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Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- 2nd - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Mikuzukin (Max Factory)Sengoku Bushouki Muramasa - Himejijou - 1/350 (Max Factory)Pocket Monsters X - Pocket Monsters Y - Absol - Pokécen Plush - Pokémon Center Standard Plush - Mega Absol (Pokémon Center)Pocket Monsters - Diancie - Poké Doll (Pokémon Center)Wixoss - Umuru - Souzou no Kaginushi Umuru=Fyra - 1/7 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)Touken Ranbu Online - Juzumaru Tsunetsugu - 1/8 (Orange Rouge)Original - Benichou Hoteri (Flare)Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? - Anko - Kirima Syaro - Wild Geese - 1/7 - Kaitou Lapin (Anime University COOP, Stronger)Machikado Mazoku - Shadow Mistress Yuuko - 1/7 (Kotobukiya, Medicos Entertainment)GOOD SMILE Racing - Type-Moon Racing - Altria Pendragon - 1/7 - Racing Ver. (Good Smile Company)Fate/Grand Order - Altria Pendragon - 1/7 - Rider, Alter (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)Pocket Monsters Shield - Pocket Monsters Sword - Wanpachi - Life Size Plush - Pokécen Plush - Pokémon Center Standard Plush - 1/1 (Pokémon Center)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - ArtScale - Bust - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu -Monogatari wa To be continued-  (A Prize) - 1/3 (Bandai Spirits)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Ram - ArtScale - Bust - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Yorokobi nasai, Ryoutenihana tte Yatsu yo  (A Prize) - 1/3 (Bandai Spirits)Original - Creator's Collection - Mauve - 1/6 (Native, Rocket Boy)Pocket Monsters - Ponyta - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for you ~Dramatic Collection~  (B Prize) - Galar Form (Bandai Spirits)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia - ArtScale - Bust - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu -Anata, Seirei no Shukufuku ga Arimasu you ni-  (A Prize) (Bandai Spirits)Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation - Sakuraba Neku (Taito)Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation - Misaki Shiki - Nyan-tan (Taito)Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian - 1/8 - Yi Ling Lao Zu Ver. (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)



My Love Affair with Anime:
My love for anime started after I watched Fushigi Yugi with a group of friends in middle school. Some of my all time favorites are Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Chobits and Claymore. A couple of the more recent animes I've really enjoyed are Love Live School Idol, Inu x Boku SS and AnoHana.

Figure Collecting:
I have been collecting figures for about 13 years starting with gashapon and graduating to scale figures. The first figures I ever bought was a gashapon set from .hack//sign.

I love figures that have wings, kimonos, or a dynamic pose! Sometimes I tend to buy figures from series I'm unfamiliar with just because they're pretty. My goal for MFC is to contribute articles and ideas that are really helpful to everyone. I do a lot a research on the figures I buy so feel free to ask me any questions.

Other Interesting Facts:
On the side, I enjoy writing young adult novels and making polymer clay figurines usually of anime characters. Occasionally, I do cosplay. Characters I've done are Yuna from FFX-2, Miku Hatsune, Lara Croft.

I've traveled all over the world and been to Japan multiple times. My strangest experience in Akihabara was having a snack in a maid cafe with only minimal Japanese skills.

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MFC: profile/Lyncfs/... Also check for some on my profile.



Thank you very much for accepting my dear friend, I send you a big hug.
(੭。 ╹▿╹。 )੭
5 months ago
Nice, I still order almost every nsfw tapestry he and his wife is currently doing for the magazine
6 months ago
Thank you, glad you liked the review. It's a pleasure to put some light on pretty obscure figures like these and let collectors know when it's worth it. Indeed this Rei statue seems pretty less owned/known than Asuka's. She must have become hard to find unfortunately. I even don't find other pictures on the web except of the prototype. Congrats for owning the 1/4 Asuka, this is a masterpiece!
6 months ago
Thank you for the friend request. Your collection is amazing!
6 months ago
Bit late, but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had some nice cake!

10 months ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hi. Sorry, I have a correction. Shipping from SJ was only ¥4100, so maybe about $45 at the time.
11 months ago
It's a happy happy happy birthday for you!

1 year ago
Bought Onmyoji Jr from them came super fast and was in fantastic condition!!!
2 years ago
Bought ITEM #872686 from this seller recently and it was just as described, shipped quickly and was well packaged, Thanks!
2 years ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Recently bought a figure with this seller and everything went great. Seller was quick with responses, shipping was quick and entire transaction was safe and smooth. Would do business with again!
2 years ago


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