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In search of a cute centaur girl to build a life together with.
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This collection is being built by two people. Building the collection as a team is a lot more fun than doing it alone!

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I am FREAKING OUT. Thank you SO!!! much for posting that DeDeDe figure on the page! I have wanted it so bad as a grail (I love Asano) but just hadn't wanted to pull the trigger at the exorbitant prices preowned I had seen. I wasn't planning on buying a figure this month but just happened to click ... that is CRAZY it was in stock. I can't believe it, again thank you!
3 months ago
Happy Birthday~!
3 months ago
I just read your comment on galablue's article about yourself, and I just want to say best of luck with your planned business!!! Oh my gosh, I would totally support you, honestly. Maybe if you get good enough, you can also consider doing (unofficial) nendoroid more sets? Like, I would love for my Touken Ranbu boys to get their citadel outfits for example. XD

It's a long road ahead still, but I wish you nothing but success!!! I will watch out for you closely and offer you any support that I can :D
7 months ago
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Omigosh, your icon is Prism Cherry~ Loooove it~ <3
2 years ago
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