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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1450

Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 2421

Thinking about selling/trading ~Part 1~450



Note regarding selling/trading:
I am currently downsizing my collection and selling a huge amount of figures and merchandise! For feedback and currently active sales you can check out my eBay www.ebay.com/us... or send me a message on here if something from my selling lists catches your eye!

Since 2022 I have been focusing more on garage kits and other crafts. I post about that on MFC as well, but for all the videos and socials, please check out linktr.ee/craft... .

Regarding friend requests: There is a friends limit on MFC of 300 friends. Whenever I get new friend requests I have to remove older friends. This means it can take a while for me to react on new requests.


Hello! My name is Maakie, originally from the Netherlands and nowadays living in Finland. I'm a huge fan and collector of Baccano! and I try to get my hands on everything from this franchise! My other great loves are Mecha Musume (where I especially love the older designs of Humikane Shimada) and Dorohedoro. I also have a soft spot for everything from Chrono Crusade, artist POP, Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 and Duel Monsters, Nurse Witch Komugi and horror games and movies. Next to that I still have some side-collections that are dear to me and hard to let go of!


In my free time I like working on all kinds of crafts, buying stuff for this hobby, DDR/Stepmania, games, reading, writing, photography,(J-)fashion, hanging out with friends, visiting theme parks, museums and traveling to all kinds of places I've never been before.


In the past, I used to be a huge collector, buying almost anything I liked. Nowadays these are my collecting goals:
- Baccano!
- Dorohedoro
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older Mecha Musume works and Strike Witches
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Evil Within)
- Vampire + demon girls
- Moetan, POP works/designs in general and items from ElectromagneticWave
- Nurse Witch Komugi and other Akio Watanabe works
- Chrno Crusade
- Ymir from Queen's Blade
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the first game)
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita
- Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform


This also means I'm selling/trading a lot of items I used to have in my collection that don't fit these criteria anymore. Please check out
Selling or trading:
LIST #14643
LIST #96871
Thinking about selling or trading:
LIST #45514
LIST #57698
LIST #200550
which will get a lot of updates!


Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (listed most that are in the database, but have a long list of things I should add myself).
- List all the art books I own (work in progress).
- Index my t-shirt collection and also add it on here.
- Make proper lists for the main franchises I collect from and also display them on my profile.


I like to write articles about the crafts projects I do, loots and unboxing figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: profile/Maakie/...


My buying logic is as following:


Because I tell myself:
1) They're worth it for their rarity.
2) When will I see them on sale again??
3) Being able to directly support an artist on sites like Booth.

~Let me use this last bit of my profile to show off my favorite anime character!~

Jacuzzi from Baccano! is tough, kind and a person you can rely on, everything one can aspire to be.

Together with his girlfriend Nice they are my favorite anime couple. Feel free to talk to me about Baccano! at any time, I can never stop rambling about this franchise.


You will open a can of worms though


Thank you for accepting!! Love to see people who like shows like dorohedoro and made in abyss :3 You've also got so many figures I'd be interested in... is every figure on your selling lists still available or are they not up to date? :o
11 days ago
Wahhh hi Maakie! I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long. Life just got in the way. Tbh it's still in the way. But I hope you're doing well! Thank you for the birthday wishes!
1 month ago
Thanks for accepting! I was lucky to secure Konata as I also missed out on mom as well!
1 month ago
Thank you very much! ^_^
1 month ago
Heeyyy that's so sweet! Thank you for the wishes! And I love that pokemon, also! ❤️

Ill write you soon :)
1 month ago
Oooh dat klinkt inderdaad wel leuk. :D Finland (alsmede Denemarken, Noorwegen, Zweden en IJsland) staan allemaal wel op mijn rijtje om eens te bezoeken. Zal alleen wel even duren gezien ik dus niet wil reizen ivm mijn katten. Gelukkig is binnen Europa niet zo ver.

Wel nice dat die artst toevalling nog wat plekken heeft om aan een bestaande tattoo te werken. Snap wel dat je voor een volgende een andere artist uit gaat zoeken, dit lijkt mij ook erg stressvol.

