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First things first, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my mom for being such a Degenerate. Now then...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606378.jpeg (Literal THICC Connoisseur) Disclaimer: Bio not to be taken seriously. Said bio also contains cringe so please read at your own discretion.

I am a Man of Culture and I bring a message that every cultured man, woman, and child (hopefully not) on this board can understand. "All Anime Women are queens!" Well not really, but the majority of them are and I know what some would think upon hearing such a bold declaration. "Simp!!!"

While true, the passage in the Holy Thighible directly behind the passage of "all anime woman are queens", reads as; "Thou shall not simp, but if thou must simp then simp responsibly" and responsibly I shall for as a Man of Culture; I do have standards.

Loli's and Tsundere's... gonna be a nah from me and if you are an advocate of such things than I must regrettably inform you that you have trash taste. That's ok though for I also have trash taste as well as every fellow Weeb around the world. You are not alone, though God (and your parents) may look upon you with judgement for your degenerate lewd fantasies, rest assured that I as a fellow Cultured Individual stand right beside you. All are welcome and like a wise man once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Meaning that even in a trash pile one can still find a hidden gem even if said trash pile contains Loli's and Tsundere's.

Loli Lovers: Hestia from "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is technically classified as a Loli so let me simply say "bravo!"

Tsundere Appreciators: You have the classic bob-cut icon Android 18 from DBZ proudly holding up your banner. A job well done and congratulations.

Every Anime Queen has something to appreciate about them, but as a Man of Culture and Disciple of the Holy Thighible; I mostly subscribe to one train of logic. That being The THICC. THICC Thighs, Big Bonkahonkadongaroos, and Curves, but not ridiculously so as too much THICC (Gasp) can be a bad thing for this cultured man.

I started my journey in collecting back in June 21, 2020 when I ordered a SKYTUBE Togetsu Matsuri version 2 figure on sale without knowing exactly what I was getting into. Upon opening the box, imagine my surprise at the sheer debauchery contained within. While initially mortified and kind of embarrassed, that moment gave birth to the dawning of a new age. The age of THICC! After that I continued amassing a collection of mostly Cast-Off THICC Queens and have found some amazing artists such as Kekemotsu and Misaki Kurehito, but one artist stands above them all.

Mataro! Who is daddy... I-I mean god, yeah. If the Man of Culture was a believer in the divine than Mataro is he who once said "Let there be THICC" and thus THICC there was. Though I do simp responsibly and don't aim for every single one of his works... or rather HER works as its come to my attention that “Mataro the God” may actually be “Mataro the Goddess”. Does this mean best girl was with us all along?

I also plan to write articles if I ever find the inner strength or motivation to do it, but I ain’t gonna lie... it’s hard chief. Articles on what? Good question, I thought reviews at first, but those are a dime-a-dozen. Whatever I end up writing, you know it will be THICC regardless of its content.

Now I am also a man of class (and culture) so I don't typically display my Cast-Off figures (Gasp) Cast-Off. A queen should remain dignified after all, but the option being there to do that, it feels nice ya know? Like you gotta tease me? We both know what's under there. I bet you shower naked too you slu- Queen! I meant queen, yeah so any super duper lewd figures that can't be covered up creatively are gonna be a pass from me. The hardest choices require the strongest wills after all.

So with all that said, I leave with one final message.



Yo have you seen the promo pics vs actual figure pics of ITEM #1058780 ? Party Look is the sister company of them, and you got a figure of them arriving soon right :P this is why I said fingers crossed it'll be like the pictures LOL
1 day ago
I sent the Asagi card on Steam btw
14 days ago
Ah I meant wholesome, not whomesome. Damn unfixable typos, lol.
24 days ago
Taralen Elf Hoarder
She's pretty, but I just rather reserve my funds for characters that I'm more familiar with. Plus the Elf Mura figures always sell out so they are always my top priority given the fact I'm collecting the entire series.
And yes I do mean her. She's on one of my top shelves next to villagers 1 and 2 (Archeyle and Siika) but her scale is slightly off compared to theirs. It's mostly because her head is smaller by proportion so she looks more like a 1/7 than a proper 1/6.

My favorite. . . That's a hard one. They're all so pretty. I want to say it's a tie between Lincia and the unreleased harp girl: ITEM #979264
In terms of sexiness. . . Kukuru (axe) and Priscilla definitely take it as they have the best assets. lol XD
Oh yes I get the limited edition of every single one. The fact that a company made a line SPECIFICALLY for Elves blows my mind since I thought I was one of the only people nutty enough to collect something so niche, but considering that all these girls sell out and have high resale value, there is definitely some hope in this world! Elves are finally getting the love they deserve. -sheds tear-
28 days ago
Oh yeah, no updates on the MF tapestries yet btw :P should be later this month though!
28 days ago
Well before Ryza showed up, the best Atelier thighs were from Rorona, haha. The story of the Atelier games is of varying quality. I have not played any of the Ryza's yet, but I did play all of the ones from the PS3 era with Rorona being my favorite. At the moment I wasn't really planning to play Ryza's game or get her figure. Maybe in the future. I'm not really motivated to play Atelier games at the moment. ^^''

LOL, they call that blursed nowadays, right? Shall I put the timer down now that in 2 or 3 years you would be considering or ordering one of these kind?

