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"Tits are life, ass is hometown." - Kenichiro Takaki, 2014
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First things first, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my mom for being such a Degenerate. Now then...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606378.jpeg (Literal THICC Connoisseur) Disclaimer: Bio not to be taken seriously and is all a joke. Said bio also contains cringe so please read at your own discretion.

I am a Man of Culture, but you may call me by my IRL nickname Mayuko. As a "Man of Culture" I bring a message that every cultured man, woman, and child (hopefully not) on this board can understand. "All Anime Women are queens!" Well not really, but the majority of them are and I know what some would think upon hearing such a bold declaration. "Simp!!!"

While true, the passage in the Holy Thighible directly behind the passage of "all anime woman are queens", reads as; "Thou shall not simp, but if thou must simp then simp responsibly" and responsibly I shall for as a Man of Culture; I do have standards.

Loli's and Tsundere's... gonna be a nah from me and if you are an advocate of such things than I must regrettably inform you that you have trash taste. That's ok though for I also have trash taste as well as every fellow anime fan around the world. You are not alone, though God (and your parents) may look upon you with judgement for your degenerate lewd fantasies, rest assured that I as a fellow cultured individual stand right beside you. All are welcome and like a wise man once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Meaning that even in a trash pile one can still find a hidden gem even if said trash pile contains Loli's and Tsundere's.

Loli Lovers: Hestia from "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is technically classified as a Loli so let me simply say "bravo!"

Tsundere Appreciators: You have the classic bob-cut icon Android 18 from DBZ proudly holding up your banner. A job well done and congratulations.

Every Anime Queen has something to appreciate about them, but as a Man of Culture and Disciple of the Holy Thighible; I mostly subscribe to one train of logic. That being The THICC. THICC Thighs, Big Bonkahonkadongaroos, and Curves, but not ridiculously so as too much THICC (Gasp) can be a bad thing for this cultured man.

I started my journey in collecting back in June 21, 2020 when I ordered a SKYTUBE Togetsu Matsuri version 2 figure on sale without knowing exactly what I was getting into. Upon opening the box, imagine my surprise at the sheer debauchery contained within. While initially mortified and kind of embarrassed, that moment gave birth to the dawning of a new age. The age of THICC! After that I continued amassing a collection of mostly Cast-Off THICC Queens and have found some amazing artists such as Kekemotsu and Misaki Kurehito, but one artist stands above them all.

Mataro! Who is daddy... I-I mean god, yeah. If the Man of Culture was a believer in the divine than Mataro is he who once said "Let there be THICC" and thus THICC there was. Though I do simp responsibly and don't aim for every single one of his works... or rather HER works as its come to my attention that “Mataro the God” may actually be “Mataro the Goddess”. Does this mean best girl was with us all along?

I also plan to write articles if I ever find the inner strength or motivation to do it, but I ain’t gonna lie... it’s hard chief. Articles on what? Good question, I thought reviews at first, but those are a dime-a-dozen. Whatever I end up writing, you know it will be THICC regardless of its content.

Now I am also a man of class (and culture) so I don't typically display my Cast-Off figures (Gasp) Cast-Off. A queen should remain dignified after all, but the option being there to do that, it feels nice ya know? Like you gotta tease me? We both know what's under there. I bet you shower naked too you slu- Queen! I meant queen, yeah so any super duper lewd figures that can't be covered up creatively are gonna be a pass from me. The hardest choices require the strongest wills after all.

So with all that said, I leave with one final message.



rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Yes I admit it would be late and I won't be able to get her for the best price >_< But I'll definitely keep an eye on her! Or at the very least look forward to photos from everyone if I won't be able to cop her LOL. Hell yeah she's got it all thicc, cute, amazing base. I'm also very weak to animal ear girls :V ITEM #930596 particularly made me jump into the rabbit hole even though she is not the very innocent HAHAHA. Rest in peace wallet.

great the pointy edge will help me defend myself from robbers in the future. Thank you for the input on her! My local store has her in stock so if I ever get the chance to get my hands on her I should! Need that Mataro shrine hehe.

Yesss!! honestly I simp for every Naruto characters HAHAHAH. Although I won't be able to afford every single one of their statues so I'm just going to focus on Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto (waiting on a good Naruto statue) :3
1 day ago
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
It's a great change of set up :D LMAO love that way of describing change. Thank you so much!!! It's my turn to keep this for a year. Also omg I've been eyeing ITEM #1102235 too and more Mataro figures (the Siberia one looks so cute ;o; she must be stunning in person!)
1 day ago
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Ohhh loving the new profile update! I miss the previous pfp and theme but this is iconic LOL. Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful week my friend and loving your ordered figures!

