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~~~~~~~~~DE-CLUTTERING MY LIFE~~~~~~~~~~
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First Figure: FREEing Bunnies 2009
First Mini Figure: Giroro
First Cards: Sailormoon
First Gashapon: Some dinky Hello Kitty/ Sailor Moon, u see that up there?
First Nendoroid: Akihime Sumomo
First Petite Nendoroid: Tsukasa
First MH Chara: Gundam guy below lol
First Japanese Art book: Junjou Romantica
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Sighs, almost all have been sold!

Bye-Bye to the following figures :(
FREEing Mikuru
FREEing Tsuruya
Kaiyodo Giroro
GSC Saber Lily
Alter Yomako
Petite Nendoroid Tsukasa
Nendoroid Kokonoe
Nendoroid Akihime Sumomo
Yoko 1/5 Gift
Megahouse Hijikata
Megahouse Gintoki

Criteria for me in choosing figures: Closeness to original work, quality control. I'm picky and hopefully for most of the times, I don't buy into hype.

Wish list=Watch list=No plans on ever buying

Need to sell! Melody's Sales Updated!

Also, a shout-out thanks to those who have bought from me! :3

1. The Girl who Leapt through Time Box Set *excellent condition*, dvds no scratches, no marks- $25 plus shipping
2. The Grave of Fireflies *good condition*, dvd no visible scratches or marks- $15 shipping included
3. Midori Days DVD boxset *good condition* no visible scratches or marks- $25

2. SA KU YA artbook good condition- $20 shipping included

Other items:
1. YUGIOH English Card Deck FULLSET- amazing condition, box has some fraying otherwise amazing condition for cards, never played!- $18 plus shipping
Kodomo No Jikan, Saiyuki, Chibi Maruko Chan, Doraemon, Sailormoon, Gintama, Midori Days, Shikabane Hime, Ghost Hunt, K-on, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Haruhi Suzumiya, Jigoku Shoujo, Karin
Vagabond, Real, Saikano, Sensual Phrase, Yotsuba, Saiyuki
w-inds., big bang, dbsk, kpop, jpop


Hello Melody)
Your inbox is full :)
5 years ago
MelodyHi there! I just read your post on Plastic Pleasures about Tinkle - Mitsuya artbook! Neat post! You were the only post I could find on this artbook. If you don't mind, can you tell how much you bought the book for? I'm trying to see/gauge how much I should pay. Thanks :)

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. I bought the Tinkle artbook for it's original yen price on Amazon Japan. However, you can only choose EMS shipping, so it was around 70 U.S. dollars total. It was available on AmiAmi for a bit (same price, but shipping would be cheaper than Amazon JP) but it appears to be sold out now. Akadot.com has it up for special order at $74.80, but with shipping, it will cost more than ordering from Amazon JP, so you might just have to go with Amazon if you can't find it from a Japanese shop that will use SAL.
6 years ago
Who's that in your avatar? She seems familiar.
6 years ago
Happy New Year! ^_^

And my folks tell me there's about 5 feet of snow at the end of their driveway, I don't miss that at all! xD
7 years ago
MelodyLOL, my mom was too cheap to shell out for a snowblower. So, we had to shovel the whole front driveway for my dad to come home.

Ouch lol. Yeah a snow blower would have definitely helped. One of my friends in Utah has had 3-4 feet of snow. She said her neighbors were climbing to the top of thier house and leaping off into piles of pre shoveled 6 feet snow....shirtless. They call it the "manliness test"...freakin crazy lol.
7 years ago
MelodyAlmost two feet of snow. Uuugh XD Ahaha, where are you at?

Maryland, a few minutes from Washington D.C.

Two feet???! Shoot, screw digging, id just tunnel through!
7 years ago
MelodyAwws thanks! Ahaha, will do!

LOL cool cool! That's awesome! Now, you get to occupy your time with that game. XD We had a snow blizzard in NYC and I ended up shoveling a lot snow ughh at least my muscles aren't sore anymore.

yeah I heard that you guys were snowed under XD. How many inches? I kinda wish it would snow a little here. It's freezing but no snow...it's kind of depressing lol.
7 years ago
MelodyLOL, nope I've never tried Roy Rogers. ahaha, my family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I got nothing. Did you get anything good? XD! Christ mel, I wish I would have known sooner so I could have sent you something. Meh maybe next time. You gotta try the goldrush though, it's heavenly!

I got a video game and some non exciting stuff lol
7 years ago

Sorry for the late reply! I'm doing fine. Just finished my finals. How are you?

Im doing good lol. Special note, have you tried the Gold Rush at Roy Rogers!? A must have! Whatever brain surgeon that thought it was a good idea to make most of the Roy Rogers out of business should be threatened severly, flogged, and have their entire sex life sent to WikiLeaks!

Hope you had a good Christmas, get anything good?
7 years ago
Merry Christmas~! I hope you have a nice day with lots of yummy food and figures~! >w<)//
7 years ago
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