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Hello! Nice to meet you~ I'm Mel!
Collecting is a great hobby of mine and it pleases me to make new friends with the same interests, so I'm glad MFC exists! It also helps a lot with the database of course! (^v^)
I'm a huge fan of BL and I spend a great amount of time reading mangas! My utmost favorite is ViewFinder, while my favorite BLVN is DRAMAtical Murder I'm obsessed with Aoba lol.
I also have an old passion for Tennis no Ouji-sama and Atobe will always be my husbando and most loved character ever~~~ It makes me very happy to see the fandom awake again with the release of the game TeniRabi!! which I'm addicted to
I must also mention how much I love Yuuri!!! on ICE and how I wish to see more of it!!
Aside from anime, lately I've been extremely invested in Voltron and my favorite character is Lance! It is sadly approaching its last season and it's been a WILD ride hahahah
That's only a little bit of me, so get to know me more on my social media or just send me a message here! (^_^)/

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I also hope to find time to continue PoT! I became addicted xD

I also sent an email, and I was told this:

"We greatly appreciate your patience for the shipment of your order! The Prince Of Tennis Broccoli Company Jump Festa 2019 Goods Balloons Acrylic Stands Set you ordered has yet to arrive at our office because it is a pre-order item that is set to be released in early 2019. Please note, the release month for pre-orders varies from the first to the last day of the month or season. Please refer to our FAQ for more information on pre-order items:

Once it arrives at our office, we will be making your order a priority to be shipped out immediately. Please anticipate an email confirming your order is on its way then!

Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Thank you very much in advance!

So I guess the JumpFesta items will go on sale later, but I sincerely hope they can get our items :/

Wow indeed you have a lot to see o_o Good luck! xD I wanted to start Promised Neverland but not yet had the opportunity to see the episode :/
18 hours ago
Thank you so much!! <3 Sorry for my late response ahhh ;v;
1 day ago
Hello my dear ! :D Excuse me for not answering you all this time! With the resumption of work I did not find the time :'(
Yes, thank you for the list, it is of great help to me ! :D Even if I have not found the opportunity to continue by lack of time T_T (I start feeling a lack xD).
Manufacturers know how to empty our wallet! x ") Have you received your order from AitaiKuji? I'm still waiting to be sent my acrylics stand :'(

Your French is very good ! o/
For this season, I'm just watching season 2 of Mob psycho 100 and you? ^^ What should you finish to watch? ^^
6 days ago
Thank you so very much! You all are very sweet and kind it warms my heart! Thank you for staying by me as friends<3
9 days ago
https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2019/01/03/190103033450523908.pngHAPPY NEW YEAR ! ♡https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2019/01/03/190103033450523908.png

16 days ago
I saw that there were plenty of OAVs and movies, you know the order in which I have to watch them, or it does not matter?
It's often complicated games on phones! xD I think I would not have patience, I tried Bang Dream and I could not continued ;;
1 month ago
I can not wait to see the OVAs then! xD
At the moment I'm running out of time, but when I'm on vacation I'll see a marathon of episodes I think! ^^
TeniRabi looks great then ! I love rhythm games I would have to try ! I love the illustrations of the game !
1 month ago
Thank you!! :DDD
1 month ago
Thank you ! I will do my best ! (ง •̀_•́)ง

Buy or not buy, that's the question! xD But I agree, Atobe does not have the best pose, I prefer so much Niou I find him so cute with his little star in the hand ! (◡‿◡✿)
I really like Yukimura, Tezuka and Shiraishi too ! I think my top 5 would give this :

1 - Atobe
2 - Kaidoh (precious tsundere baby xD)
3 - Tezuka (or Niou)
4 - Yukimura
5 - Shiraishi

But my top may change because I have not finished the anime yet ! xD (but Atobe and Kaidoh will remain my two favorites anyway ♥)

I do not play TeniRabi, my phone does not support games (╥_╥) What is the concept of the game? Gatcha?

I am reassured then ! xD Let's do our best !!
1 month ago
Hello ~ ♡ :3
I am sick ! But I keep smiling xD And you?
Yes I saw them! But I did not know they were exclusive (they are always notified as "standard" here ;-;) I had already hesitated to buy shikishi because stars and astronomy are themes that have always fascinated me ! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡
But with Christmas (I have two big orders on amiami waiting for me) I prefer to abstain, especially since they are exclusives, they are not on AmiAmi, I see it as a sign to me that I do not have to buy them xD

It's off topic, but I'd be curious to know your top 5 or 10 of your favorite Prince of Tennis characters! (〃・ω・〃)

Ps (1) : Looking forward to seeing the Atobe acrylic stand that you will receive ! :D
Ps (2) : I am really sorry for my English, do not hesitate to tell me if you do not understand something I will try to correct my phrase >.<
1 month ago
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