Well the Silent Hill license has been weirdly put in jail by Konami. After many years of begging, they gave us a lazy HD upscale in 2012 and since then...nothing! So if they end up doing anything it would probably be a lazy upscaling/prettifying rather than a real remake/remaster.

Interesting, people always try to convince me 3 is the best, but I personally love 2 the most.

With these kind of directors I just wonder...do they think themselves that they are good and the audience is wrong? Or do they just not read reviews and not look at their IMDB scores and just keep the train going? :P I know that Uwe Boll really thinks of himself as a good director, but I have no clue what Anderson thinks/does.

Hehe, until next time! :)
1 month ago
Yeah! I don't know, like I said I saw you around and found the way you talked to people really laugh-out-loud hilarious with a dose of honesty that I was like damn. I've got to meet this person LOL. But yes, what's it like being famous here on MFC? Everyone must be dying to talk to you just to find out what you're about. Few people embrace the cringe in a way that feels like outright confidence, if that makes sense - so I applaud you for just living your best life. Regardless, I'm happy we're having a conversation now!

Haha, Bulleta is my favorite because I find her character amusing - it's simple but it works. Morrigan gets misinterpreted a lot because of her design, but you're so right. Her and Felicia are top tier, though Bulleta wins because she's just a money hungry child. Love that for her. Sadly not a connoisseur of the THICC in the same way (not really my field), but even as a woman I can say they're fabulous character designs LMAO. I think the day the figure collector community will break is when FREEing does bunny girl figures of Morrigan and Felicia - that will be doomsday.

Also yeah! I love it when a figure has those extra touches. That is so cool though - it may be because you really appreciate good craftsmanship. Looking at the details of something and how they could have sculpted it is really cool - I can see why you were so interested in those. When the figure has a nice accessory, like a chair as you mentioned, it can go from being a boring figure to a really cool one. While I would never really get 99% of Native's figures, I can appreciate from a distance how intricate they are and how elaborate their bases can get for example - precisely because of the little furniture aspect!

Understandable, I'd wait myself if I were in your position - the market is so unpredictable. It's pretty clear they're going to spike in price upon release precisely because of Smash, but it would be cool to see more figures of them. It's good they're making a figure of Nia, who really deserved one for a long time too (she's my fave personally). Maybe there will be cooler ones on the horizon that aren't just the Blades, but maybe even Nendoroids or more intricate scales. We'll see! They're also fun to play in Smash, agreed - but totally. It's hard to move away from your mains! Joker looks like fun too, I never got a chance to try him out.

I used to own the original Ryza, then sold it - THEN I saw they were making a Ryza 2 version with Fi and had to have that one. I hope you end up enjoying Ryza 2 more thoroughly now. I haven't finished it yet, I'm actually trying to finish Fire Emblem Three Houses myself, so a similar situation to you. Though I am on the last ruins I think? Though, was Strikers worth it? I almost got it on Switch but then I saw the horrendous load times and decided nah, that's not worth it LOL - but on the subject of Ryza 2, all the girls are cool. They did a good job the first time but this time they're just as good, if not better (love Klaudia, Serri's story is interesting and I feel for Patty) - also appreciate how cool Tao is now as well. He went from a zero to a total Chad, agreed. But Ryza's still the best!

That's probably why you have a lot of people on your profile and friending you - because you lay it out in the open. Sure, it's a joke, but then you're actually a pretty cool guy? THICC culture is a lot - I typically don't like people who unironically subscribe to it, so it's refreshing to meet someone who's just here to have a good time and take it easy. Personally, judging someone by what they like can really be your own downfall in many ways, so that's their loss if they judge you at face value!

Fun fact, I've only read the BEASTARS manga. I didn't watch the anime yet, but the manga is interesting. I wouldn't say it's furry bait or weirdly sexualized, since I think the author is a furry herself. I mean yes there's situations like that in it, but there isn't a Lola Bunny situation by any means - nothing that feels like wow okay this is too much. Haru (the bunny girl) has a reason for being the way she is and for the most part the manga explores the psychology of the characters. I wouldn't call it great though, I just like those figures and felt they accurately represented the characters! Megahouse is very hit or miss but they did a good job with their sculpts. I'd recommend BEASTARS if you want a quick read for sure, but I don't think it's a fantastic series either.
1 month ago
I wish I knew of any dark skin or even brown skin figures that fit the aesthetic I'm looking for, but I don't know any. I'm looking for anything like a faerie or elf with dark skin. I really like faeries, but if elves are as close as I can get, I'll take it.

