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I'm a weeb that likes amiibos too much. 2D > 3D

Looking for these on the cheap:


"The smallest amiibo with one of the highest prices!" - Little box man


"It's time to Mega and Roll" - Sparkle dude

PC Specs:
Some motherboard
16GB of slow-ass RAM
i5 3.4GHz quad core
A square monitor and a not-so-square monitor
120GB SSD (115GB used)
1TB HDD filled with games, music, porn, anime, and amiibo lists
Some really loud fans

What else do I put here help
Madoka, Fate, No Game No Life and Kakegurui are pretty good
Romance, action and ecchi stuff, manga only
Anything $20 and under
MOE Point(s)
EDM trash


Amiibo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb
5 months ago
Occupation: Weeb
Computer: Yes

Thats a very interesting version of a computer, and occupation...
10 months ago
MewMa (10 months ago) #20277110I think Araragi wanted to choose her as well. He said something like "I want Senjougahara as my girlfriend, Hanekawa as my wife and Hachikuji as my lover" or something along those lines. I'm waiting for Kizu to come out on blu-ray, so the only thing I've seen of it is Ararararagi taking off his shirt in front of Hanekawa. I guess I just need to find cheaper figures :P I don't even have enough space for all of my amiibos as it is, so that's something I'll need to sort out in the future...

Ohh yes you are right. I do remember him saying that! Hanekawa is best girl for Araragi imo. Aye Kizu is a wonderful movie ^^ I need to get it someday too. For now I've only seen them on kissanime. And prepare your feels!

Speaking of space I'm also running out of it very soon lol. Definitely have to figure out how to manage these stuff soon!
10 months ago
i will trade you an Amiibo for your Naruto manga c:
10 months ago
obligatory sharing of Hanekawa prize figure slist.amiami.co...
10 months ago
MewMa (10 months ago) #20220130I do like the best girl from SAO, especially in neko form. I do like Sinon, but my heart has to go to Hanekawa. I tend to stick cheaper figures like amiibo (I know how ironic that is given the size of my collection) or that $20 Madoka figure, so I can't really afford more expensive figures like that sweet Gil figure you have, but maybe one day...

OMG YESSS I like Hanekawa as well :) I really wished she was the one Araragi chose to become his partner (though I don't hate or dislike Hitagi Senjougahara). I almost cried when I found out about their past in Kizumonogatari movies. She is such an angel.

I see. I think it is better to expand the Japanese figure collection after graduating/when we are working with a stable job already. I just wasn't patient enough so there goes my savings from summer work LOL. Ahh the Furyu Sinon was also $20 when she was released. I don't always buy expensive ones too (If I did maybe I'd be buying 50+ or 100+ already with how beautiful they are LOL but have to think about space as well xD).
10 months ago
MewMa (11 months ago) #20135357Thank you! Your collection is pretty great, especially that Shinobu and Sinon.

order.mandarake... I see lots of available Shinobu. (Tempting xD)
11 months ago
MewMa (11 months ago) #20135357Thank you! Your collection is pretty great, especially that Shinobu and Sinon.
Thank you as well :D I see you love best girls from SAO and Monogatari! You might find them at mandarake or amiami for a great price btw if you are interested in getting them too :)
11 months ago
Hi! Thanks for the FR and nice to meet you Kie's friend! :D You have an impressive amiibo collection and lovely Madoka figure! *_*
11 months ago
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