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Hi, i didn't realise the price i was selling the Rei Ayanami Limited edition light blue version for a fair price, because the prices i found and stated, i found out that they were overpriced, so i lowered the price im selling to 13000 yen+ shipping, pm me if you are still interested thanks!
6 years ago
Hi, i saw that you favourited the Limited Edition Rei Ayanami Light Blue maid Version, i'm currently selling a brand new, undamaged and authentic one for 220 USD with free shipping, other stores like plamoya and amazon are selling her for about 240-300 USD with shipping, pm me if interested! Thanks!
SALE #47141
6 years ago
Sorry I don't know that is the report page before...
7 years ago
Marco_Sensei7 years ago#1492391Bah j'espère que tu as bien remplis ta valise au retour ! ^_^
Des nouveautés à mettre dan ta collec ? Au fait j'esprère que tu as pas loupé celle la : ITEM #153002 !

J'ai rajouté quelques trucs ;)

Pour la Miku lamp, je me tate ....
7 years ago
Marco_Sensei7 years ago#1489298お誕生日おめでとう !! ^_^
Au fait c'était comment le Japon ? :P

Oh merci !! :)

Super voyage comme à chaque fois. J'ai vraiment eu du mal à revenir cette fois :/
J'ai le gogatsu no byou en ce moment ;_;
7 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Hey :)

Awesome :D But wow that's a long wait haha. I don't think I've ever waited that long for an order from Japan, I get nervous if it hasn't arrived in 2 weeks :P

That's great news :) I have them as well, haha.
No worries, happy to be of help ^_^
7 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Haha, I don't allow transfers of numbers for that reason :P It's 2, regardless of whether it's a Nendoroid, a scale or a prize figure. The only exception is a set (so a Nendoroid petit set, or the PMMM Petanko set. The latter counts as 2 items though, due to the price).

I have a lot of self-control because I have a larger goal to save money for :)

Not many people buy it for the "artwork" haha. It's more of a justification to get it than anything. There's nothing wrong with them, male or female, just because there's a taboo on them shouldn't really matter, since they are, all in all, just a pillow :P I like the Lelouch dakimakura, but I don't want to get another.
7 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Hello~ :)
Haha, I'm still holding to it :) Besides the heaps of delays that GSC did to push figures back to January, I still haven't ordered more than 2 items a month - February to April, I only have one item ordered each month ^_^

It's really easy for me to hold to the rules because I already got all of the previously released figures I wanted, so now I only need to pre-order ones I want and I have my partner to help me pick which ones I want most :) Even still, there's not many shows I've watched lately I've really loved (there's probably only 1 or 2 XD) so I'm not expecting to see a lot of figures come up that I really want to pre-order :) I guess I'm really lucky I'm not obsessive when it comes to collecting - I'm very logical and I like to limit the number of items I get.

Haha, I saw it ^_^ But yeah, I'm not really very interested in cosplay anymore, after a few things happened in my local cosplay community :) There were some really good cosplayers at that con though ^__^

Cosplay is only so-so with popularity here I've noticed, which is fair enough :) And the dakimakura article is very controversial, since people get defensive when they're called creepy XD
7 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Haha ^_^ There's not much that I like when it comes to figures of my favourites. I typically only go for one high-end scale of a character in a canon outfit :) Then chibis \o/ That's why my collection isn't all that big even with pretty big fandoms ^_^ The only character I have more than one scale of right now is Saber C: Then 2 prize figures of C.C ^_^

I actually don't own any prize figures other than Banpresto Ichiban Kuji - since most Code Geass figures are only Ichiban Kujis haha. I don't like swimsuit figures myself - just because I find them too "fan-servicey" for my tastes ^_^ I prefer original outfits from the anime or manga.

Wave are good at getting figures out fast, I think because the sculpting is a lot easier than doing the canon outfit, it's just a swimsuit after all, and 1/10 scale.

Haha ^_^ I usually wait until I see a figure of a character I love before I feel the need to get it. It's useful, because I save money that way until someone makes a figure I like :) I don't usually mind not having a figure of a character I love (like the D.Grayman cast) if my only options are ones that don't appeal to me at all :P The Beach Queens line is really tiny too XD I don't have any scale figures smaller than 1/8 haha

Haha ^^ That's another reason why I've been really picky :) I haven't bought any figures outside of the Goodsmile umbrella in regards to PMMM =w= I'm not after having a super large collection of Madoka stuff, I just want to have the stuff I'll enjoy most :) I don't have heaps of space, so I have to be picky :)
7 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Haha ^^ I don't find I need every bit of PMMM Merch ever, I'd rather have the best items and love those ^_^

I'm the same with all of my other favourites. :)
7 years ago
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