Praying our Mataro figures stay with Skytube for the future ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙
3 days ago
Haha agreed can’t go wrong with the classics!
15 days ago
Sup Mayuko!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and complimenting my profile!

I think I added you originally when I came across your profile when looking at some azur lane figures (?). Your profile is hilarious, so I had to give you a FR.
17 days ago
Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
Thanks for that! But I'll agree with you, I'm pretty level headed when it comes to that and i also love a good banter my friend xD


That was the funniest description of the Alicization ARK I've ever read man, brilliant haha

Without spoiling i can't tell you much about the story (which anime wise is like 30% of the light novels)

But when it comes to the game it follows the first half of the story exactly like the Anime, and it goes on a different route for the second half..

In terms of performance now its more or less the same, but at the start the game was a bit poor graphically compared to FB.. lots of DLC and fixes now and runs great on my SX!

I remember to check that SAO parody then haha
1 month ago
Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
Hahahah well, im one of those that would never hate on a character/series and specially someone's taste! Everyone has their own and thats has to always be respectable and commendable in my perspective!

Also never engage in any type of "wars", peace is the only option my friend, the rest is a waste of energetic resources xD

You you having Alice in 8th place to me just means all is normal with world, imagine how boring this place would be if we all had the same tastes in

When i say Fatal Bullet > Lycoris i mean it as the average public opinion, to me its the opposite tbh, i find Fatal bullet campaign small and repetitive, i still had a great time with it and all its DLC!
But people tend to hate on Lycoris for graphical and operational reasons..(which most has been fixed)

I like Lycoris because its an Jrpg in every sense of the word, from gameplay to combat, and the way you progress and level up (also Alicization is my favorite chapter of the story)

And no.. i never watched that parody version of SAO haha xD
I've heard about it tho!

I enjoyed the Anime, but my love for those series comes mainly from the Light Novels tbh
1 month ago
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
OHH thank you for this! I find the pose super cute as well :D she's cute in any figure that's for sure :3 Omg I saw an unboxing hahahaha someone would definitely freak in the house if they saw it. Glad they got that extra box cover in the front :P

I've only seen them in random reels/videos. The power that these men and women poses to be able to do backflips in heels. my ankles already hurt or feel injured just by watching

MCR is a vibe! If someone told me it's Virgil's theme song I wouldn't even doubt it lmao. Now I want them to add that as an option for battle OST

I honestly love all the SAO ladies! I don't really enjoy them waifu/best girl wars as well and respect everyone's tastes. Leafa is truly a cultured taste for sure though!!! HAHAHA really? I'm quite the degenerate and like Sinon. I know you might not like her due to her tsundere tendencies bahahahah. I just love how tough she is and her design is super moe!
1 month ago
Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
Hahahah brilliant xD

Well first and foremost i also like leafa, she is my second choice when it comes to SAO female characters!

Also Lycoris is a species of flowering plants x'D what the hell is that "black licorice" thing man??? xD I'm confused!

I've had MFC experience from before, this account is quite recent tho! Also been trough alot of shitty toxic places online and trust me, if not the server issues MFC is not that bad man xD

Also i play Alicization Lycoris because i like this kind of RPG and since i loved those chapters of the story i really enjoy it.. graphics aint special even on Series X, but i never gave a shit about that anyway lol

Fatal Bullet is superior, but i have more hours on Alicization.

You should try it!
1 month ago
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Thank you friend!!! You are a vibe as well. Definitely top-tier cultured fr. Also omg your little sister and I are both the biggest simp for her then HAHAHA. I'll be hunting her sometime this year. I just can't decide which Matsuri I want. She's lovely!

LMFAO you ain't wrong though. Lady is also such a strong and badass character. Short-hair girl supremacy. Respect to all DMC ladies for being wonderful ♡ I shall gladly join this faction

Oh yes I'm such a sucker for edgelords but he's such an epic character that it's hard for me to hate him at all. LMAO that ending got me all embarrassed as well. Man just had to double suicide with A2 by clumsiness. Yoo right?! I don't know what power women irl or in fiction has to be able to do all that fighting in heels. I would trip in fall from the slightest rock on the ground

Memories is a beautiful song! I love Nothing Helps and The Beginning. I have no idea why but these songs get me hyped and motivated!

OH HEY the SAO Alice connoisseur added you as well. You have been deemed 110% cultured. I can't decide on Alice, Sinon, and Leafa in this series. I love them all!

I hope your day is well! :D
1 month ago
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