This is why I don't have money *^*
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Hello! Your inbox is full, just wanted to ask for an update about our deal for the Granblue Fantasy Colorfull Collect figures o/ hope you have a good day
1 year ago
Hi, you asked about the Rem figure. I can't reply back to your message because your inbox is full. If you're still interested, please PM me with your paypal so I can send you an invoice. Thank you
1 year ago
Hi, your inbox is full so I couldn't reply, the pictures are abit blurry if there's no scratches or paint falling off pm me your paypal. Thanks
1 year ago
Domdras Anta Baka
Hi hi! It looks like your inbox was full so I couldn’t send you a reply! But I would like to buy the erio figures! I’ll pm you my PayPal just lemmy know when I can! Thanks :D
2 years ago
Great collection! :)
3 years ago
Heya! I made the thread: thread/15036
3 years ago
Hi hun, please check your inbox!
4 years ago
Happy Birthday!
4 years ago
T-dawg Fictional Idols are the death of
Ill try haha but u know how hard it is im sure of that and i insta-preordered that Isla-figure as well! hahhahahahaLunaria5 years ago#3474146Don't go to crazy :) some stuff does get postponed and out currency exchange rate is a bit crazy right now just be aware things might change ^^
5 years ago
T-dawg Fictional Idols are the death of
Thank you! ive recently preordered from Amiami after your suggestion and so far ive saved up alot compared to the other site! :DLunaria5 years ago#3472468I pretty much get everything from AmiAmi and Nippon Yasan
5 years ago
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