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Hello, I'm LuxVulpi! Thanks for stopping by my profile.

I started collecting figures some time in 2010. My collection began with figma Konata and figma Nanoha, and it has continued to grow and diversify more every year. Even so, my collection is pretty small, but that makes each new addition all the more exciting.

My desire to collect stems from my love of anime and all of the wonderful stories and characters it brings. Some of my favorites include Madoka Magica, the Monogatari Series, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I also love Kantai Collection, Touhou Project, and the Fate series.

That's all for now! Always feel free to drop me a message or comment.

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010 days agoNausicaKusuriuriNausicaKusuriuri
Hello! nice to meet you! ^^ I see that you own this item item #610285; could you say to me where did you order him, please?
Thank you very much =)
03 months agoAlminaAlmina
LuxVulpi (3 months ago) #22457242Thanks for the FR! Love your Fate collection.

Hello, thanks for accepting! Love your collection, too! ♡.♡
02 years agoanimereianimerei Loves ZeXal too much
Thank you!!LuxVulpi (2 years ago) #2522724Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day! :)
03 years agoanimereianimerei Loves ZeXal too much
LuxVulpi (3 years ago) #2239697Nice to meet you too, and thank you for the friend request! I always love meeting new people who enjoy this hobby.You're welcome! I agree, I have friends that enjoy anime but none of them are big figure fans. It's nice to be able to meet other collectors! :)
03 years agoanimereianimerei Loves ZeXal too much
Hi there! I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog and for accepting my friend request! It's nice to meet you! :>

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