL.
View spoilerHide spoilerno offense, but I think many Azur Lane official illustrations are more focused on the boobs and the body instead of the ships and stuff. I know it's for fans service, and the drawings are good too, but personally I prefer artworks of Kancolle.
Kancolle has 'Kai' versions with the girls wearing torn clothes as well, but they aren't as sexualized as that of AL.
I can't help wondering that, if Kancolle becomes AL one day, and companies make figures of girls wearing different sexy outfits, will players turn back to Kancolle again? Hmmm.
13 days ago
Loria1 month ago#91238912A peaceful day with almost no new alerts...Nice
I wish it can be like this everyday

starting 10 alerts right now
1 month ago
A peaceful day with almost no new alerts...Nice
I wish it can be like this everyday
1 month ago
thanks for the comment i wouldn't have known otherwise lolol
1 month ago
View spoilerHide spoilerI have had a strong sense of foreboding recently. Maybe I will encounter sth really bad next month.
It is very unlikely for me to abandon this site, so guys, if I haven't shown up for 2-3 weeks one day (should I use one day here? It sounds weird. Anyway it should be ok as long as you understand what I'm saying), it means some bullshit happen to me. Wish me good luck by that time.
1 month ago
Hi^^ you said that youre tired to look at figures and that you think its because of your depression. I have depressions too and i also quit collecting but I think its not linked to my depression. I think it's just that I'm no longer interested in figures and merch stuff and so on :/ I would like to know how you think about it but its fine when you dont want to talk about your depressions.
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