I have never heard of "Redo of Healer" before. I had to look it up; one of the first results was "Redo of Healer: a terrible series" LOL!! I have some screenshots open in some tabs right now that look like they'd be fun to redraw. I have an affinity for hentai, but I don't watch the actual episodes anymore, I just like to watch the animated gifs. I used to have a whole collection on my laptop once; I was so proud of it. I threw it all away because I thought it was poisoning my mind... But I'm back again rebuilding it.

I don't watch a lot of shows right now at the moment. I WAS watching that Inuyasha sequel, "Yashahime Demon Princess" or whatever, but the show is not written very well. The characters are too flat; they lack the same depth characters in the previous show had and that was a big disappointment for me so I dropped it. I was thinking about rewatching Inuyasha, but I'm too busy drawing pictures in photoshop. It takes up a lot of time :3

I guess I've ran out of things to say now. Still, this was fun talking to you finally. I'll pop around and send you a message again soon!

1 month ago
Yeah I am not that sure if I'm interested in Strikers, but I will at least try P5R.

I btw checked your ordered list and saw you were getting Ryza, what thighs, huh? My favorite thighs in my collection are from another Atelier character: PICTURE #670304 I can't believe they topped that one!

Haha I have quite a lot of MFC friends that were like that for a couple of years, and then after refusing it for 2-3 years or so, I will see they have ordered figures like ITEM #676109 and ITEM #872957 and then I go to them like:


"So you have succumbed, huh?"

Ah, sorry! You did say that sorry! I have a pretty bad memory so it's mostly a matter of a message of 10 before it shows. Just point it out to me when it happens, no worries. I still think the older ones, if you don't mind the graphics too much are quite playable nowadays, especially 2 and 3. I have some friends convinced 2 and 3 will get remastered and are holding off on playing them, but I keep on telling them the chances are extremely low for that to happen. ^^''

Ah, so you are a MH fan, hrrmmm. I guess it could have been worse, but it's just not that great? I wonder what kind of strange deal the director has with Capcom. Maybe it helps with the advertising budget for the games in the west to make those crappy movies.

I think the oldest collectors we have on here are in their 80s and the most active poster on here is in his 70s. So definitely I will never feel to old for the hobby, my only worries are like what I mentioned in the blog that I do have retirement plans and don't want to be lugging around those figures to there. And nah with the franchises I am into I would say I am quite degenerate myself haha. Please don't call me madam or m'lady.
1 month ago
Yeah, if it takes me a minute to respond, it's just because I'm slow, but yeah, I don't mind conversations like this. It's actually nice because I wish there were a better chat feature on this website. I used to hang out on forums as a kid and we had this awesome chatbox feature on ours right on the front page so you could chat in realtime with everyone right there. I wish MFC had something like that, it would help the community "bond".

Yeah my dude, I don't mean to get all new-agey, but everyone has a presence and a vibe. And just because you occasionally do awful things or misbehave, that doesn't make you any less good or any less wholesome (unless you like do murder or something, yikes), it just makes you a multi-faceted person like we all are... It's something I've been learning over the last year. Even if you act up and are naughty sometimes, you can still be a good person and you are still worthy of love... I wish people would say that more often ^ ^;

I love Claude's brown skin. I wish he were darker, hahaha! But little steps. When being black becomes mainstream and "trendy", I'm sure Japan will include more dark skin people in their games. I hope at least!

I'm surprised at your Spiderman pick because I always hear everyone loves the newest actor! I don't know his name? I never saw his Spiderman movies, but he seems to be really popular right now. I've only seen Tobey Maguire in scenes from "The Great Gatsby", but I really liked him. I should add those spiderman movies to my watch list!! I don't watch a lot of movies, but I've been watching more this year :-) Also, you can't ever go wrong with Peter Parker. I like him a lot too. I didn't even know there were other Spidermans than him until the Spiderverse movie came out!

I hope you do buy my thicc beauties; I hope I can make something that many figure collectors will appreciate. I don't fuck with that loli nonsense either, smdh. They did my girl Shiro so dirty the way they made her figures. Don't even get me started...

I'm enjoying our conversation! I've been feeling pretty lonely lately because I don't really have a place to hang out and chat online. I tried joining this gossip forum (lipstickalley), but I didn't realize every day I'd be in a fight. It's actually really stressful? But it's kind of fun too; I just need some chill conversation to balance that out though.

What kind of figures are you adding to your collection soon? Do you listen to any anime music? What shows are you watching right now?

1 month ago
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