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Hello everyone!
My name is Nikki, I'm 15 years old, and currently live in the US.
My first figures were given to me as presents- they were Nendoroid Madoka, Nendoroid HMO Miku, Figma Kyouko Sakura, and Figma Mami Tomoe! I was around 13 at the time, and I'd very recently gotten into anime. Madoka Magica was one of the first anime I'd completed, and while it's not my absolute favorite anymore, it still holds a special place in my heart.
The first figures I purchased with my own money were Nendoroid Gumi and Nendoroid Akari! Shortly after, I stumbled onto MFC, and... here I am!
I mainly collect Nendoroids and Figma, but I'm hoping to invest more in scales soon.

As far as anime goes, my all-time favorite is Revolutionary Girl Utena. My favorite manga series is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Steel Ball Run being my favorite part)! I also love FKMT, HxH, NGE, and movies by Satoshi Kon!
My absolute favorite character is Kaiji Itou..!

I'm really not that interesting, and I'm usually very shy, but feel free to talk to me!
Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!




Meikohonma6 years ago#3172314I haven't read any doujinshi, actually! I can't read Japanese so my options are probably limited, but do you have any reccomendations?
I saw a few episodes of the anime and I own some of the DRRR manga, but haven't finished the manga either... Izaya is so cool from what I've seen, though!
Hmm.. I would say that Kaiji Itou is my husband right now, a lot of people think he's ugly but I love him, haha! My wife would probably be Juri from Utena, she's so elegant and coooool! You should definitely watch Utena, it was the first anime that gave me that "life-changing" feeling after Evangelion. It starts off slow, though, so it may be offputting... Old anime really are beautiful! I own and have seen both the actual series and the rebuilds, although I prefer the original series. The rebuilds are pretty (and I love the focus on Kaworu in 3.0) though! Did you watch the rebuilds and series too?
Yay for Jojo!! If you get around to watching it you should definitely tell me your thoughts on it, I really love seeing peoples reactions to it! I think your friend is either talking about Iggy or Danny... They're both cute dogs, though!
Oooh, did you have to use a proxy for bidding? I've never really tried using proxies or forwarding services before so they kind of confuse me... It's good you won, though! Hmm, airbrush sets do sound nice, but I'm sure that your paint will still look great! Do you think you'll want to try other garage kits after you finish him?

Well I usually go on a certain website that has all (most) of the kawoshin doujinshi. If your interested I'll give you the password, or you can just ask the person who runs it for it, although idk if I can. Yes Izaya is very cool ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) They just released the novel in english, and I can't wait to own it! I just have to find out where to buy it lol. Well the anime your husbando is from sounds really cool, its about gambling right? At my school we play poker all the time ≧◡≦ Utena is now on my to do list! I've heard so many great things about it, so in what way can it be life changing? I know how Evangelion shows how you can escape reality basically, so how does Utena do that? Oh yes I've watched EVERYTHING Evangelion. I would like to call last year the year of the Eva bc I lived breathed and ate Evangelion. I used to think that I was Asuka lol. Yeah Kaworu in 3.0 is just dashing~ Did you see my memoriam dedicated to him on my profile? He's been my husbando for like 3 years now? I'd be happy to answer any questions on how to use a proxy if you ever need help with it (✿◠‿◠) I guess Ill give you just the basics on it. I use from japan, the proxy, and on the little box on the side, you just paste the url of the auction that you want and hit bid! Of course I would love to do more garage kits, my first one is going to be the hardest though because its basically an action figure.. My most wanted garage kit though is either ITEM #98815 or ITEM #137052 I can't decide. What are your favorite garage kits?
6 years ago
Meikohonma6 years ago#3150308Whoaa thats awesome! I love Kawoshin as well hehe. I've not yet finished DRRR!! but Izaya is beautiful <3 That reminds me i should probably start watching it again, haha... You have a nice list of top 5s!! I've seen 3/5 on there! And my top 5 favorites areeeee:
1. Revolutionary Girl Utena
2. Kaiji
3. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
4. Evangelion
5. Akagi
Ohh and is Izaya your favorite character of all time, or just from Durarara? I love hearing about other peoples' favorite characters haha!
Hmmm... Jojo's Bizarre Adventure really is hard to explain, but I'll try! So, Jojo is currently divided into 8 parts (the 8th one still ongoing) that all have different plots and protagonists, but are all connected in some way. The anime has only adapted parts 1-3 so far, but I think the adaptations are really nice so far! Umm... Long story short there's a lot of muscly men. And fighting. And weird poses. No but really, I'll summarize the first part because I don't wanna spoil to much if you're planning on watching!:

Part 1: Phantom Blood is set in the 1880s, the protagonist being Jonathan Joestar- a wealthy young man living in Europe with his father. A while after he meets a young lady named Erina, a boy arrives at the Joestar property after his father passes away, calling himself Dio Brando. George- Jonathans's father- supposedly believed that Dio's father had once saved his life in an accident, and takes Dio in as his own to repay his father's favor. However, Dio's father was an abusive, greedy man- on the scene of the accident where George was hurt, he simply assumed he was dead and was trying to search his "corpse" for anything of value. Dio soon turns out to be somewhat similar- he tries to ruin every aspect of Jonathan's life, and has one goal- to inherit the Joestar fortune. One day, during a fight between the two boys, they notice an ancient-looking stone mask on the wall that seems to react when blood touches it. Jonathan sees the mask as something to be studied, while Dio sees it as part of his sinister plot!
Sorry if that sounds boring, it's actually a lot more interesting than it seems! I tried not to spoil too much ;; Part 1 isn't exactly the best part, so if you try to watch it and aren't liking it as much I hope you try to stick around enough to get to Part 2!
And whoa, that garage kit looks amazing! I hope you have fun building it! Did you bid for it on YAJ? Or something like Ebay? Either way, congrats on getting something like that!! New Kaworu, yay! I've personally never done a GK before, but there are a lot that have caught my eye. They just look really hard, and I'm not really good with painting.... I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

Ah yes Kawoshin, how much has that ship taken over my life? Have you ever read any of their doujinshis? Im so addicted to them, they give me a reason to live ≧◡≦ So for DRRR! do you read the manga or watch the anime? Did you know that they just released season two and part two of season two is ongoing right now!? You totally need to get back in DRRR! Yes Izaya is my hubby right now, I love how devious he is~ Do you have a husbando or waifu? I've been meaning to watch Utena, I love 90's anime. I find them more... deep or maybes its just because I like the animation lol. Yay another Evangelion fan! Most of my friends on here don't really like/watch Evangelion. I find that that anime has changed me, like isn't it so amazing? Did you just watch the rebuild movies or the anime? Wow Jojo sounds really interesting, I plan on watching it when I get some time~ My old friend really liked Jojo and the only thing I remember from her playing it is the little doggy (◜௰◝) Well for my first garage kit, I bought it from Y!J in a nasty bidding war {(>_<)} Im not good at painting either, since it comes in separated parts, I plan on just painting it with spray paint. I wish I owned an airbrush set bc thats how the pros paint them..
6 years ago
Meikohonma6 years ago#3137416Thank you so much!! I love your Kaworu/Kawoshin and Komaeda collections! I really love reading your blogs too btw <3 I hope we can become friends as well! :)

Awe thank you~ I've been collecting stuff for my Kawoshin collection for over two years now, even though it doesn't show much ˘◡˘ More recently I've been collecting for my Durarara collection, and my favorite character is Izaya! So what are your top five anime/games? Mine are...
1. Evangelion
2. Dangan Ronpa
3. Durarara
4. Madoka Magica
5. Wadanohara
I see that you really like Jojo's Bizarre adventure, I've never seen/played it before. Whats it about? Well for my next blog I plan on showing me doing my first garage kit. I bought this item ITEM #20532 in a HORRIBLE bidding war that lasted for 10mins straight -_- Have you ever done garage kits before?
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Thank you for the friend request!
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Thank you so much for the friend request, I hope we can be good friends~ Nice Madoka collection btw!
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Thanks for the friend request! Lovin' your collection
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dimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank You very much for your FR!
Nice to meet you! :)
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Meikohonma7 years ago#3097197Thanks for the FR accept! You have a nice Vocaloid collection started ^_^
Your Welcome/ Thanks :3! I really like Vocaloid, but I do have interests in other figures that I hope to buy soon :D
7 years ago
Nice avi. Where is that from? Looks hilarious! (I should get that hat for a few friends of mine...and they'd probably wear it with pride...smh.)
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Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
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