Mijn tattooplannen zijn vooralsnog alleen plannen. Ik twijfel vooral gewoon heel erg over waar, wat en door wie. Maar hey, geen haast.
1 month ago
I only buy DLCs or games that don't have physical copies from the PS Store. Even if a game I want has a huge discount I still won't buy it, I'd rather pay more and buy a copy I can display.

I think so too unfortunately. I dread the day when all games will only be available in digital format but it will happen eventually. The digital edition consoles are kind of a test run I think. It's too bad since with a physical copy I feel like I actually own something while with a digital copy I feel like I'm just lending it from someone, I can't actually touch and hold it and say "hey this is mine, I worked hard for it" I don't know if it makes much sense but this is the feeling I'm getting.

I'll usually try demos for horror games on Steam. I like to check the atmosphere and sound to see if it will be truly terrifying. This way I had luck in weeding out not so scary horror games.

Yeah, I'll keep the game sealed because the value keeps getting higher, but I won't sell it either way. Silent Hill games are pretty expensive too, even if they're unsealed. That PC copy you have of Silent Hill 2 is a gem!
I have Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut, 3, 4 and Origins for the PS2. I have Homecoming and Downpour too for the PS3 but they're less expensive. I don't have Shattered Memories but I'd love to own it. I played it on my modded PS2 as there was no other way to play it back then. Such games were very expensive for a 2nd year college student. I tried finding it afterwards but by that time its price skyrocketed.

Ugh, damn...2 times in a row? That really sucks :( It seems this is a gamble with old figures, you never know under what condition they're being kept in.

Yeah, I agree with you. I hate how most companies don't have any respect for their current workforce. They just use people and then let them go once they ask for higher salary or promotion.
How can those kind of companies expect people to take them seriously is beyond me...

Of course, I love working out :D I work out 5 days a week for 1.5 hours each time. I do weightlifting for strength and muscle building, yoga/pilates for flexibility and balance and Muay Thai/jumping rope for cardio and conditioning.
I do all of this at home. I don't like the idea of going to a gym. I mean it's a good thing but it's not for me.
I like to work out by myself and at home it's free XD I don't have to pay high membership fees.
Also, I'm the type who drinks a ton of water every day and because of this I sweat like crazy during workout sessions. It's much better to take a shower in your own home afterwards than in a public space.
It's a good thing you got back to working out after your health issues. It takes a lot of determination to keep working out but even greater determination is needed to start again.

Year round warm weather is nice indeed but just as you said it can be breeding ground for bacteria.
If we wanted to move anywhere else we would only move to Japan. That's not gonna happen though. We're pretty much settled in here and in some regard we are similar to how Asians are. Usually Asians grow up with multiple generations in one household. That's also true for Eastern European countries while in Western countries young people move out fairly early on.
We might have a corrupt government and occasional bear problem but at least it's safe, we don't have any natural disasters, venomous animals and all kinds of insects and shit which spread weird diseases in our region.

I checked out Duolingo and you are right. The Hungarian language lesson is a bit awkward. The phrases and words are correct but the way they're structured is too formal, not a lot of Hungarians speak that way XD

Ah, interesting. I'll have to look at written examples. I heard how the Dutch language sounds multiple times as I've seen some interviews with Pieter van den Hoogenband. I like to watch competitive swimming and he was one of my favorites back in the day.

Obviously bunnies make many people happy or else companies wouldn't make them anymore. Well 15000 yen and the huge size are probably worth it for characters you like.

I'm sure not only kids and teens use tik tok but they make up the overwhelming majority of users. For example where I live people in their 30s rarely use tik tok thankfully.
For sure, raising a kid in these times has to be a nightmare. There's only so much parents can do to prevent them to get negatively influenced by the dark side of social media and other bad stuff.

Askeladd is the goat in Vinland Saga for sure :D The bloody action and him made the first season superior IMO.
Ooh I love Record of Ragnarok, awesome over the top show just how I like it. There are so many cool character designs too. My absolute favorite is Shiva, god what a hot character :3 Too bad the animation is subpar...probably my only gripe with the show.
I used to watch WWE so I know you're accurate with the comparison XD

I agree, I like the short batches more. The downside is you usually have to wait a year or more for the anime to continue but on the bright side as you said we have better animation and no boring fillers.
Do yourself a favor and don't watch Konosuba LOL I don't usually watch comedy anime either but if I do it's usually some over-the-top nonsense gag humor show.
For example shows like Papuwa, My bride is a mermaid, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Prison School, Air Gear, School Rumble, Good Luck Girl, Mashle had me laughing constantly. I just can't laugh at mild comedies like sitcoms and such.

