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Me, Myself and I

"My lies must never be too extravagant.."

Hello minna-san! I'm Mary, but you may call me Neko Chan! Collecting has become my hobby since late 2016 and im getting addicted to it, i just love collecting so much! What i love collecting the most are the best statues, nendoroids and straps!
I love collecting Hatsune Miku themed stuff, but Re: Zero and Danganronpa are the things i'm mostly deeply in love right now omg ;-; I'm also making my boyfriend becoming addicted to this xD haha im so evil :'3 but yes, i hope you like my collection! If you have Re: Zero items for sale as well, feel free to tell me, Id love to know! And that's it, thank for browsing through my little world <3

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