If it's mini or cartoony, I'll love it <3
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Hi! :) I'm Madi! I love mini figures. I also really love cartoony/stylized figures that take liberties with their designs (Panty and Stocking is ok but the aesthetics are so nice I can't help love their figures, lmao). I never have any money so I do a lot of wishing :( But I'm hoping that someday I'll be able to buy whatever little figs I want and display them in a cute little case over my workspace! One day my dream will come true! x\

Also I don't have any intentions of becoming a "big time figure collector"... I just wanna own the ones that make me happy :)


Hold on, I'm busy being sad about being too broke to buy the Marina and Pearl figmas :'(((
11 months ago
I really hope they make a Cartoony Luka figure... I'd buy it in a HEARTBEAT!! ❤❤
1 year ago
I just bought my first miku figure and I'm soo excited for her! When I saw this toon design I knew immediately that I had to have her lol xD

I had almost missed the preorders- I was locked out AS I was ordering one on BigBadToyStore. But I found it in stock on Play Asia and I quickly snagged one! Now I just have to endure the 3-5 week wait... ._.
1 year ago
I can't find the entry for one of my figures. I got it off ebay without the original box so I can't find the right terms to search for it
3 years ago
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