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Adding Items to the Database
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JAN Codes Tutorial
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What are MOE Points?
View spoilerHide spoiler"Coined in Japan in the late '90s, "Moe" (萌え, pronounced as "Mo-Eh", derived from a Japanese word that means "budding, to sprout/bloom") is an ill-defined otaku term that means, amongst other things, "cute", "huggable", or "endearing". To be moe, a character can be eager or perky, not overly independent, and call forth a desire in the viewer to protect them and nurture them. The term is also used to describe any preciously cute item; there is an animal mascot character store in Tokyo called Moe.

A common definition is that Moe is the ability of a character to instill in the audience an irrational desire to adore them, hug them, protect them, comfort them, etc. To evoke a sort of Big Brother Instinct, in men and women."

So MOE points are essentially individual characteristics about a character makes them appear as "Moe", such as glasses, a particular hairstyle, a personality trait, an ahoge, et cetera.


How to use my nifty notes template
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Price (¥): 7120
Price ($): 63.77
Shipping (¥): 13400/4
Shipping ($): 120/4
Condition: NEW
2017 Release

This is my example note for ITEM #331518. Store/retailer and price in USD (or your native currency) is already set on the main figure entry, but price in JPY as well as shipping price information cannot be entered in the main figure entry. So, input the price you paid in JPY, then enter how much you paid in dollars/native currency after conversion (or use a currency converter adjusted to relevant date), then put the shipping price in yen divided by the number of figures in the same shipment, and do the same for the dollar shipping entry. Next, input the item condition (NEW for new items or A/B format for preowned items. Finally, enter the year of release (and month if you fancy that).

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Winter WonFes 2017 Blogs
BLOG #31869 (Update list)
BLOG #31932 (Announcements list)

Best Buys

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ITEM #549715 *
ITEM #549589 *
ITEM #549664 *
ITEM #549658 *
ITEM #549454
ITEM #549453
ITEM #396928 *
ITEM #396927 *
ITEM #543899 *
ITEM #543900
ITEM #549355 *
ITEM #549564 *
ITEM #549563 *
ITEM #549539
ITEM #549543
ITEM #549405
ITEM #540353
ITEM #549836
ITEM #549838
ITEM #549835
ITEM #549840
ITEM #549837
ITEM #549839
ITEM #549862
ITEM #549444
ITEM #549370
ITEM #549415
ITEM #549383
ITEM #548304
ITEM #549363
ITEM #549407
ITEM #549394
ITEM #549387
ITEM #549381
ITEM #549422
ITEM #549420
ITEM #549689
ITEM #549437
ITEM #549592
ITEM #549367
ITEM #549371
ITEM #549374
ITEM #549502
ITEM #549503
ITEM #549486
ITEM #549489
ITEM #549687
ITEM #549588
ITEM #549644

ITEM #457060 *
ITEM #457055
ITEM #457057 *
ITEM #549591
ITEM #548711 *
ITEM #548307 *
ITEM #457101
ITEM #331480
ITEM #549397
ITEM #549237
ITEM #549360


* = Items with asterisk are must buys
MOE Point(s)
Maid, tsundere, petite, blush, glasses/nerdy girls, blue hair, pink hair
Hard Rock, Metal, Ska, Grunge, post-grunge, Latin Music, Game OST
Nikon D3200
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MC707 (1 year ago) #21939619Just dropping by to say I love your collection.
Thank you! You have an awesome collection as well.
1 year ago
MC707 (1 year ago) #21794249I thought so, since you were typing in German to that other fellow I imagined shipping for the box would cost as much as getting a new one anyway.
And I hear ya about the boxes. I recently hit the limit on storage space so just this weekend I've been super busy setting up my first detolf and opening my figures for the first time! I care too much about the boxes so I'm planning on flattening them (without damaging them, they are designed to be folded down) and storing them separately from the blisters, the latter of which will really be the space hog. Wanna check some pictures when I'm done?
You also have some figures I want so bad, among them these are on my impossible grail list.
ITEM #427589
ITEM #427588
ITEM #12841
ITEM #199818

Yes, that's it. :)

