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Still out of town until summer 21' TW ID: Yuipmon
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Sorry everyone.
Between moving, new jobs, out of state/pandemic, losing account details- just logged in today.

There are some figures in CA, and some figures now in TX.
I'll get to clearing the inbox- sorry!
1 month ago
Hello, your inbox is full. Interested in an item, thanks.
8 months ago
Hi, you're inbox is full, but I was wondering if your Rin and Len Harvest Moon Nendoroid Set is still up for sale?
1 year ago
Hi! Your inbox is full so i can't reply to your DM. I actually managed to find the figure somewhere else a while ago, so i've already got it now. Sorry, & thanks for your time!
1 year ago
Did you still have mercy for sale?
1 year ago
How much were you looking to sell her for?
1 year ago
Hi, are your sakura and Halloween Miku still available?
1 year ago
I messaged you. Let me know if the RE:ZERO Rem statue is for sale still. Thanks.
1 year ago
Bought a Harvest Moon Nendoroid pack recently

I'd say 8.5/10

The box came beat up, most likely because the two nendos didn't fit well in the shipping box.

But it showed up regardless and for a good price!

Thank you :)
1 year ago
I messaged you, please let me know if you still have the harvest moon nendoroids
1 year ago
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