Well as much as I like the shounen genre I agree there are some generic shows out there.
Out of the 2 you mentioned I like Jujutsu Kaisen more, there are more badass characters, it's darker in tone and has awesome animation overall.
When I started watching My Hero Academia I was invested at first. It was exciting especially with the introduction of villains but after a couple of seasons it got repetitive. Now every season is 80% school tournament and 20% actual story development. I'm more invested in certain characters than the story at this point.
Nothing can top JoJo and Hunter x Hunter in my book. My 3rd favorite anime of all time isn't a shounen though, it's a seinen called Golden Kamuy. It's such a unique anime with interesting morally grey characters...and lots of weird shit and I mean weird AF XD
If I had to choose my holy trinity of weird shit anime it would have to be JoJo, Golden Kamuy and Baki XD

Well each to their own :3 Shows like Mecha Musume and Strike Witches are not for me because I'm not a fan of shows with overwhelming female casts. I prefer male characters or at least an 80-20% ratio usually.

It will be a while until the OHSHC nendos ship for us since we ordered them with others who'll be available in December. The two guys are enough to represent the series for me. I like the series it was a fun watch but it's nowhere near my top 20 so that's all the space I can spare for this anime :3

Wow, those figures look great! Hopefully the end product will be just as good.
No, I played Yakuza 1+2 waaay back on the PS2. Parts 3+4+5 I played on PS3. Speaking of Yakuza, have you seen the recently announced nendos? :D I immediately added Kiryu and Majima to my wishlist. Now if only they made one of Akiyama (won't happen though...) The only cute figure of him is most probably cancelled... ITEM #658002

Also, I bet you've seen the Leon prototype too, finally! :3

I feel like many Japanese games were misunderstood because of anime like humor in the past back when anime wasn't so popular. This is why games like God Hand, Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw were widely criticized and didn't do so well. They all had and still have their dedicated fanbases though.

Oh SlipKnoT is my nr. 1 band and has been ever since I first started listening to them in 9th grade so a good 20 years ago (gosh, time sure flies :") ) It's interesting trivia , I did not know that :D but I'm not surprised since the masks do look like something SlipKnoT members would consider wearing XD ( one of these days my husband and I'll get to watching Dorohedoro too )
Music from the last 20-30 years is exactly what I need :D as my favorite genres are nu-metal, industrial metal, metalcore and besides that I like some old school electronic music. Like The Matrix and (old) Mortal Kombat movies have, for example:
1 month ago
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Awwwww thank you ❤️

I mean there's no rush, not like he'll run away. What are you working on currently?
2 months ago
Thank you for the bday wishes! ♡
2 months ago
thank you !!!! ^__^
2 months ago


33 years old
Project Manager
Baccano!, Dorohedoro, Chrno Crusade, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Made in Abyss, Death Note, Kaiji, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original series and Duel Monsters), Strike Witches, Moetan, Nurse Witch Komugi
Mainly light novels and thrillers
Almost everything as long as I like the story/setting/environment, although I mostly play (survival)horror-games. Favorite franchises: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Manhunt, Stepmania/DDR, Crystal Chronicles, Evil Within & Viva Pinata
MOE Point(s)
Mecha Musume, Androgynous, Tomboy, GNC, Nice Thighs/Legs, Shorts, Military, Uniforms, Belts, Long robes/capes, Ribbons, Bandages/Plasters, small character with big weapon(s), characters older than they look and characters that seem cute, but are not!
Almost all types of electronic music, (alternative) rock and many game- and animesoundtracks! Favorite band: Gorillaz
Sony Alpha A5100 (extensive shoots) + Canon IXUS 100IS (simple shoots) + smartphone camera (WIP/quick shoots)
Desktop: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 3,2 GHz (3,6 GHz Turbo Boost), GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.0), Corsair 2x16 GB DDR4-2666 Kit, Laptop: Lenovo Legion + Personalized Sony VAIO


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