Yeah, sure. I thought about doing that, too, but I fear I wouldn't gain any space. And have a problem with finding the right blister for a box. xD

If you have no resentiments against ebay and used status, at least the Rei-figures are available. :3

Look here for example: www.ebay.de/itm... She's even new. ö.ö

The shipping though is expensive, as always. -_-
1 year ago
MC707 (1 year ago) #21645271Hey there Kendappa. I just read your post about Rei and her broken peg and I feel so awful. It's not as bad as your Olivia, which I also just read about when I visited your user page, but you're definitely in a bad streak of luck :(.
Since you don't have the box of your Rei, I was thinking you could have the box of my Project Racing Eva Rei so you at least have the complete set. What do you think?

Hello MC707!

Ah well, I did it myself - I don't know how. Don't feel bad.

I got an Asuka from the same line used with exact the same damage, so maybe be careful if you handle yours. Seems to be a common problem because... if you want to put them back in their boxes you just have to pop them off their bases. Dunno, I just wiggled her gently up and "crack"! Like soft plastic.

That's very kind of you, thank you very much. :) But I guess the shipping costs would be too much and to be honest I don't even know where to stack the boxes that are incoming soon. 8D And if I'm thinking about the new Olivia's box... where will I put it... ö_ö''''

I just browsed through your collection - very cool! You have many figures I really like. :3
1 year ago
MC707 (1 year ago) #18678021I didn't want to spam the female survey thread so I'm posting here. I agree so much with your choice, Shantae is awesome and it was pretty underrated, though I've noticed she's had more recognition (I saw her game on the 3DS store). I'd buy a scale figure of her for sure

I think it's only a matter of time. I played 'The Pirate's Curse' and it was both immensely fun and challenging. They've already had another sequel since then and probably more on the way.
1 year ago
For ur yami figure from alphamax, is the head removable? In other word does this figure needs to be assemble?
2 years ago
MC707 (2 years ago) #11230507If you throw boxes out then you are far from a hoarder. What wrapping papers do you mean, though? Maybe you are one of us.
I thought I'll answer you here instead of spamming Tiamat26's blog comments XD I guess I am a bit of a hoarder because I would've kept all my figure boxes if I had the space and if I weren't so paranoid about cockroaches >_< And I still have a lot of stuff from when I was a kid like toys, books, magazines and whatnot. Wrapping papers like the ones used to wrap birthday and Christmas gifts. Also those clear plastics with adhesives from artbooks ^^ Silly I know but I keep them just because. Even those wrap arounds and advertisement that comes with the CDs and books (I have a whole stack of them). And I collect price tags of books and other fancy designed tags from clothes and wallets. *weak laugh* Omg I am a hoarder...
2 years ago
Oh that's awesome! :3
Yeah I do have crunchyroll ❤️ It is heaven for me lol what's your username for it? :o

MC707 (2 years ago) #7834509If you wanna talk about anime or figures hit me up! :> Do you have crunchyroll?
2 years ago
MC707 (2 years ago) #7652706I would throw money at my screen so fast for a Rei at this figure's caliber. Lets pray to the figure gods tsubaki. Will do MC.

Been praying hard for a Rei of Asuka's ITEM #186848.
2 years ago
MC707 (2 years ago) #7652765Yes I love Evangelion! I know which figures you're talking about, I'm crazy about them but I can wait a bit. I just got the Kotobukiya Rei and Mari, and the Koto Asuka is on the way. But I also just got one of my grails ITEM #195021 I'm ecstatic.
Anyway, I wish I could share with friends of our age IRL. At least I could tell you lol. You know fig collectors where you live?

Nice, those look like great figures! Unfortunately, I do not know any figure collectors in my area. Would be nice if I did though.
2 years ago
MC707 (2 years ago) #7498300Nice to meet you. I deeply envy your Asuka, you totally made the right call buying her. I hope for my wallet's sake that she get's re-released or my pocket is gonna have a huge hole lmao.

Nice to meet you as well. Saw you on the Myethos Club page :) Noticed you're quite the Evangelion fan. I hope to own the Asuka and Mari 1/6 Scale figures from Max Factory one day, but they're so expensive now!
2 years ago
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