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Trying to clean up mfc check my lists for deals
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Hi My name is MamaOppai Just call me M, I'm 25 and been into collecting for about 4 years now all starting with my Nero bride Prize figure my Husband bought for me. I'm a Cosplayer and enjoy doing Digital Art of Waifus. I'm awful at description if you can't tell but if you'd like to chat feel free :)

also my best friendo is the lovely :D BlackUsagi2013



Got your message. Thanks.
8 days ago
I have Emilia 1/8 up for 90 right now. If you do not mind opened figure, I think I could do for 90 shipped if not going too far like North East or Michigan.
20 days ago
Hi, Thank you for the add! Very nice collection!

I bet you can't wait to add something to it very very soon! XP

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20 days ago
Got my three Fate figures today, thank you!
22 days ago
Got Saber today thank you.

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23 days ago
omg your background is soooooo cute!!!
26 days ago
Purchased Spider-Woman Bishoujo from MamaOppai! Seller was courteous professional and quick! Item packaged well. Highly recommended; thanks again!
29 days ago
Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Komaeda Nagito - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)
selling him for 150 USD
1 month ago
Thanks for letting me know anyway! :)
1 month ago
I saw you are selling Rin in her PJ's, is she still for sale? What is her condition and the box condition? Where do you ship from? And what price are you thinking?

1 month ago
123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007


TBH Any anime heres some of my favorites though Any Type-Moon work (Fate,Tsukihime,KnK ect),Love Live,Madoka Magica,Psycho Pass, Higurashi/Umineko
Pretty much any Manga, Count of Monte Cristo, Anything Edgar allen poe or Hp lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle
...i own all consoles from Nes to current gen...so too many to list my Favorite is A link to the past if that helps
MOE Point(s)
Glasses, oppai, Zettai Ryouiki,Being a Saber face....
I have Trash music taste lots of WaifuWednesday and such
I don't have one but i plan on borrowing one if I ever get the want to
Is absolute trash lets not talk about that gonna upgrade in 6 months or so


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