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Shangri-la - Houjou Kuniko - 1/4 (Heroine Koubou Tanpopo)Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Steins;Gate - Okabe Rintarou - 1/8 (PLUM)Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q - Souryuu Asuka Langley - 1/7 - Jersey ver. (Alter)Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)Amagi Brilliant Park - Moffle - Sento Isuzu - 1/7 (Alter)Plastic Memories - Isla - 1/8 (FREEing)IS: Infinite Stratos - Charlotte Dunois - Laura Bodewig - 1/7 - Nekomimi Pajama (Alter)Steins;Gate - Okabe Rintarou - Nendoroid  (#982) - Kyouma Hououin Ver. (Good Smile Company)Yurucamp - Shima Rin - 1/10 - with Scooter (Alter)Original Character - Creator's Collection - Gal Bunny - 1/6 (Native, Pink Cat)




Hello to all.
As a teenager, I was also fascinated by films of Eastern culture, among other things. Later in my digitalization period, however, a turnaround occurred. Probably a short video with excerpts from 'Evangelion' and the appropriate percussive background of the German band, made me an idea - lets try something new, an interesting animes with the unique graphic moving video content, permeated with eastern culture. So I started, although I could rarely watch them. That's why I searched even more for topics and content later.

All this eventually leads to the purchase of the first figure (09/04/2018 - ITEM #166817), which I was very excited about. The excitement, the mostly unexpected appearance of the products, the continuity of watching anime and the still present love for Eastern traditional culture lead me into a whirlwind of further purchases.

I'm fascinated by strong recognizable anime characters with a good story and well-designed 'mid-price range' figures. I even don't defend myself against buying OC's, as long as they meets my criterias. In addition, I started adding nendoroids and merchandises, which will be on the sidings.
The immense 'rabbit hole full of goodies' can be dangerous place to be, like Alice in Wonderland. That's why I don't recommend the hobby, but if you really like something, eventually something can happen that's inevitable...

I love friendly conversations, giving productive opinions and collecting experiences in this community. At this point, please bear with me for possible language errors X), slower responses, or my opinions that some may not take with approval.
Warning: I can't stand anyone's bad behavior anymore - appropriate action follows.

I also like photography, so I take pictures and comment on my figures! If possible, I strive


for true statements and stated personal opinions. Ratings of my figures are thus based on first impression (unsealed or still sealed - checked contents only) and are not reflected in terms of price unless otherwise stated. These may therefore change slightly up or down, as some will only be gradually unpacked at some point in the future... ;)!
I am also flirting with the idea of presenting figures ... when I'll be more confident XD (language barriers).

Regarding favorites: Only those artists and companies are mentioned, of which I have at least 5 items (or know about them) and are great products for me! Only characters I know and love (anime / manga) will be mentioned. I won't go too much into the origins... I'll just mention a few that caught my eye...

With the beginning of '22, I am becoming more picky, so I enforce the new collection rules as much as possible:
- Focusing on scale figures, mainly from 1/7th to 1/5th (with exceptions)
- Figures of characters I know and I like a lot
- Only one figure per character, except for a few favourites
- Focusing on generally quality crafted figures that are unique, to my taste, and based as much as possible on the source material (anime, illustrations, manga ... with some exceptions if I love the design)
- Priced below 25k (with exception (character I addore, design))

During this time of collecting, I have also accumulated some good and bad experiences with stores (Japanese or EU) and I list only some in order that are still worth mentioning:
- AmiAmi, Yorokonde ... CDJapan is out due to shipping issues!

IMPORTANT NOTE: And last but not least, check out my ADD section and let me know if there's anything you like or are interested in buying.

Also My Figures not shown in MFC (ordered/owned):
#1 Houkai Impact 3rd: Seele Vollerei Anniversary Ball 1/8 PVC / MIHOYO
#2 Arena of Valor Diao Chan 1/7 PVC / HOBBY MAX
#3 Iron Saga Judith 1/8 PVC / MYETHOS
#4 ♡ King of glory Zhen Ji: Peony Pavilion 1/7 PVC / MYETHOS
#5 ♡ Honkai Impact 3rd Yea Sakura - Shinen Sakimitama 1/8 PVC / MIHOYO
#6 ♡ Honkai Impact 3rd - Yea Sakura - Mandarin Gown 1/8 PVC / MIHOYO
#7 ♡ Honkai Impact 3rd - Raiden Mei Eternally Pure 1/8 PVC / MIHOYO
#8 Kidou Sentai Iron Saga Teresa 1/7 PVC / RIBOSE
#9 Girls Frontline OTS-14 Crassula Volkensii 1/8 PVC / REVERSE STUDIO
#10 Kidou Sentai Iron Saga Teresa Hanayome 1/7 PVC / ANIMESTER
#11 ♡ Arknights Blaze 1/7 PVC / APEX
#12 ♡ Genshin Impact Ningguang Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade 1/7 PVC / APEX-MIHOYO
#13 ♡ Houkai Impact 3rd - Yae Sakura Dream Raiment 1/8 PVC / APEX
#14 ♡ Genshin Impact Keqing Driving Thunder 1/7 PVC / APEX
#15 Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust China Dress 1/7 PVC / MEDIUM5
#16 Houkai Gakuen Seele Vollerei Shippo Yuri 1/7 PVC / ANIGAME
#17 Dolls Frontline - PA-15 Bizzare - Tororo Mochi 1/7 PVC / HOBBYMAX
#18 ♡ Arknights - Surtr Magma 1/7 PVC / MYETHOS
#19 King of Glory Gongsun Li: Jing Hong Dance 1/7 PVC / MYETHOS
#20 Girls’ Frontline OTs-14 Purple Rain Heart Heavy Damage Ver. 1/8 PVC / REVERSE STUDIOS
#21 ♡ Arknights Lappland Promotion 2 Premium 1/7 PVC / APEX
#22 ♡ Honkai Impact 3rd Elysia Miss Pink Ver. 1/7 / APEX
#23 ♡ Douluo Continent Xiao Wu Lifelong Protection ver. 1/7 / MYETHOS
#24 ♡ [Bonus] Girls' Frontline OTs-14 Ruler of the Banquet Ver. 1/7 / APEX TOYS

Officially Licensed Anime Figures | Shipped from the UK | International Shipping | Imported from Japan


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