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Ohai tharrrr! My real name is Lindsay but I'm known online as either LucarioDude, lindsayzzz, Lindsay51 or Lin Pro.

I'm a huge fan of anime and manga and so I've also been interested in collecting anime merchandise. I've become a big fan of nendoroids {they're so freaking adorable!} and I hope to get more in the future.

Anyways, that's some stuff about me! Thanks for visting and happy collecting~ :D
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LucarioDude (4 years ago) #2796414Red is a huge fan favourite though, especially first-gen fans. Red is a badass after all. :D
Oh man that would be great! I seriously hope they do have future plans like the ideas you just stated. GSC TAKE MY MONEY! They'd definitely get heaps of $$$ if they keep adding to this new 'Pokemon nendoroid line' :) But yeah, super excited for Cynthia to arrive in July~

He deserved a Nendo first. v uv~ Without him, who knows where we'd be~

I hope Cynthia turns out great! :D Happy Collecting. ^ ^~ <3
4 years ago
LucarioDude (4 years ago) #2795082Yeah, she's definitely going to sell well. I'm pretty sure she's a fan favourite in Japan. xD
Oh man, I really hope so too! I'm already loving these nendoroids of Pokemon trainers, just so cute and awesome. Haha, petits look nice too. I wouldn't them as petits either but I do prefer regular nendoroids. :P Oh man they would be really cute nendoroids. Ash and his Pikachu of course, I wouldn't be surprised to see one in the future. xD

Absolutely! In fact, I'm almost surprised that Red came before she did. x'D

Petits would be really cool to have in sets of 8, since we'd get all 8 trainers in a region. :D And then the Elite Four and Champion could be larger Nendos, as well as main characters from the games and anime... gah, the ideas are endless~! Hopefully they keep it up, that's the biggest hope, right? x'D It's very exciting. :D You got me psyched!
4 years ago
LucarioDude (4 years ago) #2795049I fanboyed so hard when I first saw that she was getting a nendoroid, she's my favourite female character in Pokemon and also favourite champion, apart from Blue and Steven.
Oh man, I'd love a Blue nendoroid as well. I wonder what Pokemon(s) would accompany him though. Would be cool if it was Arcanine (one of my favourites apart from Lucario of course. xD). Ah yes, N would be awesome too! Make it happen GSC~

Hope she sells well! I bet she will, she has many fans. :D She really is cool. ^w^~

Gah, Steven, I forgot! He needs a Nendo toooo. *o* There are so many great characters! Hopefully Red and Cynthia will be the start of an awesome Pokemon Nendoroid line! Even petits would be welcomed. <3 More welcomed for me personally as I like petits more. x'D I think Satoshi/Ash, Brock, and Misty would make really cute Nendos too. >w<
4 years ago
LucarioDude (4 years ago) #2795017Hai there and thank you! :D
Yeah, I ordered ASAP when I saw him up on AmazonJP. I did the exact same for Cynthia, can't wait to get her in July. :D
Thank you, I sure will. :)

Of course. :'D

That's awesome! Yes, it's so cool Cynthia is getting a Nendo.
I hope Green/Blue gets one, as well as N! ^ ^~
4 years ago
Hello and welcome to MFC~! ~confetti~

You have Red's Nendo! <3 So lucky. >w<

I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun collecting. ^ ^
4 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
4 years ago
Welcome to the board LucarioDude! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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